Internet Statement 2005-01


International Greetings for the New Year  (*)

For this new year we also greet all revolutionary Marxist-Leninist organisations on the globe which like us see the inevitability of class struggle, of the revolutionary struggle for socialism and communism, and work for carrying it out against all adversities.

To be frank, it is still very difficult to establish a true practical solidarity on the international level. The differences between the countries are huge. For a worker of the Third World, earning presently the fiftieth part of the wage of a worker in the developed world, it is difficult to say that he must join in solidarity with the latter. The other way round, the workers in the developed countries often lack any idea of the workers' conditions in the poor countries, and they are ignoring them in a certain form of arrogance. The international system is a system of interlocking exploitation and hierarchies also among the nations, making the socialists' struggle more difficult. But we think that on the base of proletarian internationalism the discussion can and must be intensified at any rate, if the effort exists, that emissaries have to wander to and fro between the various organisations, and that the organisations must attempt to achieve a unity also on the international level.

The fragmentation in almost all countries has resulted in a extremely complicated situation, as shown expecially clearly by the example of Ukraina. Here a movement, which is supported by capitalism and leads a large number of people to believe in the liberation from scabby structures but actually strives for radical neo-capitalism and in part for a rightist dictatorship, is fighting against traditional bureaucratic oligarchic structures, both of them standing in irreconcilable contradiction to the masses of the population, which live in comparatively deep misery. But not a single leftist or revolutionary organisation is able to develop the masses' power against both of these groups, although they are certainly existing in this or that place, in this or that factory.
This situation may repeatedly occur in a similar way in conlicts in other countries. Rightist, fascist forces can benefit from such situations. Today it is the absolute duty of all revolutionaries, Marxists-Leninists and Communists, to look for the international joining together, beyond the joining together in the single countries.
In this sense we greet all organisations as far as we are able at all to reach them, und express our hope that the year 2005 will lead to some decisive steps in this respect.

Group Neue Einheit


(*) This is the last part of a larger statement, the first part of which is so far published only in German, under the title: "Sich auf den Klassenkampf im eigenen Land werfen!" ("Let us throw ourselves on the class struggle in our own country!")