Internet statement 2001-34

Against the Web of Lies by the USí Propaganda - Organize the Necessary Uncoverings!

As to the† USí and our mediaís propaganda about Osama bin Ladenís Islamistic fundamentalist terrorism being the decisive originator of the monstrous attacks in the US, only one thing can be said: it is completely implausible. The policy of large-scale imperialist interventionist wars against real but also alleged supporting countries, and of reactionary interventions into the inner conditions of many countries, ours included, as it is being announced now, must be fought with utmost resolution by the Left if it does not want to loose any legitimation at all, and first of all it is the priority task of the Left to tear up the web of lies.

What has one to start from in doing that:

- the Islamistic fundamentalist terrorism of bin Laden and other groups is a product of the US herself and one of her important helpers up to today. Since 1985 at the latest the US herself has directed the equipping of these groups with modern weaponry, their financing and training as well as their massive recruitment from a lot of Islamic countries, with close allies like Pakistan and Saudi-Arabia acting as go-betweens, in order to at first make use of them in the Afghan war. Without the US these groups would be almost nothing. Later such organisations like for example the very bin Laden organisation turn up in other focal points where the US is involved but prefers covert operations, as in Bosnia, in Chechnia and in Albania-Kosovo. As comrades in arms of the KLA, for example, up to today they immediately serve the intentions of the US. There have in fact been also some attacks, as in 1993 on the WTC, on the US embassies in Africa and on the destroyer Cole which are said to have been committed by Osama bin Laden against the US, but they are acts which all the more didnít scratch the USí regime and were in fact rather of propagandistic value. For the USí webs of lies by which they mislead about the true character of the Islamistic fundamentalist terrorism in its own and her own interest, such acts are even indispensable. Therefore these occurrences do not contradict the basic assessment of the very close liaison between the Islamistic fundamentalist terrorism and the USí foreign policy.

- That the bin Laden organisation is capable on its own of such attacks as now is correctly put into doubt for a lot of reasons. Whereas it does not at all seem out of the question that people from these circles were involved in the attacks, a leading role of Osama bin Laden or an organisation dependent on him is decidedly put into question by the enormous effort in terms of secret service work and of general staff work required for the preparation. It is really too conspicuous that on the one hand Osama bin† Laden as the alleged international top terrorist is said to have been under search and the most intense supervision by secret services for years, that from this direction monstrous attacks are announced and even concrete warnings are transmitted to the US in time, and on the other the US government then declares that her secret services have been abolutely clueless.

- The US apparently uses far-fetched allegiations to get the interventionist war. This should not come as a surprise for leftists and anti-imperialists, in the face of the grave crises of the US and the whole Western capitalism in general. They have lost control of the situation in the Middle East and in other regions of the world. The economic crisis threatens to become a crash, and so it did of course prior to the attacks. On the other hand the Islamic fundamentalism, with the regime in Iran as an example, is confronted by the increasing question of the cheated masses what are its real achievements. The social crisis in Iran - and not only there but in the whole realm of† Islamic dominance - is burning, and organisations like Hamas do not make headway as the US who supports Israel, has at the same time its fingers in the Islamic fundamentalism, covered only a little bit.

For the reasons mentioned nobody who thinks politically can avoid scrutinizing the hypothesis that as well in certain ultrareactionary forces of the US as in Islamic fundamentalist forces there is an interest in such occurrences. For the US as she is seeking a way out in war hysteria and wars and for that needs reasons, occasions, up to provocations; for the Islamic fundamentalism as it must show that allegedly something happens against the ĄBig Satanď.

The whole Left as well as other forces not interested in new imperialist wars of intervention must make a public issue of these and possibly more connections, refute the lies and do the necessary clearing up

Walter Grobe
Editorial staff of Neue Einheit

Sept. 19, 2001