Internet statement 2001-11

The New War in the Balkans

In the region of Tetovo/Macedonia war has begun again, and no end to these clashes is in sight. What were the propaganda screams by the media and the politicians of the US, Great Britain, France and Germany just two years ago when the war against Yugoslavia had to be given reasons for? That the war was allegedly caused solely by Milosevic and that its only goal was allegedly the defence of the human rights against Milosevic and his crew. Hundreds of times this was repeated. In the meantime Milosevic was removed from office, he has become a persona non grata in Yugoslavia which under the pressure from the boycott, under the extortionist threat of starvation has become more or less obedient to NATO in all matters, at least what concerns Djindjic - and nevertheless there is war, war first of all from the part of  the nationality which allegedly had to be saved from the "genocide in the Kosovo". The same KLA which already then had been criticized, now leads a war in Macedonia aiming at the dismemberment of the state there.

And what is the content of the Albanians' war altogether? Does it support the increasing worldwide rebellion against the economic pillage of the globe and its increasing division into poor and rich which shows more radical than ever, does it support strike movements? No, it even wholeheartedly supports the side which is the embodiment of the guarantee of this so-called world order. The Albanians run around with NATO flags and have made themelves henchmen of the oil trusts and their interests. And US newspapers report evil things about the Kosovo having even become a center of trafficking in human beings, in which people from the Mediterranean area, from Eastern Europe and from the Asiatic countries are "negotiated". The same forces start further splits in other countries so that everybody cannot but ask: how is all of this possible in a region which is under strict NATO control? 

NATO has declared that it supports the defence of Macedonia’s territorial integrity. But if one sees how well the KLA was able to prepare this actual attack over the border into Macedonia, then doubts arise if this is NATO’s true position, or if it is in fact supporting the KLA also in this matter. The present declaration of support for Macedonia in fact has to do with Macedonia’s new realizing what it gets from its support for the anti-Yugoslavian war - now its own dismemberment is on the agenda. 

There are at least indications for that the Balkans, because of various strategic interests, are to be kept under NATO control for a long time, and that the Albanians form an important backing force herein. The strategic interests comprise also schemes to use the Balkans, by building pipelines, for the exploitation of the oil resources of the former GUS states, of the Black Sea and the Caucasus. It is the typical old policy of the US, together with certain allies, to rely on oil. This at the same time has always been the policy which literally commits these states to territorial and belligerent adventures, and suggests to them a directly aggressive position towards smaller countries and intermediate regions. 

The war manouevres in which also the Federal Republic of Germany takes part must be utterly condemned. What an absurdity that some Castor containers on the rails (transporting nuclear remnants from German power stations) gain all of the public attention one day after another, whereas this war basically is already seen as something natural and has slid to the sidetrack. The FRG now may soon be involved itself into warlike actions from the part of the Albanian party. 

And this is the "beautiful thing" about this policy: domestically there are demonstrations against nuclear energy which not only distract from this war in the Balkans - no, these two fields interlock as the dependence from oil in the energy sector is enhanced, and in fact anything but a peaceful policy is thus conducted. On the one hand there is permanent talk of „non-violence“, of absurd actions, of tolerance towards so-called civil rights actions - with  wrong goals - , and all of this is publicly defended, and on the other hand an aggressive and belligerent policy, forming the counterpart, is further prepared. There will be no quiet as this is really artificially stimulated. One must again and again severely point to the fact: those who get involved in the so-called pacifist policy, the anti-nuclear movement and the so-called human rights policy, will reap the opposite of what they perhaps initially intended. There is no "peaceful" policy in a world which is sharply divided into classes, but these opposites clash, and in the end it is by far not only about this region but also increasingly about the proletarian movement and the people’s movement which in several countries has already grown to a critical extent.

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit
March 31, 2001