Internet-Statement 2012-20


The European Crisis and the Middle East - hands off Syria!

Maria Weiß  06/30/2012     

The current crisis in the Middle East, focusing on Syria is (just) to be seen in connection with the general crisis of capitalism within various countries, especially within the top supporting power of this system in the world, the U.S. imperialists. Various discrepancies have come to a head and the solution is not in sight.

Take the debt (and financial) crisis in Europe. All countries are affected, including Germany, and the various whitewash measures  that are currently running here, will not solve this problem, no matter what means they reach at the end. Whether the individual countries try to get the debt crisis under control, or whether Europe as a whole is trying, they will not get a grip. The only social force that would be capable to cope with this  is the working class, but in varying degrees, more or less not capable nor willing to accept this fundamental and vital task and take it in hand, and with fundamental task here of course it is not meant to solve only the debt crisis, which is a product of capitalism. No, the task is to bring about a social revolution that makes it at all, to organise society so that this kind of crises can be avoided, or will not occur.

The working class in Europe but is currently unable or unwilling, based on the historical development especially in the last 80 or 100 years, to tackle such a political task comprehensively. Instead, there are various attempts of bourgeois forces, or even middle-class or social democratic revisionist forces to develop solution models, by the way no new ones, how they might get to grips with these contradictions. An example of this type of attempts is the so-called Left Party, which seeks primarily to mitigate the problem by  enhancing government revenue. These include the so-called "wealth tax" as well as other measures that have absolutely nothing new. A tax on the rich, for example, was already promoted by the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt , who in light of de Great Depression (Great Depression in 1929 and after) came up with such ideas. This is nothing new and could not and cannot contribute to get a grip to the fundamental contradictions as they are broken up here and will break up further, let alone solve it.

There are also always within the bourgeoisie itself the different conceptions of how to mitigate the crisis. As an example one can take the  most recent so-called European summit on which the various concepts clashed, where  ultimately a concept prevailed that not only postpones the problem, but also piles it up in a gigantic manner, it does not even begin to contribute at least to a partial solution, but in reality the crash will  be promoted.

Also in connection with the so-called growth package one must ask oneself: What should really grow? What is meant specifically? For example, what has been learned so far from France, there growth rather means to draw the conclusion that the bureaucracy has to grow further there. And how it should look here concerning the growth, you know that already. Any so-called renewable energies shall grow? What does this mean for society as a whole, so far it is clear that this hardly means something really positive in terms of industrial growth, which certainly now is demanded by some bourgeois forces increasingly promoting this matter, for example in terms of re-emergence of major industries which are of importance for society. For example, nuclear energy, this is just not to grow at all, on the contrary,  though being of great importance for the production of cheap and environmentally friendly low CO2-carbon electricity , that is not to grow at all. But the prices of energy will grow and so will do the associated bureaucratic harassment of the population and industry. Even in France under the government of  Hollande there are  plans to curtail the nuclear energy sector. And so far  one can, of course, endorse Hollande  when he says that it was not blackmail to exert pressure with the so-called growth package, as it has allegedly happened  at the recent EU summit. If that's a kind of growth, which is not of major importance  for the entire economy and society, but on the contrary, this narrows even further and is destructive, then  in fact it is not extortion. Blackmail can only be practised  with something essentially life-relevant, but not with just backfiring matters something that serves for blinding and  political opportunism. In fact, it looks alike  again, as well as in the nuclear energy issue in the last year, that the latter has again been the impetus for the turnaround of Mrs. Merkel.

We can not detach this whole European crisis from the international context, and also not try not to treat it in isolation. Capitalism implies uneven development. Uneven development between different countries around the world and uneven exacerbation of the corresponding fundamental contradictions within the individual countries.

In addition to the current debt crisis in Europe particularly the Middle East conflict is intensifying. Saying Middle East, I mean not only the Arab countries, but to some extent the Middle East includes Turkey, although this country represents a kind of a bridge to Europe.

