Internet Statement 2001-35

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US' Connections with Islamist Terrorists up to Recent Times

The US are saying that the awful terror attack of Sept. 11 came from "bin-Ladin". They want to hit all those who are backing these forces. Apart from the fact that it is very doubtful that the international Islamist terror network is really leaded from a central by this person and also apart from the fact that it really has to be examined who possibly is also behind it and is pulling the wires, the US would have to direct the blow above all against themselves because of playing a decisive role in raising, training and equipping the so-called "Islamist International", how these forces are also called today, which nowadays have their cells in many countries on earth.

The internationally renowned British periodical Jane's Defense Weekly in an article from 9/14/01 on their website ( which was entitled "Why? An attempt to explain the unexplainable", wrote one thing or two about the history of the systematic promotion and breeding of militant Islamic fundamentalism by the US' intelligence services. According to their description this cooperation, called by them a "marriage of convenience", even goes back to the seventies when from Afghanistan they promoted the militant Islamic forces in the Soviet Caucasian republics in order to promote disintegration and also as a means to lure the Soviet Union into the "Afghan trap".

"The genesis of the policy came to a head following the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, when President Jimmy Carter set up a team headed by National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski to employ its 'death by a thousands cuts' policy on the tottering Soviet empire, especially the oil- and mineral-rich Central Asian Republics then ruled by Moscow."

During the Afghanistan war, via Pakistan and leaded by the CIA from the background, Islamists from all over the world were brought together, trained and sponsored with hundreds of millions of Dollars:

"The US-led 'proxy war' model was based on the premise that Islamists made good anti-Communist allies. The plan was diabolically simple: to hire, train and control motivated Islamic mercenaries. The trainers were mainly from Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, who learnt their craft from American Green Beret commandos and Navy SEALS in various US training establishments."

But also other western forces gave support in various ways, eg. Great Britain, France, Israel, Saudi-Arabia and others.

After the end of the Afghanistan war many of the well-trained and motivated fighters went back to their countries from which they originated or engaged in wars and clashes in all parts of the world, what is called "fallout" by Jane's. Others are saying that an "Islamist international" was founded this way. A far stretching network over many countries in the world was constructed. But there were still cases of cooperation with the USA until recent times as in Bosnia, in Kosovo or Macedonia, where cooperation is taking place via the KLA. Also in Chechnya among the forces which are often entitled "freedom fighters" by the west there is a strong influence.

At the end of the article there is said:

"Washington turned a blind eye to Al-Qaeda [international Islamist network - W.G.] confident that it would not directly impinge on the US. By the time the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed in 1998, killing 224 people including 12 Americans, and the ill-fated World Trade Center was similarly attacked around the same time, it was too late for remedial measures. It was this reality that was brought home with such an unimaginable atrocity this week."

But also after these incidents, until recent times, there were still cases of cooperation. When the US train the KLA, equip them an cooperate with them or when they do the same with Albania then they can find themselves shoulder to shoulder with the militant Islamists because these Islamists are in close touch with the mentioned forces. In a report addressed to the American Congress, entitled "The Kosovo Liberation Army: Does Clinton Policy Support Group with Terror, Drug Ties?" from March 31, 1999 there is said:

"The KLA's main staging area is in the vicinity of the town of Tropoje in northern Albania [Jane's International Defense Review, 2/1/99]. Tropoje, the hometown and current base of former Albanian president Sali Berisha, a major KLA patron, is also a known center for Islamic terrorists connected with Saudi renegade Osama bin-Ladin. [For a report on the presence of bin-Ladin assets in Tropoje and connections to anti-American Islamic terrorism, see "U.S. Blasts' Possible Mideast Ties: Alleged Terrorists Investigated in Albania, Washington Post, 8/12/98.] "
(This report can be found on the homepage of the Federation of American Scientists,

Another quote from the before mentioned Congress paper:

" 'Serbian officials say Mujahideen have formed groups that remained behind in Bosnia. Groups from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Chechnya are also involved in Albanian guerrilla operations. A document found on the body of Alija Rabic, an Albanian UCK member killed in a border crossing incident last July, indicated he was guiding a 50-man group from Albania into Kosovo. The group included one Yemeni and 16 Saudis, six of whom bore passports with Macedonian Albanian names. Other UCK rebels killed crossing the Albanian frontier have carried Bosnian Muslim Federation papers.' [Jane's International Defense Review, 'Unhealthy Climate in Kosovo as Guerrillas Gear Up for a Summer Confrontation,' 2/1/99] "

So also in Bosnia where the US are getting a long-lasting foothold the so-called "God's warriors" are present some of them even getting a Bosnian passport in the mean time. Even bin-Ladin is said to have a Bosnian passport ( see

"Most Americans by now believe that Black Tuesday was an act of Osama bin Laden's Islamic fanatics. Yet in Bosnia, Holbrooke had acted in support and on behalf of a government which actively recruited these mujahiddeen, and, according to never-refuted allegations, even issued bin Laden a passport."

Under < kla.htm> an article with the headline: "KLA rebels train in terrorist camps" by Jerry Seper The Washington Times, May 4, 1999 there is quoted:

" Some members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, which has financed its war effort through the sale of heroin, were trained in terrorist camps run by international fugitive Osama bin Laden -- who is wanted in the 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 persons, including 12 Americans."

Also in drug trades they will surely frequently meet each other because the CIA as well as the Taliban or radical Islamists (and also the KLA) are raising enormous funds from drug trades.
But there are also other channels for connections. There are still secret channels towards Saudi-Arabia, close ally of the USA:

"Saudi Executives Give Funds To Osama Bin Laden"[Headline]
"Business executives in Saudi Arabia continue to transfer tens of millions of dollars to bank accounts linked to Osama bin Laden, accused of last year's U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa, USA Today reported Friday.
The paper quoted senior U.S. intelligence officials as saying the money transfers began more than five years ago and had been used to finance several attacks by bin Laden, including an attempted assassination in 1995 of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Ethiopia." (, October 29, 1999 )

These are some quotes which could be completed, also look at the website of Neue Einheit <> in the section "Worldwide Terror". There are also latest news about bin-Ladin visiting Turkey, also a close ally of the US, for several times without being bothered. Beyond all of that, one has to assume that such a highly organized action as the one which had taken place in the USA needs a great number of helping personnel, that it needs organization, logistics, education, training. According to all experience up to now one has to assume that there must be forces within the USA, respectively within western imperialism, which engaged in that, that it cannot be only an act of one single organization leaded from a center in the Afghan mountains.

Wassili Gerhard
September 21, 2001