Internet-Statement 2011-27


The massacre in Norway

They have let it happen?

Maria Weiß   25th July, 2011     


What happened on this Norwegian island Utoya is outrageous: You could almost think that one have let it happen, for one and a half hours. All the facts which have become known over the course of this massacre speak volumes.

Why must you deal with precisely this unspeakable incident?

When 14-17 year old youth, agrees to the 100, supposedly to be shot down and slaughtered by a single person, without the police or any other kind of responsible adult intervenes for one and a half hours, cries for help were even rejected, then there is something quite massivly wrong and that must be revealed

The suffering of the affected families can hardly be appreciated. More urgent, the task is to clarify what is actually there, departed, and why nothing was done about it.

This outrageous fact is confirmed by now almost all messages, even the international press, with very few exceptions, where one gets the impression that it should be toned down a bit and you wonder where they've got their information.

Right after the first reports you had to ask the question how the situation actually was: Since 600 people are together, young people together in a summer camp with their caregivers, and one individual, no matter what armed perpetrator, whether with a machine gun or two rifle or even with, supposedly should be able to make what he wants? This approach can not do that. Surely there must have been for those 600 people somehow a way to summon help. So many people today have a cell phone, also with 14, 15 already. A fortiori, the supervising adults. What has gone off? The people wondered immediately.

And now it turns out promptly, after two days, mind you after two full days (!): There was a call for help, well maybe it has been so much more. And this was rejected! It is not to understand what happened there. That obviously for 90 minutes - in this question are almost all the newspaper reports agreeing that it was so - this massacre was allowed to happen, this killing of some 100 young people. Unspeakable!

The “Tagesspiegel” in its current issue even writes in a report that already at the start, after a few minutes after the perpetrator had arrived on the island, there had already been clearly audible cries for help, on the mainland shore, and that's not so far away. What has gone off? It was reported that people on the mainland would be immediately put into boats to get help. But it has not alarmed because the security forces immediately? One might even have to alert the military. What's going on in this country? And especially after the devastating bombing previously in the center of Oslo, which also were already people took their lives! And not even as an excuse to listen to what was, you've have to tie all the forces there. There anything more ridiculous and it hardly excuses. And that just raises more sharply the question: What is the procedure there, and why? And who is involved?

This offender describes himself as a "monster", said even as the "biggest monster" .. Well, the question that arises here is that in practice: what is more monstrous to hold something or to let this happen?
The question of where it comes from and what are the reasons behind this mass murder is, of course, the more urgent. In a way this question is to clarify even vital.

As for the single person of this alleged perpetrator, it is oddly claimed by intelligence and police, this was "not been on their radar." Why not? They have all kinds of stuff but even that is not officially known, or has a formal organizational structure, "in their radar."

Only now was to publicize the fact that a yard-long (1500 pages was mentioned) pamphlet from this offender, which should have been "inspired" by another US-based pamphlet has long been circulated on the Internet. It is revealed there some relationship with certain Masonic sects, whose rightist and criminal character is known since a long time, and in terms of mass murder plans it does not mince words. Such things will have remained hidden from the secret service? Whoever wants to believe that?

Moreover, in this case, certain things are well known, even beyond the family circumstances of that individual. For example, the father should live in Paris being former diplomat and as well as the mother reportedly long times ago stood somewhat close to Social Democracy.

The descriptions, which are known gradually in concern of the supposed procedure, really evoke more questions. Thus, for example, reported that the offender was systematically pacing the tents and all that he has found there as people in the tents have been shot. At the same time he will have been following even teenagers fleeing into the water and shooting them yet there. Such descriptions suggest a number of perpetrators – there are appropriate eye-witness reports - which were allegedly made but so far not arrested and which - as be proclaimed from the police, were no further persecuted! Apart from the immense brutality, which comes to expression in these descriptions, one wonders how this was possible. With hundreds of young people and certainly at least almost as many tents, there should have been also a number of adults spending time there as a supervisor. What have they done there? Did they all flee too? Why was it not possible to curb in any way to stop a number of these doings, for example overwhelming this monster from behind, or something like that? Or was it all just people who have absolutely no resistance and tolerating everything and just led themselves being slaughtered one after the other by one single person? Hard to believe. That in the first few seconds, you are perhaps frozen by fear, that is something one can imagine perhaps, but during one and a half hours or even two? It can not be, if the perpetrator was really only one person, that it would not have developed a completely different resistance and it would not have been possible, in all other solid form, to prevent these massacres and even more picking up help. Did one leave all that cell phone calls, of which one is now speaking, only to the children? Did the responsible adults nothing like that, or did the emergency managers also succeed to get rid of them by such cheap sayings as it became known? Questions over questions. Have the responsible leaders of the police in front of all those calls stubbornly made in this way too? You really see abysses, if it has been that way.

The “focal point” (“Brennpunkt”) of ARD broadcast Saturday night even talked of a helicopter that was filming with a team of journalists the massacre from the air. Have they drawn some conclusions from what they saw and any alarm was be triggered? Or did they do nothing but filming for hours?