Turkey has had, for example, a rapid development  in the last ten to twenty years , when capitalism has developed in this country and  the corresponding contradictions have intensified noticeably. This is driving forward  the current ruling clique there, especially under Erdogan,  which attempts to embark on a kind of regional expansion strategy to escape from  this breaking up of contradictions and is the  increasingly urgent social contradictions, , which is exploited and supported massively especially by the U.S. imperialists , which are plagued themselves at home  by these contradictions inside, and try to use this channel to achieve besides access to new sources of raw materials, also to achieve strategic positions in relation to other competing powers such as Russia's and China's emerging imperialism to secure their own  position . These contrasts are closely interlinked in the Middle East  and are concentrated in the Arab country of Syria.

This country, Syria, from its population structure is a kind of a multi-cultural country that harbors the most diverse populations in the various ethnic groups and religious affiliations and lets them live together.  This was at least the case until the beginning of last year, at least by and large.. There are Kurdish populations, especially in the north, adjacent to the neighboring country, Turkish and Arab populations of Sunni religious orientation, as well as Alevites and Christian groups, it is a very sophisticated multi-ethnic and multi religious population structure.

Such a structure, of course,  always provides  approaches   for the intervention of foreign powers. And that is what is currently going on in this country, for about since a year in the whole region, since the outbreak of a  mass movement  which strives for social emancipation, for independence from imperialist oppression, for democracy and for  independently grasping the own destiny. This is also something that becomes apparent in Syria, and not only that, it also provides significant problems for  the currently prevailing grouping under the Assad clan. However, at the same time unmistakably  various foreign powers intervene in these problems,   to whip them each to their advantage and are eager to exploit the situation what is not tolerable.
This has meant that in this country a devastating and destructive civil war has been developing for some time, which is nourished by those various foreign powers and supplied with weapons, led by U.S. imperialism together with its intelligence apparatus and its other infiltration facilities.

But not only that, it is also exploited by certain regional powers, especially the above-mentioned Turkish clique of Erdogan, who, even internally under pressure, is committed to the outside break and try out new expansion opportunities, what worsens the whole situation here in a not unhazardous manner.

Turkey anyway is favoured for some time by U.S. imperialism. This applies not only to the Middle East, it is also true for Europe and especially for Germany. For some time, for several years, at least ten or more, this power is used also for infiltration, subversion and disintegration of the population structure in terms of U.S. imperialism with the aim of getting this country into the grip and, above all things, of bringing the structure down . This has had  many consequences, not all of which can now be treated in detail here. Recall, the so-called Caliph of Cologne and similar extreme machinations with the aim to institutionalize Islam here, with a devious double game having emerged unmistakably in which  the extreme right-wing forces in the state bodies (Office for the Protection of Constitution, etc.) are obviously playing a key role.

Currently, however, the focus on the direction of the Middle East is increasingly remarkable. And there just Erdogan drives on his special mischief. About two years ago he developed a strategy that has turned away from the Israeli Zionists, with whom he was keeping the closest relations before, to a certain antagonism towards them, towards other Arab countries, in order to  tinker  a kind of neo-Ottoman domination, naturally with the benevolent support of Obama, Hillary Clinton and the military shield. This is the constellation, which shows there currently in very unpleasant ways, driving up to mischief. In this light, the provocations can be seen that take place there, both violations of Syrian airspace, which have recently led to the shooting of a Turkish jet, and the current upgrade to the border with Syria on the part of Turkey, where they connect their threat manifested.

Meanwhile, within Syria primarily the U.S. imperialists as well as certain regional powers such as Saudi Arabia, support the so-called opposition and supply them with  weapons and infiltrate in this way, and on the other side, opposing powers such as Russia, which in Syria has its only military base in this region, tries to  maintains its influence and of course there is to to mention Iran, they are also trying to retain their influence in this country and expand if possible. This means that within this country Syria there is h a downright destructive confrontation between the different population groups, which contributes not at all to the solving of  any social problem in that country , but mainly serves to give positions to foreign powers, with total disregard for the interests of anyone in this Arab country, what can only be described as pretty criminal enterprise and what needs to be condemned.

