Internet Statement 2002-29

Protest demonstration
against the wave of executions in Iran - Saturday, Oct. 19th, 2002, Berlin, Alexanderplatz


Support the Informing About Barbarism and Terror of the Islamistic Regime of Iran

Our organization decidedly supports the struggle of the Iranian people against the bloody terror which the Islamistic regime organizes for the purpose of intimidation. The struggle of the Iranian workers has a central role in the whole region. A large part of the world is looking upon on the threats against Iraq and the struggle between several governments and states. But the disintegration and the madness of the Islamistic regime in Iran with its incredible terror against the own people is a basically more important process in the international events, and important hopes for the international proletariat are coming from the resistance fight lead by the Iranian people, the women and the youth, the workers and students. We support the struggle of all parties and organizations in Iran which are acting unequivocally against Islamism, often under the most dangerous conditions in the country itself and even abroad. The Islamists make pacts  with bourgeois parties in many rich states and even with so-called leftists which hide or palliate the completely reactionary face of Islamic fundamentalism. Some try to give it prominence as a force  against Zionism notwithstanding the fact that the reactionary character of Islamism brings  the struggle of the Arabian peoples as well as of the other peoples of the Middle East in discredit and in fact  weakens it  in the struggle with  imperialism as a whole as well as with Zionism or other colonialist and racialist currents. Islam is confronted  with the modern world and attempts to defend its medieval and slave-holding reactionary existence. Only from that its bloody terror can be explained.

Even today there are in fact still organisations which claim to be leftists or enlighteners which want to certify to Islam merely the general character of a "religious movement" and refuse to see it as a  concrete social phenomenon, as a struggle between modern and reactionary, between liberty and lack of freedom, between working class and bourgeoisie on the world scale. Today the Islamistic regime attempts to defend its rule by means of ritualistic public executions  and to conceal its weakness.

They apply all the means of demagoguery, they even report that the USA had their fingers in the affairs of other Islamistic criminals like the Taliban or Al-Kaeda, but conceal that the whole Islamism was pushed from Pakistan in the whole region since 1977 and that the US were active in the background at their own seizure of power in the beginning of 1979. Since they exist they run a vociferous anti-American agitation and simultaneously work together secretly with forces  of the largest American capital, plus also with others like the German capital. The Iranian people, however,  has sustained  more than 20 years of the bloodiest rule. Under these conditions the large movements in Iran, among them the great strike movement of the workers, are of big importance.

On October 19th at 12 o'clock  the Worker Communist Party of Iran organizes a demonstration in  Berlin (1), leading from Alexanderplatz to the Reichstag. It meets our clear support and we call to strengthen it despite the short-termedness by the participation of all democratically minded forces.

Hartmut Dicke

Gruppe Neue Einheit                                                                        October 18th, 2002


(1) The Worker-communist Party of Iran has launched a campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran's executions not only in Germany but also in various countries on Saturday 19 October 2002. Uwe Mueller, webmaster


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