Internet Statement 2011-44


Who`s  blackmailing whom?

The Witch-hunt against the Greece Referendum

Maria Weiss   November 3, 2011   

The witch hunt in Greece and also internationally against the advance of Papandreou to perform a referendum in Greece on the so-called  rescue packages for the Euro  speaks volumes about the real political and moral conditions of the ruling classes.

Once a brave decision is made, justified by both objective and political terms and not only necessary in Greece but also in all of the other European countries, then you donít need to wait a long time: First there is the financial blackmail, i.e. already committed funds are cancelled, then follows the political shock in the own country, i.e. some  representatives of the opposition as well as those coming from within the ranks are coming out of the woodworks to show what sort of opinion they are representing. This is really a textbook example for bourgeois democracy.

In itself, such a referendum on these totally adventurous so-called rescue packages for the Eurois actually needed in Germany  as well as in France and other European countries,  as in the overall result it means nothing else but the attempt to fleece the population of all of the European counties, now and in future. At present Greece is just only the most obvious example and for the financial capitalists and the state machines it seems to be obviously most urgent there, and so the situation there is most explosive. This does not mean that under the surface in other European countries there are not the same contradictions that threaten to break up. That's what drives on Merkel and Sarkozy, and not to forget Obama, as well as other potentates who are deeply concerned by the situation in their own countries.

Also significant is the position of the parties which allegedly refer to the revolutionary teachings of Marx, for example the KKE. Far away from taking such an opportunity to come to a broader alliance in the country against the program of systematically fleecing the population, they bitterly complain against this current attempt for a referendum. Well done, one must say, thatís how clever Marxisttactics look. Apart from their permanent agitation against the EU with a not justified one-sidedness which is wrong and is rather in the interest of competitive imperialist forces than being for the benefit of the peopleís masses in the own country, such tactics surely will not lead to take up the challenges of the fleecing tools of the financial capitalists who are the first here to handle the conductorís baton.††

The current situation puts all sorts of reactionaries not only in Europe in great concern. Today it went through the media that the "Guardian" has brought a message that Britain would be willing to participate in military strikes on targets in Iran, if asked by the United States!Again someone lets the cat out of the bag. The U.S. imperialists have probably tasted blood in Libya, how easy it is to get rid of someone who is in the way. But Iran is not Libya and the international links with other powers could cause an unexpected and undesirable turn of this adventure. Also the question arises who does the dirty work in Iran for them.

It is but too obvious: Hardly anything is not working asplanned in Europe when quicklythere is sabre-rattling  to bring rebellious fellows back to reason. And with the proven method ofsimultaneous pressurisation and clammy secret bribery  it seems to have worked once again. What will be caused by that might be perhaps quite a different matter.  

Translation of the German original