Internet Statement 2004-27

To First of May, 2004

To all revolutionary organizations obliged to the cause of the working class, the abolition of the class society, the revolutionary principles of Marxism and Leninism, to the cause of progress and science, we send our revolutionary greetings.

It is a time of particularly clear contradictions at which, on one side, many new sources of international unification open up, at which a worldwide communication not known yet develops. The new worldwide division of labor without doubt offers also important chances. On the other side we have a social attack from the part of capitalism, leaning on the overthrow and the partly prolonged degeneration of socialist states and leaning on the fragmentation and atomization of the movement, as the working classes and the peoples and nations of the world also haven't experienced yet likewise. The irreconcilability of the interest of the vast majority and that one of capital shows itself worldwide.
In this fragmentation and atomization of the movement the other side, the other distinctive feature of the present episode, expresses itself. The seriousness with which the work on the abolition of this fragmentation is done or not is an essential touchstone whether an organization or group really works on the given target or not. The fragmentation and atomization of the movement on the other side also reflects the influence of the bourgeoisie on the communist movement, a tolerance of it cannot be permitted. Every organization is obliged to work on the causes of the splitting and in this way to make it possible to overcome it. This means that the ideological ditches, the causes of the former splittings, are examined in a serious way and at the same time it is attempted in the practice to create new revolutionary parties and connections and thus to overcome the splitting also from the side of the practical experience. Our group already works on it in this regard and will turn all efforts towards it besides the everyday political tasks.

Gruppe Neue Einheit (Group New Unity)

1st of May, 2004