This does not mean that in this country, there aren`t any contradictions between the mass of the population and the current administration. This should not be denied, of course, it is the case, as it is the case in all countries. In all these countries is lurking the class contradiction inside, the internal class conflict and foster the reactionaries who are trying to find their way out into destruction.

But that does not justify at all the whole imperialist nor the regional big power chauvinist ambitions, there to pursue their undermining and destroy the country. This must be condemned from behalf of  the international community, the international working class and the people of the world being interested in progression in all ways. It is neither in the interest of states in the Middle East, and certainly not the European countries, that there will be another devastating war to come, as for example the Balkan war has been at the end of the nineties, or even the Iraq War and other wars in this region, not forgetting of course the still ongoing war in Afghanistan, which is also kept at the boil constantly by various measures  in spite of contrary statements. A new edition in the Middle East must be absolutely avoided.

The countries of the Middle East, of course also Syria,  have the right to develop independently and to solve their own internal problems without foreign imperialist interference.

By this is of course meant that especially U.S. imperialism and the Turkish chauvinist clique of Erdogan, on the spot cease their infiltration and their aiding and arming of the so-called opposition there.

The Syrian people, no matter what religion, ethnic origin which belong to different parts, has a right to take their affairs into their own hands and to regulate them, without interference of foreign powers.

To be specific: all arms sales to that country, especially by the U.S., the CIA, the Saudi chauvinist clique as well as the Turkish chauvinist clique are to be stopped immediately! Only then can be seen what actually the majority in this country is considering as right and what  not.

The Russian imperialists have kindly to keep back. They do not have to exploit their military base there for running an intervention policy  in their own interest. The Syrian affairs, the question of the government of Syria, which one has to be in power and which one not, is the sole responsibility of the Syrian people themselves

If the opposition in Syria has  a different idea than the current government, then they should of course come out with it and submit their program, but actually a real program, leading to the development of the country, to another  kind of rule than  the present rule there and can provide help for this purpose. However, weapons and support from foreign imperialist and chauvinist forces should not be part of such. The latter could be forgotten. Just let  them present their social and economic program for Syria. Unfortunately, you can see nothing of this kind until now. At least it is not known.

Hands off Syria! This must be said to address all the imperialist powers. Concerned, above all, to the address of our own government, which currently constantly presents itself  in words  (yet) against an intervention there, but secretly provides such a clique as the Saudi Arabian one with Civil War weapons. This must come to an end, too!

For the self-determination of the Syrian people as well as all other nations (including the Palestinian of course) in the region!

Down with the reactionary imperialist intervention and chauvinist forces in these countries!

For the mutual consultation, support and unification of the revolutionary forces of these countries and of the European countries and of the countries all over the world!

Let us not allow the imperialists, in order to maintain the effort to keep their own domination and exploitation of people, once again to plunge the world into a war adventure, with massive destruction and decline of entire regions!

Who wants to prevent the imperialist war must support the revolution! And reveal both the imperialist and social-imperialist subversion and fight against it, or rather destroy it!

Hands off Syria! The fates of nations are decided by themselves!
And by the way, blood is on the hands of all reactionary ruling classes, and it is left to the masses of the world, what conclusions they draw from it.

We also appeal to the peoples of the world, to raise their voice decisively  against this imperialist drift in the Middle East, to prevent a renewed slaughter,  motivated and in the  heated by imperialist aims, with unforeseeable  consequences. On that task any opposition will be measured no matter from which  country. Not selfish interests of individual opposition forces in individual countries are required, often with indistinct thrust in class terms, but the interest of all peoples must ultimately be the yardstick.