Internet Statement 2006-60





The Demonstration Against the Israeli Aggression Occupied by the PDS
       Adulteration of the Demands!


Breaking solid decisions, the PDS-Linkspartei [note1] subordinates to itself the call and the organisation of  the demonstration against the Israeli-Zionist aggression on August 12, 2006. It massively adulterates the clear points of the call.



On August 5, 2006, a conference took place in Berlin, at which the representatives of  a number of organisations, after an intense debate, agreed upon a list of demands, forming already a compromise among all of these groups. [note2]  After all, it contained the clear formulation that the Israeli Zionists must retreat from Lebanon and also from Palestine. Besides there were several short and concise demands.


Mobilizing its considerable resources in terms of organisation and finance, the PDS has altered the results behind the back of a considerable part of the participants of this conference according to its own ideas and watered down completely the most important elements, even functionalized them in favor of the Israeli aggression. Some representatives who previously hat agreed to the call, knuckled to the PDS’ unconditional pressure that its demands be accepted, otherwise it would not participate, on August 8th-


A report of our representative about this latest decision of August 8 is published here additionally. [note3]


This transformation of the demonstration happened backstairs by means of meetings which a part of the participants organized for themselves alone. Involved is also the “Friedenskoordination” (Friko) which is now to take over an essential part of the organisation of the demonstration. Oskar Lafontaine, representative of PDS-Linkspartei, will appear there as the first main speaker.


Instead of the previous demand for the complete withdrawal of the Israeli troops from Lebanon and Palestine, it is said now: “We demand 1. an immediate and unconditional truce, which must include the complete withdrawal of the Israeli troops from Lebanon and the Gaza strip as well as the immediate cessation of any combat operation of all sides.” This is tied to so many conditions, that the demand for an immediate withdrawal is in fact circumvented. The PDS previously had presented a catalogue in which not even the withdrawal of the Israeli troops itself was demanded, it solely was to be subject of negotiations! [note4]


Now it is said:

„3. the immediate initiation of a process of political negotiations between all participants for a just, durable and comprehensive peace based on all related resolutions of the UN.” This demand is that general and non-binding, that it leaves every leeway for the Israeli Zionists.


Previously, it had been demanded that Germany stops any delivery of arms to Israel. Now, in the version forced by the PDS, it is said:

“4. The immediate stop of any arms deliveries into the Middle East region, the German arms deliveries to Israel included.”

Thus, the stop of possible arms deliveries e.g. of other Arab states to the Lebanon is demanded in the first place. With regard to the maximum armament of the Israeli Zionists, who are the fourth-largest military power in the world in spite of the tiny population, this amounts to an active preferential treatment of Israeli Zionism. Israel is not dependent on arms deliveries, but Lebanon, which is only weakly armed, as well as the diverse militias active within Lebanon, possibly depend more of arms replenishments. The whole violation of Lebanon by the Israeli military apparatus is thus furthered.

Finally it is said:

“5. The guarantee of the peaceful coexistence of an independent and viable state Palestine at the side of the state of Israel in secure borders and without threat from others.”

Here only a “viable state Palestine” at Israel’s side is demanded. How is it possible to define a state from the onset as standing at the side of another state? And what is meant by “without threat from others”? Basically, this is again an allusion that, above all, all the other Arab states’ influence is to be kept out. No commentary is needed whose demands are these.

Further details can be seen from the short report.


This action from the part of the Linkspartei-PDS is no surprise. This party not only is indirectly supporting the policy of the German government, but it goes further: by the backdoor, it supports the Israeli Zionist aggressors themselves. To manoeuvre that to the head of a demonstration originally inspired by the intention to support the independence of Lebanon and the Palestinian people, is a massive challenge. We could only express our full understanding for the wish that the PDS with its relatively many members and means should support this demonstration. But if that support in terms of bulk is bought in such a way that the political substance is largely perverted into its contrary, then things are going wrong.


Our organisation abstained from signing this call under these circumstances, other than the first one. It is a remarkable event, indeed, that after a different call with its list of supporters has been out already for several days, it is virtually made waste paper and supplanted by such a machination.

A number of representatives have announced to appeal for participation in the demonstration without, though, supporting the call. Those who go to this demonstration should there clearly manifest their opinion of the statements and machinations by the PDS, Lafontaine and several of his supporters.


Gruppe Neue Einheit

August 9, 2006


(With supplementary notes)  


[note1]   "PDS"is short for "Partei des Demokratischen Sozialismus"(Party of democratic socialism). Presently,the official name of the organisation is "Linkspartei.PDS"(Leftparty.PDS) or sometimes "Die Linke.PDS". This organisation is part of the governments in two federal states, Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and is a party in the federal parliament "Bundestag".)


" We demand:
- Immediate unconditional truce
- Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon and Palestine
- Return of the refugees and their compensation
- No German weapons to Israel
- No NATO-troops to Lebanon
- Humanitarian aid
- Negotiations between all participants for a just, durable and comprehensive peace according to all UN-resolutions"
More onto the list of demands of 5.8., in German

[note3]  See the short report of the meeting of 8.8.06, in German.

"We demand:
- an immediate and unconditional truce
- comprehensive humanitarian aid, including the reception of injured and sick persons in Germany
- the immmediate stop of all arms deliveries to the region of the Near East, including the German arms deliveries to Israel
- no NATO-troops to Lebanon
- the immediate initiation of a process of political negotiations between all participants for a just, durable and comprehensive peace based on all related resolutions of the UN. Subjects of the
negotiations have to be: the peaceful coexistence of two independent and viable states Israel and Palestine; the elimination of the fear of assaults of others; the return or the compensation of the refugees, the sovereignty of Lebanon and Palestine as well as the complete withdrawal of the Israeli troops to Israel."

See here the catalogue of the PDS, in German