Government´s marriage law for homosexuals
Labour movement and the rejection of homosexuality

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About the Increasing of the Value of Homosexuality and for what the State is Responsible

The Example of Rosa von Praunheim

IS 2001-27   July 31, 2001  

Homosexualism and Nazism
IS 2000-34     Dec  21, 2000    (German)

Down with the Marriage Law for Homosexuals!
IS2000-32    Nov 29, 2000   (German)

Concerning W.Brotzler's Replies
(about marriage law for homosexuals a.o.)  (German)

Internet-Statement 98/10
Historic Ties Brought to the Public
-About the aggressive Homosexualism
Dezember 1, 1998

A short fundamental statement
(some historical points of homosexuality)   Sept.29, 1998

Karl Liebknecht about social democray and homosexualism
IP 2000/31

A document of Ed. Bernstein
"The Assessment of the Sexual Intercourse Against the Normal" from 1895

Bernstein´s article a marxist one ?

Unequivocal statements by Friedrich Engels
about homosexualism and pederasty

Discussion about homosexuality on "Leninist-International" from1998

Reply to M. Schreader
(about Marxism and homosexuality a.o.)

 On the question of Religion and Sexuality
(Answer to Yigal Brown)

 Political aspects  - Answer to Tom Keske
(about the background of homosexualism, Zimbabwe a.o.)

 To Chris Burford
(about Marxism and Sexuality a.o.)