It fills one with disgust to hear how the police justify their inaction in Norway now. What was it which hindered them from using all means to stop this criminal murdering? The "arguments" that are raised are pitiful. One has probably just waited until it was over and the murderer has set itself! Not only parents whose children were murdered there will be to know how to estimate that fact.

What is the purpose of the media propaganda?

The direction, in which this crime, especially by the local official propaganda in this country is now being drawn, is significant. An attempt is made here on every existing criticism here, in the Greens, the Social Democrats, even in the current government, which are entirely legitimate criticism to be so in one corner with that. It would surprise one not even if certain sections of the Social Democrats themselves had helped organizing this most serious crime with, of course, the support of such other forces that have an interest in fabricating here something like a kind of "Reichstag fire" (in reverse) to stage. That would certainly fit into the current situation. The contradictions between the various powers in the world are worsening considerably, the differences within the countries, for example, the U.S. itself, are tightening. The crisis is not over at all, quite the contrary. They all do not know at anyway how to escape to this, especially to the present especially bulging debt crisis. This raises the very question of who has an interest in such an attack. Obama hardly understanding national question in Europe and on top of that handling enough with own, home-made problems, has not much to say on this. Who else may be interested? There are several candidates for this, for example those which currently dominated by less than debt problems, but more by expansionist desires and those any opposition to it is contrary.
What is the intent of such messages that there was also planned an attack on Merkel by the alleged perpetrator? What nonsense. This only serves to here in a very specific way sharpen the contradictions so that it should be unsuitable for the mass movement. That's the whole aim. And different parts of the population to drift under false pretenses against each other, as happens in the last time in reinforced trials. As if the alternative for the population of the country would either be green reset of economic development under pseudo "left" sign on one side or idiotic national egoistic incitement on the other. Both have to be fought.

The alleged Islamophobia here, which was incited by the media on the occasion of "Nine-eleven" almost ten years ago, now has been largely dissolved, if ever such a thing existed in the alleged dimension. Such a thing which one is actually again fulfilling prophecy straight in view of this crime, in that way does not exist in this society among the population. This is a form of permanent pressurization, which runs here in the public propaganda, which is primarily used to defame correct and necessary criticism, pushing forward rightest abstruse prejudice and quite even terror on the one side and a sort of mass hostile, abetting hegemonism as well as internal reaction and the nation of their own denying pseudo- “left” rush on the other side.

As it seems, one aims with this massacre in Norway not primarily on this country itself, but it focuses again on the so-called core European countries, especially Germany, at least as far as the propaganda of the media. Norway itself is not really a country, where the problems with immigration, so-called multi-cultural issues, with Islam, do play a significant role. This is from both sides - as from the whole structure of the population as from the side of the economic problems that it does not nearly be of such an importance as in other European countries, especially in ours. Nevertheless just hangs out there, as in other Scandinavian countries, a sort of gray area of rightests, since several years. This has been obvious even in the case of certain provocative actions such as the so-called Mohammed cartoons. One gets the impression as if one intents to give those countries a sort of arsonist role in pushing forward a rightest development in Europe. The question is, who has an interest in internationally pushing such development.

It literally peels out, that this outrage, this one could nearly say "tolerated" mass murder in Norway is exploited by the media to put a certain critical trend that has been highlighted since the turnaround in the nuclear issue in the society, now desperately in a supposedly "xenophobic“ rightest corner in a form as it does not exist , at least not in this context, while simultaneously encouraging and inciting from behind these fascist crimes. It thus creates of course also an ever further pretext of monitoring to the extreme point the entire population. (Note)

One of the main objectives of the current reactionary propaganda is also to defame from the outset those legitimate radicalism of revolutionary mass movements which is really called "radical" because of tackling "the root" of this capitalist system of exploitation. And of course this is not first started from here, but from a seemingly saturated society like Norway for example, in which class conflict is not revealed in such clarity, such as here or in other European countries.

If one pulls together the whole inconsistencies and shamelessness concerning the circumstances of this massacre in Norway, the suspicion is arising that certain forces apparently shrink at nothing, not even at letting massacring their own offspring in order that in Europe and especially in our country green programs of economic dehydration and accelerate delivery to hegemonic powers to their profit interests are saved. Incidentally, one can only recommend the Norwegian government to investigate meticulously, who has set this “torch song trilogy” into their administrative machinery.

It is interesting that in Turkey, as was announced yesterday, 60 or more foreign and domestic journalists are sitting in jail for quite some time, under the current Erdogan government, because they, for whatever reasons, for example advocacy of secularism , made themselves unpopular in the eyes of actual Turkish government. They're sitting there for several years without an indictment has been made. What has this to do with "democracy" or "rule of law", which our ladies and gentlemen of welcome politicians so often overuse? Is not that rather a certain form of fascism, of lawlessness too? These circumstances are not well worthy for them to be mentioned from all too clear reasons: One wishes Turkey as a "stabilizing factor" in face of revolution in this area.

(Translated by the author)