Internet Statement 2011-21


                Double standards just again?
                Demonstrators brutally beaten up by police in Barcelona

Maria Weiß, May 27, 2011     

This evening there were images from Barcelona in the „Tagesschau“ [German television news magazine] showing the police there very ruthlessly beating demonstrators, for example women lying on the ground with little children in their arms severely beaten.
What is that? Is that violence or not? And who is doing violence there? Will NATO now also land on Spanish soil to prevent the government from acting against the own people?

Solidarity with the Spanish demonstrators is necessary, indeed! Their fight is our fight!

As it is known, the demonstrations in Spain permanently taking place in the whole country have quite similar aims as the mass demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt an other north African or Arabian countries. Most of the young people there are facing the same problems.

Here as well as there it can be observed that the ruling class is very “full of consternation” but in a way that appears to be different at first. There the government beats up the people in order to hold things in bounds. Here up to now the opposition there is respected. Hundreds of millions of Dollars are to be sent to northern Africa, allegedly to back the development of democracy there.

But what about Spain? Is there also money from IMF for the development of democracy an to open horizons for youth there, or do the European governments or Merkel & Co. give money? Or perhaps it is a different sort of “democracy” in Spain, one which is indeed very angry about the current mass movement there? Perhaps here an there those in power are rather at their wit’s end. There are a number of reasons to believe in the latter.

(Translation of the German original)