Translation from the German original "Die Dutroux-Affaere in Belgien
verlangt nach weiterer Aufdeckung", first published 20th,Dez. 1996.


In Belgium the Dutroux affair during all the months from August to October has given rise to a wave of indignation which until now, fortunately, has not subsided, although some want to sweep it under the carpet. The large number of crimes against children, covered by the highest positions, has also made clear what is possible in a country in the middle of the EC, in fact in the headquarters of the EC and the NATO. It has demonstrated once again that high and highest strata are in a certain way connected with the meanest and most wretched crimes. Particularly, many of the saturated citizens want to suppress all memory of these things. But reality remains reality.

For nine months the disappearance of two of the children, Julie and Melissa, had been a matter of strong public concern in Belgium. About this one could not learn much in the FRG, although usually our media crave any sensation. Only when the situation came to a head in August, this was broken.


The Dutroux affair in Belgium which has shown highest circles of the so-called "high society" entangled in matters like trade of children, child prostitution, child murder and more laid open conditions in a Western country unexpected even by the greatest pessimists. Even people who are used to x-raying this society in a critical way and see its faults, its monstrosities, did not fully sense that in those certain circles of the so-called high society, of the "leading personages" things are quite usual which mark their true cultural level, their true condition also in the moral realm. And these are a widespread pedophilia! And what is more, collaboration with criminals which did not stop at numerous violations and murders of children. The whole is acted out against the background of the saturated philistinism which has lost any moral orientation and works itself up into such things. The Dutroux crimes, the kidnapping, selling and burying into the earth of children give cause to further conjectures and detailed investigations.

In this uncovering, from the beginning a combination of the criminals with the state had become visible, the question being only how high this entanglement was extending actually. One could expect single policemen or some detective to be presented publically together with a statement: this or that person has also been covering all the crimes. And that was supposed to be the end of the matter. But because of the deep going entanglement of the most various forces - one must say: fortunately, even if it sounds macabre - this proved after all impossible. In this affair a criminal and sex criminal, who already had been exposed and released afterwards, was able to construct subterranean dungeons for children upon his estate, to carry through big construction work, about which neighbours had lodged a complaint but which was covered by the police, and was able to conduct an intense traffic in children through Europe - all of that before the very eyes of the officials who knew the character of this man for a long time.

Right from the beginning spokespersons of the judiciary of the Federal Republic of Germany declared: what has happened in Belgium could have happened in the FRG as well. Perhaps it really happens, and therefore these things should be given due attention.
Here in Germany these things immediately give rise to memories of the hundreds and hundreds of cases when one could hear that a sex criminal was released, was literally given favorable treatment by the judiciary, in order to brazenly commit new crimes, perhaps in order to experience lenient treatment again. The things in Belgium have revealed on whose shoulders the burden of these things is being loaded. One does not care very much for the victims of these criminals who are being dealt with, on a governmental level, in a quite lenient, if not favoring, manner. The victims occupy only a very low rank in the scale of those who enjoy esteem here.
The reaction of the German media to this affair as early as in August was quite remarkable. After the extent of the matter had come to light, one felt compelled (the ARD, for example) [program Nr. 1 of public TV - translatorsí note] to publish at least some facts in the main news. But then sentences could be heard like: the personal rights of the culprits conflict with the safety interest of the public!

As if it were the personal rights which stand in the way of prosecuting such deformities. This again is an immediate attempt at covering what has happened. The personal rights to which everybody can refer in case of legal proceedings, like the right to defend oneself, do not constitute a contradiction to the "safety interest". In this way things are being described as if the inability to fight these things was due to objective reality, so to say. This covers all the machinations, which are the root causes of such crimes, a fact that has become clear particularly in this case.

The media have always tried to push all those who were demanding a clear-cut position from the state against such criminals into a certain corner: that they were rightists, conservatives and the like, whereas the media in reality protect exactly the interests of that conservative upper class which to a part "benefits" from these squalid activities.
A wave of hypocrisy flooded the FRG, many politicians voiced proposals like stricter punishment for child pornography, child abuse, like creating laws to inhibit the excesses.

But one should not fail to notice that child pornography is only the top, the superstructure of prostitution which is being pushed up generally, which is being favored by this state and cannot be separated from it. We have to deal not only with child pornography but with the entire basis upon which it thrives. A state, for example, which furthers the talk that prostitution is "a normal profession" is furthering also the excesses deriving from it. Such a statement is nonsense because such a person sells herself, also psychologically, and ruins herself in the long run. Belgian pamphlets were right to point to the fact that every year 50.000 prostitutes from Eastern Europe, among them very many young women, are being lured and abducted into the FRG alone. Recently cases have become known in which out of German embassies and consulates such crimes had been supported. This is a subject which should be described in every detail.

