Internet Statement 2001/33

As for a long time feared for the case of political intensification- unprecedented repulsive terrorism

The question for the backgrounds

At New York, in an unprecedented act hijacked planes have crashed into the World Trade Center, annihilating it together with - as it has to be feared - tens of thousands of people. Such a brutal act has been feared for a long time, it has been described as a possibility and also in its danger that it will be used for a massive political intensification.

Such terrorist acts already in general serve for the artificial intensification of the political situation, in the rarest of cases in fact helping suppressed people in their struggle against outdated social systems. All the more this is true in the case of this monstrous attack. It creates masses of hysteria and fear which detract from the real mechanisms presently threatening this society, in fact a robust crisis and the insolubility of political contradictions.

Already now a series of unavoidable questions are pressing. To start with, it is clear that this action in which several planes are hijacked more or less simultaneously and in a horrifying way together with their passengers are used as kamikaze projectiles for destroying the World Trade Center and for an attack on the pentagon, presupposes not only prolonged work of a headquarters, large masses of money, but also extensive knowledge within the US' aviation. There is the question, too, with which pilots it was possible to carry out such actions, as it is not absolutely feasible to force a pilot, even at gunpoint, to race into a building sheltering thousands of people. It must be forces with a certain anchorage also in the US society, who have taken part in conducting this attack and probably have used religiously fanatic reactionary characters, jihad people or sects.

Especially with regard to the pentagon attack the question is rightly being asked many times, how it can be that this was not protected against a possible air attack, and this on top of everything one hour after the first attack had already happened! How could it happen that there were no interceptors, starting immediately after the attack on the first tower, which actually are in constant readiness in the US, e.g. against potential foreign air attacks, in order to protect the city of New York against further attacks? The US who have the nerve to construct any kind of armament in order to potentially threaten the whole rest of the world and to protect themselves as well as possible, were not able here to protect their own city and their own ministry of defense.

Since decades and decades this terrorism has now been existing in the world, and in the context of the terrorism in Europe and in our country we have already many times dealt with inconsistencies in the public presentation of this so-called terrorism and collected some facts; and we as well as others again and again arrive at the conclusion that it is not about the "terrorism" of few people, or of people gone mad or desperate, but that there are also forces of the state participating in the work. There have been enough revelations in Italy and Germany. In Italy, the connection with ultra-rightist forces as the P2 lodge and probably with units of NATO-Gladio has been proven a long time ago, and in Germany, by the affair of "parking" the people of the "2nd June" group in the former German Democratic Republic with the connivance of the West German secret services, it has become publicly clear that also here these groupings have obviously been used for creating a certain public opinion and for exerting a certain political influence. Countless so-called investigation blunders and inconsistencies point to the rest. Our organisation has since long emphasized these contradictions and these astounding relations. Meanwhile a lot of books have appeared which demonstrate these things in many details.

As for Islamic fundamentalism with its "jihad" yelling and its ultra-reactionary fanaticism which basically turns against the modern world, the connection of most of the fundamentalists to the US is clear. How much they may scream that the US is the devil and the main enemy, there are however enough financial connections from the same US via the respective intermediators to these forces. The US has for many years supported the so-called fundamentalists in Afghanistan who cannot be called other than bandits and whose latest product are the Taliban. Saudi-Arabian money flowed to these fundamentalists - but what else but an outpost of the US is Saudi-Arabia? These people, like the Taliban, themselves are tolerated as outposts and are fought only if from their ranks something is perpetrated which for the US goes too far or hits the US themselves.

Therefore, in the face of this really brutal massacre of New York, one of the demands must be that at last transparency is brought to these affairs and that the governments here at last pull the activities of their secret services to the public, as it is obviously proceeding from such structures. It hardly needs to be added that the New York attack is suitable to inflict the corresponding fear and panic to every large city in the world. A government which does not contribute to the uncovering of the structures which support this kind of terrorism, which always have also to be searched for in the state's own substance, de facto makes itself guilty of connivance with such activities.

This kind of terrorism and butcher actions directed against civilians do not come out of the blue sky and are not unavoidable, but have their fundaments also in the structures themselves of today's political world. Not a single true-minded revolutionary force in the world will perpetrate such an idiotic attack in the belief that anything substantial can be achieved in this way. On the contrary, the economic development, the whole weakness the so- called New World Order has been showing during the last years, themselves act upon the political development and the political thinking. A breakdown of the share prices has already previously occurred, what is missing is only that the economic crisis and the economic and political breakdowns are now traced back to such a single action. This must be refuted already now as demagogy.

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit

Sept. 12, 2001