Internet Statement 2004-21


The latest events in Palestine


The situation in the Mideast has been deadlocked for years. Israel has been carrying on state terrorism since its foundation, this isn't new. The whole way this state was set up in Palestine was aimed from the start at expelling a people living there. These plans reach back already to the end of the 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century. However, the problem consists on the other side in the fact that no social forces exist which could set something against this Zionism and its racist basic substance. Islam is arch-reactionary itself, and if the Palestinian resistance quotes the marriage laws of Israel, for example, for being racist, one must not forget that the laws of Islam are quite similar in many aspects. A very concrete point may serve to demonstrate this: Islamic men can marry women of other religions, the families then being integrated into Islam, as if it were the most natural thing of the world, while the same is refused to Islamic women under threat of terror. Islam is arch-reactionary itself and therefore no base but a hindrance for the resistance.

The Zionists have recognized this weak side of the Arabs for a long time and make full use of that. Today, however, the whole world is confronted with the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism, or to be more precise, with the whole political constellation which has heaved Islamic fundamentalism to its position of today. The US has in fact recently emphasized by its representative Bush in an official NATO speech that the primary objective of NATO is fighting terrorism. An alliance comprising most of the modern states in the world and incorporating a very large portion of the armor in the world wants to derive its right to exist from the fight against a gang of terrorists who commit terrorist attacks out of some corners of the world. Even if you take that for itself, it is so absurd, it smacks of pretext to such a degree that it is necessary to point out what is behind it. Many authors have made clear that this Islamism and fundamentalism wouldn't exist at all without the US itself. The Taliban, the reactionary forces in Afghanistan have been promoted by the US, Islamic fundamentalism has been promoted in the Mideast, and the USí threads have been reaching via Islamic fundamentalists into many states of the world where there just is an Islam, since the year dot.

The hardest historical example was given already in 1965 by the crackdown against the revolutionary party in Indonesia, with a million Communists as bloody victims and Islam immediately on the side of the US. As long as the Islamists have been appearing publicly, their screaming against the "devil USA" can be heard, but it never has prevented them to operate together with the US at all decisive points and to take money from them. The other way round, as long as the Islamists exist, there is a hysteria stirred up from the part of the US because of these forces who allegedly are a threat to the world. Both have very much in common with their reactionary substance. Also European reactionaries have delighted in Islam for a long time. When foreign workers from Islamic countries were brought to the European countries, Islamic reactionaries were deliberately taken along knowing †that they were able to control this new population. And as a consequence, as in many comparable cases, the forces which were thus used have become independent to a certain degree and attempt in their own way to gain ground for their reactionary goals and their hostility against the masses. Islamism has expanded into an independent problem in the meantime.

So Islam isn't a threat for himself, Islam is a means which the international high bourgeoisie uses for its own purposes. There is not the slightest reason to play the saint for Islamistic forces, like some organisations claiming to be leftists are demanding. It is also wrong to talk about a general hysteria allegedly stirred up against Islam in the capitalist countries. On the contrary, all capitalist forces are permanently emphasizing that they want to live in a good relationship with the predominant majority of the Islamic representatives.

If Scharon is carrying on specific killings against the leaders of Islamistic organizations like Hamas today, then this just has these two sides, too.

Hamas strives for an Islamic theocracy and originated from the Muslim brotherhoods, which were notorious in the Arabian world because of their agent activities for the US and the subversive forces. It is also very characteristic that originally Hamas has been active in the charitable sense as a relief organisation by means of oil money. The families which as refugees donít know a way out of the misery are offered a system of concrete help by Hamas, which goes far beyond merely feeding the poor,† and in this way people get dragged into this organization, which in reality is an organisation of mass murderers.

Nobody can really overlook that Hamas has organized the attacks at civilians and hasn't shrunk back even before utmost crimes. If now the Zionists for their part carry out personal single murder actions against leaders of this criminal organization with military weapons and utmost brutality, then two sides are beating each other which are blood-stained from top to bottom. Yassin and his people at all events didn't know any mercy with civilians, with people who have to do nothing or nothing direct with the oppression of the Palestinians, but were mercilessly dragged into death by his so-called suicide bombers.

Presently a criticism in western media of the Israeli murder actions becomes vocal. But it is anyway so that the Zionists have committed many expulsions and crimes and no single European or American politician has got irritated about it as if this were quite a normal thing. If now, however, certain people of the Yassin calibre are hit, they utter such notes of indignation like that the human rights are hurt etc., their characteristic phrases. Jack Straw, the British Secretary of State, one of those who took part in the wire-pulling of the war against Iraq and attracted attention by penetrantly advocating the invasion, one of the chief responsibles for the annihilation bombings against Iraq, is breaking out in protests because of the Yassin murder now.
The whole subversion in the Arabian region, the whole use of the oil money which is steered by the US in the end, too, the whole destruction which culminates in the last war by the US against Iraq, is one single chain of crimes anyway. The erection of the Zionist state according to principles of religion and racism, the erection and support of Islamism, which prevents the participation of the Arabs in the modern development in the most brutal manner, these are the real crimes anyway which count here.
To the hypocritical phrases which have gone through the media in the last few days we can only say: leave us alone with your hypocrisy!

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit
Hartmut Dicke


Translation from the German original Die letzten Ereignisse in Palästina



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