From the same forces comes the demand, being on the same level, for so-called "equal rights" for the homosexuals, which is being suggested by the media in various ways. States which are furthering things like that are also furtherers of the ground of this disgusting deformity, of pederasty. Finally one should mention that it is a detraction to assert that the Internet is the specific medium to further all these things. This assertion, repeated time and again in the public media, detracts from the fact that it is the social developments of the last two decades during which production in this country, like also in Belgium for example, continued to be restricted, during which speculation and plain ripping off on the part of a certain segment of the population, and a basic mental state of contempt for society have been providing the breeding ground for this development, whereas the remaining part of the population is being drained dry all the more.

Let us take another liberal example. It was the Netherlands to allow an official position to the pedophiles, to lower the protected age of children to twelve years and in this way to comply directly with these activities. A state which favours pornography, downright decay, also favours child prostitution, child trade and child murder. This has to be said with regard to those who now take on a hypocritical position and pretend to be able to fight certain excesses by a special law. For the perfidy, which also in the FRG has come out at the most various spots and has to be seen as a parallel to the incidents in Belgium those have to answer fully who assert that any kind of minority, consequently also homosexuals or even pederasts must be declared to possess equal rights. What a boundless nonsense! What a cynicism, what a fight even, actually, against the most elementary demands for equal social rights! They are not only insulted, they are even being fought against, because successful social structures do not exist without the necessary moral ground.

All this stands in one and the same line: furthering of drugs consumption, complete decay and lack of perspective of the society, a society which literally defames the social framework, technology and knowledge of nature, even literally declares the mere existence of man a sin (compare the litanies of the "ecologists"). Who conducts all this also basically denies the child's right to existence, walls off the future. It is the lack of future, the ideology of dead end permanently roaring through the media which also creates the basis for the contempt of the child in this society.

There are many details connected to the Dutroux case in Belgium which need special dealing. If one looks at the connections of the criminals, the ranks of which extend into the highest circles of the government, of the socialist party and of other parties in Belgium it becomes obvious that there exists a tight connection between the Belgian and the Italian mafia. Apparently similar structures are effective in Belgium like those which came to the surface in Italy in connection with the free masonsí lodge "P2". The "P2" was a lodge of finance people, mafiosi, secret service people and of rightist and "leftist" terrorism, by which in a bloody way the public was horrified. To investigate here will pay.

As for the FRG, which assumes such an undisturbed position itself but tries hard to calm down the public about the affairs in Belgium, it has become, according to many specialists, a hinterland, a resting zone for the mafia in Europe.

Belgium - this is also the seat of the ECís and the NATOís centers. The economic as well as the military bureaucracy are concentrated in this country, therefore there exists a corresponding extent of security services engaged in the protection of these institutions. And it is exactly in this country where such structures emerge? This must lead to reflections. This allows conclusions of some importance.

Also in Belgium it has become clear that leading circles of the judiciary which apparently cover the criminals - what has led to the present special unrest - are connected to dark circles similar to the free mason's lodge "P2". It is these circles which obviously, behind the screen of the parliamentary institutions, in reality pull the wires and also in society have the nerve to do what they like.

The intensity with which the population in Belgium is fighting in this affair is remarkable. Tens of thousands of students demonstrated once again on Oct. 16th 1996, and threw things at the building of the judiciary which had had the nerve to simply dismiss the examining magistrate (public prosecutor) active upon this field under the most ridiculous pretexts, in order to prevent that more was stirred up and more light was thrown upon its own role.

It may well be for the first time in a Western country that big masses, tens of thousands of people rally against the organs of the state and the judiciary in particular and demand the reversal of the decision. Against the judiciary which in almost all of the countries which call themselves parliamentary democracies arrogantly puts itself above any law. The fact, though, has to be reckoned with that the judiciary will defend itself to the utmost as its principal position is in question. And it still can be doubted whether the struggle can be decided in Belgium alone. In any case this is a daring advance which will have further consequences as the entire reality of the system which is not confined to Belgium, inevitably will continue to reveal itself.

Among those who are especially tightly related to pederasty, rightist organizations are to be mentioned in particular, in which many immoral criminals occupy leading positions. The "Greens" are to be mentioned, who for several years have been demanding the so-called "right to sexual self-determination" for children, and connected to this even the abolition of legal protection of children below twelve years. Doing so they properly underlined whereto they are going.

On the 20th of Oct., 1996, Brussels saw a demonstration of up to 300.000 people condemning what had happened and demanding more uncovering. This demonstration, the largest ever in Belgium, had some official protection, too, because the representatives of the magistrates hoped it might have some calming effect and might create the feeling that in the face of the dozens of disappeared and murdered children one had done at least something important.

But above all on should see that more than ever it is decisive not to let things rest, to utilize the host of videotapes with persons entangled, to investigate the culprits without respect of person, to take the means of covering-up from the hands of the judiciary by means of special independent investigating committees. Otherwise those responsible and those in the background will try to let the dust settle on the things, to take the things out of the limelight, in order to carry on worse than ever but covered better after some time.

Editorial staff of NEUE EINHEIT, autumn 1996
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