Internet Statement 2004-79



Once again about the so-called nuclear non-proliferation treaty  

The so-call nuclear non-proliferation treaty  was signed by the USA, Great Britain and the USSR on July, 1, 1968. Its content is essentially that the US and the USSR can continue without limits and impediments to extend their arsenals of nuclear weapons, whereas the states which are no nuclear powers up to that time are not allowed to possess any nuclear weapons, not even to strive for them. It is the concrete legal expression of the international armed blackmailing, and the expression of the guarantee of the system of exploitation.

It formed the peak of the international collaboration between Soviet revisionism and US imperialism, and the former took an essential part in proposing it. Its original intention was to block the Peoples’ Republic of China in developing a nuclear potential of its own. All nations which in the further development were not willing to sign this treaty were threatened by all kinds of pestering. The US is today’s main heir of this treaty.

The so-called nuclear non-proliferation treaty  is the legal safeguard of the nuclear blackmail by a few nuclear powers, above all the US. It allows those to develop their nuclear  weapons systems and other comparable ones without limits, whereas it propagates defencelessness to the most part of the nations on the globe vis a vis this blackmail. It is a fundament of the military blackmail, which safeguards the misery and the ruin for hundreds of millions of people.

In no way it is a guarantee against the use of the nuclear  weapons, as e.g. the US may at any time in a critical situation– and indeed they have already announced to act in this way –apply its military systems which are tuned for every contingency. Over and above that they are able to organise nuclear  terrorism through the back door as in the case of “bin Laden”, against other countries or even its own population, in case those do not prove to be sufficiently obedient. After such an attack they will appear with the assertion that there is only one power able to give protection against the nuclear  dangers, and they are the one.

Every movement professing to fight the nuclear  danger would in the first place have to take into its sight the danger coming from such a nuclear  monopolisation and the blackmail connected to it. But the present so-called anti-nuclear  movements have not done so, instead they have abstractly fought “the bomb” or reproached China, France or India for breaking this monopoly. Still much worse are movements which have fought the civil use of nuclear  energy, strenghtening in this way not only the nuclear  blackmail but also the economic blackmail by the lever of energy, and ultimately facilitating the comprehensive financial control, whereas the nations are derided by windmills and digester gas as the fundamental sources of energy. The rise of energy prices is in fact closely connected to the spreading of the international indebtedness of many nations since the 70ies. The form of energy which today is the second most important, oil, and the necessities of controlling the routes of transport and the most important regions of production which are connected to oil, have been the hobby and the fundament of the hegemony of the Anglo-Saxon powers since almost one hundred years. In principle, it is similar with natural gas, here it is Russia which still keeps the main lever in its hand.

The attitude of the European states towards this treaty has been conformist for a long time. Partly the condition of acceptance is forced by the US’ hegemony, partly the bourgeoisies have made their profits in the lee of the US and temporarily of the USSR, too.They belonged to the states under the so-called protective nuclear umbrella. An exception was temporarily formed by France which did not surrender to this pressure. Also today many European states appear at pressurizing nations of the former colonial world to submit to these rules of the nuclear  monopoly treaty.

The role of numerous allegedly communist parties in the past regrettably consisted in not opposing this blackmail, even in supporting it by their politics, or in silence about it.

If in today’s constellation socialist states originate, they will immediately have to cope with the nuclear  blackmail. The fight against it leans not only on the development of  a nuclear  armament of their own, but also on a revolutionary class strategy, which makes use of the inner contradictions in the countries as well as of the contradictions between the different states of the globe (international exploitation and contradictions). Against such a revolutionary strategy the nuclear  blackmail is largely powerless, especially if it carries the struggle into the blackmailing countries themselves. The nuclear  blackmail is however not to be accepted technologically and militarily, that is to say that socialist states will themselves develop also nuclear  weapons according to their abilities, as long as this blackmail continues. The nuclear non-proliferation treaty , however, must be fought in principle because of its character.

Ed. Staff of Neue Einheit
Dec 11, 2004