Internet Statement 2011-10

No intervention in Libya on the pretext of a grounding!

The World Security Council has passed a resolution, a so-called grounding above Libya and to assent attacks on the country. This resolution has been accepted with abstention of the following states: Germany, China, Russia, India and Brazil.
France or rather Sarcozy is already said to have signalized that she would be "prepared" in order to carry out quick air attacks on Libya.

There we are. This whole maneuver, of course, is driven by the USA and its purpose is to drag in namely European states and, if possible, to let the European governments' hands get dirty. And as you can see they have already achieved some success in it. France as well as Great Britain have engaged themselves in the last weeks to introduce such a grounding zone, although some arabic states have directly expressed their disconsent. *) They pointed out that this would de facto mean the entry to war against Libya because how is such a grounding zone to be forced through?! This can be done through attacks by military means only.
Ground forces only have been excluded in this resolution. Well, the question is how long it will last.

Obama has signalized lately that he does not have a great tendency to involve the USA in such military conflicts. The Iraq war and the consequences of the same have just been too recent and this current government under Obama is more cautious to again engage in a war in the Middle East. Their peer goes to a different part of the world. Yet, Europeans dissipating their energies, dividing and widening antagonisms inside Europe as well as in relation to the Arabic states, this would be well in their interest. Such a policy is extremely reactionary and of harm and should be fought by European governments as well as by Europe as a whole. It is positive indeed that, e.g. Germany does not engage in this concern, at least not now, but rather represents the standpoint that one is not to participate in war intentions there. This should be kept.

The popular masses in Libya as well as in the other Arabic and North-African states is not helped by war planes of European states "losing their way" there and keeping "order" there. Such ambitions simply prove that certain people do not see any other solution to escape the inner pressure and the aggravating contradictions in the own country. This is not going to work. This has never worked in history although it has been attempted repeatedly by ruling classes. Instead the consequences were destruction, devastation and disasters, which have exceeded that what has now been done by the natural catastrophe in Japan a million times and would definitely do so in the future. All progressive people, the people in France (or maybe in England or in another country) are called upon to act against this idiotic, adventurous policy of the own government (under the charge of Nicolas Sarcozy).

No intervention in Libya! Neither on the pretext of a so-called grounding!

The decision on which government having power in Libya or not can be solely made by the Libyan people themselves!

Anyway, the last few days have shown clearly what a crying shame the double moral of governments like of the USA and others is if these without a blink admit to Saudi Arabia sending troops to other Arabic states (this at least if not more) in order to "keep order" and to save the ruling clique from the uprising popular masses.

The French government obviously has difficulties in coping with their colonial past. After the French foreign minister, during the turmoil and mass upheavals, has let herself been courted by the Ben Ali government without shame before and even wanted to send French police to help there, eventually making her resign unavoidable, now the new foreign minister is trumpeting "We experience the historical moment, the Arabic states demand freedom, this Arabic spring is a good message to the whole world". This is true and it should continue in this way. However, the kind of "spring" Mr Juppé is imagining can be spared by the people over just as over here as well as the rest of the world.

Group Neue Einheit -mw
March 18, 2011 (3:30 am)


*) The supposedly under considerable pressure produced resolution of the Arabic League for a so-called grounding (Saudi Arabica belongs to the founder members, for example!), but against ground forces seems to be in contradiction. In a CNN broadcast their ambassador announced accordingly that only two states would participate in an operation and it would not be clear which ones.