Internet Statement 2004-49


Hostage-taking in Beslan: Islamistic barbarism and imperialist backgrounds

The crime of the Islamic-terrorist gang in Beslan cannot be compared to anything but the SS-mass-murderers and the killer gangs of the US in Vietnam. Tormenting and mass murdering of children, babies, women and youth has not to do anything with impulses of struggle for national independence whatsoever or other democratic goals which may be justified somehow, it bears the sign of bestial imperialist barbarism on the forefront, and it is in this direction where the political backgrounds must be investigated.

But most of the statements in the West, suspicuously deflecting the questions, continue to evade the confrontation with the Islamic-Chechen terror and its international backgrounds, and often go into the direction of showing the Russian government in an unfavorable light and of pinning at least part of the responsibility on it for what has happened. The responsibility of the Islamistic fundamentalist milieus and their undercover supporters in the international upper classes, however, is not a subject. This goes from the ever-repeated, more or less open claims for more concessions to the so-called Chechen struggle for independence, over the perverse attempts to sollicit pychological empathy with the mentality of the murderers of children, to the criticism of the military and police units on-site and their leadership in the Russian authorities. Sometimes this way of representation borders to what the terrorists and those behind them are wishing: that a Russian government which resists them must disappear.

In contrast, we must again, as in the previous cases of barbaric acts of Islamistic terrorism, recall some backgrounds, which are again being obscured in the present commentaries, and probably less because of lacking knowledge than because of political interests:

-  in the case of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 in the US and the resistance against the US’ goverment’s desinformation, numerous uncoverings were made which proved the decade-long construction of international Islamistic terrorist networks like Al-Kaeda, for example, from the part of US secret services themselves for subversive purposes in many regions of the world. Also the authorities of other countries as Germany, for example, have substantially taken part in furthering Islamistic fundamentalism.

- It was politically proven, too, that such terrorist acts as of Sept. 11, which from a superficial point of view were directed against the US, actually were of no minor political avail for the US oligarchy’s policy of military intervention, threat and blackmailing, and are accordingly being instrumentalised. The US also threatens other countries on the quiet with the possibility of such teroristic acts, in case they do not comply with the US’ wishes. Without the Twin Towers’ desaster the US would hardly have got the military bases in Afghanistan and Central Asia and the destruction of Iraq within three years. Also for the reorientation of the military policy of the rest of the NATO countries, Germany included, the so-called war on terrorism has a fostering role to play. There is some kind of fundamental teamwork, however loudly the Islamists may shout in public “Down with the West”.

- As for the so-called Chechen struggle for independence, which has been propagated by Western media and politicians since the beginning of the nineties, it is obvious that it is carried by Islamistic-terrorist squads, parts of which have directly undergone the Afghan school of the CIA and its allies like the Saudis and Pakistan. Even if it would be only about that,  the forces in the background in the US and also the politicians and commentators in our country, who time and again have advocated the “Chechen” cause, bear responsibility for what today has happened. And furthermore it is obvious that the US and the NATO alliance, remarkably openly, are since long busy to utilize turmoil in the Caucasus in order to gain political influence, bases for the military and the secret services there, and to build strategical positions particularly from this direction for attacks against Russia in the future. In that it is also about oil, of course, but actually about much more. However scatty, brutal and corrupt the Russian forces may be, which are working against this policy in the Caucasus, basically Russia’s struggle for its territorial integrity remains justified, and even the miserable social conditions imposed on the population in the Caucasus, too, by the Russian ruling clique in alliance with international capitalism are still not as base as the pure gangsterism of the Islamistisc gangs, as it has shown also in Kosovo under the umbrella of the West. It must be criticized that Russia’s social and economic low as of today offers a breeding ground for the gangster regimes of the Islamists and others, but not that there are still forces in Russia who do not want to hand over parts of the country to the West and its Islamistic would-be satraps.

The mass murder attacks in Madrid of March made it clear that the Islamistic gangs also act directly against the working population of developed countries. Why? Here it is possible to recall once more the infamous “strategy of tension”, which has been favored since long by certain undercover NATO circles, for example, in order to detract from the social struggle and to castigate the population for too much engaging in social struggle.

Which capitalistic-fascist conspirators were active in the case of Madrid and conceded to the Islamistic murder-addicts the scope for their crime, probably well overviewed by their own secret services, is still unclear.

But in any case there is something indispensable in the investigation of such crimes, the basic experience from so many cases of reactionary political terror of the past decades: if the shady activities of secret service structures of capitalist countries are not included in the solution, it can hardly been understood how such spectacular crimes become possible time and again. FBI and CIA were quite well informed about the intentions of Al-Kaeda, which trained its pilots before their very eyes in the US, to recall a detail of this case as an example. The fascist or Islamistic terrorist gang are only the front characters, this has always to be kept in mind,  and in every single case it has to be elucidated again. Who works against this way of putting the questions and refuses it, encourages more crimes.

It is the population, the working masses in many countries, socially  suppressed by the ruling conditions, in our country, too, which are in danger to become the possible object of such deeds. If one wants to counter that, one has to pull the political forces behind the scene into the light, there is no other way. A thorough criticism of such Islamic mentalities and milieus must be started, which offer a breeding ground for the criminals, and this criticism is required particulary from the part of those, too, who include themselves into this culture. It is not sufficient that this or that Islamic dignitary happens to distance himself, too. Above all, however, it depends on accounting to ourselves on the capitalism of our own Western countries, which stops at no crime in order to beat back revolutionary tendencies and to intrude into foreign territories.

Beslan seems far away, but the supporters of the gangs which committ crimes like in Beslan or Madrid, are partly quite near in our countries.

Walter Grobe
Editorial staff of Neue Einheit
Sept. 04, 2002