Internet Statement 2012-23


Energy issues and war policy



Thank you, Mrs. Merkel! With your decision of May last year, to shut down on the spot nine nuclear power plants in this country and with handing them over to the  dismantling,  and, subsequently, in less time to banish completely  the generation of energy from nuclear power from this country , concerning this issue  you have propelled a whole country to the back of beyond. What the Greens have not dared to hope for in decades, you have done in a single coup. This will cost very dear for you and the whole country.


Energy is an essential question for any society, for any economy and for the standard of civilization in any society. This is abundantly clear and is obvious. If there is a stagnatiom in this matter or even a decrease, or a scraping together and  artificial price increase, or if that is forseeable, then, quite fundamentally, something is not working, and it then shows. Throughout the world, this issue continues to develop, only in Germany it doesn’t. In other countries they laugh themselves to death over this idiocy. And maybe not only that, but they would even be glad, because in this way, of course, they ascend on the competition scale, or otherwise are hoping to draw advantage therefrom.

Who will pay for that, by the way, of course this will be not you, but the masses, the population as a whole. Whether they will do so, if that can really be pressed out of the population with beatings and by brute force, that is still very much in question. This can even lead to consequences that are perhaps not forseeable now.


So far not a single politician has dared such boldness in this country, apart from  former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (now Gazprom), who has also gone into this direction, but not quite as "hasty". Currently there are also some other retired politicians, who can celebrate themselves like a "wise elder", who have determined the fate of the country here. Let's take Helmut Schmidt. What has he made  during his term? He notably introduced and massively promoted the  policies of massive relocations and thus at least objectively promoted the green movement massively. Structural unemployment, in other words, economic rejection of large numbers of workers in this country, long time without something compareable concerning its extent, and in the essence having endured untill today for millions, they  are a consequence of this bourgeois economic policy in this country, placed on the point by Schmidt.  But not only that.  Phenomena such as aging, infertility, etc. arise in part from these sources, they are certainly to be seen in this context and the implications for the country are not yet fully foreseeable.


To get straight to the point, directed to the so-called opposition in this country who have said all along that nuclear energy must go. If they possibly should be successors they will also have to deal with all these problems, and secondly, they certainly will not get out of this thing and will not be remembered in history as covered  in glory. On the contrary. Only in the future this fatal development will prove its full ramifications.
However, there are now more and more voices that are critical of this development and see its consequences and so far rightly demand that, for example, nuclear power plants are turned on again and this whole idiotic decision comes off the table.

SPD and the Greens, they are mistaken if they imagine that they come over it, that they do not have to do that. They will still get a very different wind blowing around their noses, if they should ever win any elections in the future and get into government.


That these things are not seen in their full consequence by the  majority of the population is because this whole country, like the other European countries, economically currently  floats on the wave of international exploitation, what causes on the other hand that certain consequences, are not fully coming to bear. But it is on the verge of changing. And the crash that will occur then will even be deeper.


"Deficit spending is inherent to democracy" – so it sounded recently when Helmut Schmidt spoke at Sandra Maischberger’s programme. Very true, he has hit the core. The bourgeois state needed the debt to mitigate class antagonisms and to uphold the illusion  that for the majority of the population existence is bearable in this society of economic exploitation and political oppression. With this objective, the whole debt has been promoted by the bourgeoisie, which by the way has increased comet-like under Helmut Schmidt's rule, since the year 1974 to 1982, and since then has risen even further to dimensions, where it is not at all predictable to redeem this ever. This debt has caused the deceptive appearance of an apparent tolerable existence in this country for the majority of the workers in which they conjured that one can get by here without decisive social struggle. That here one can benefit from the international exploitation of the own country, while the bourgeoisie generates the illusion of an acceptable life for the workers, and that one can get along apparently without class struggle, and the deceptive appearance is given that the struggle for socialism belongs to the past. This scam is currently exposing more and more  and threatens to break even completely. Due to the international development and the progressive crisis of the system of capitalist exploitation, which also increasingly stands out globally, so this deceptive appearance here comes to an end. In Europe there is already a huge crash , and no one knows how this development is still to be resided. It is not, because it is inherent to the laws of the capitalist system.


Not only is there the debt crisis, also the crisis of overproduction and the financial crisis, all this is interacting, and for the weakest economies their turn of course is the first. But surely no one believes that it will stop there, even if there will be the attempt to outrun them, as it is now increasingly emerging within the politics of this country.

Where gaps occur there is bribery by the state. This only works as long as the state can just uphold bribery accordingly, and this works only as long as the appropriate profit is coming in.  An economy that depends mainly on exports and believes that it is able to neglect or even to press down the internal market is just accordingly vulnerable. If it breaks, then let's see where the profits will remain. This does not work. Such criticism as it is practiced, is entirely justified in part. But countries like France, for example, also have no other solution, they are dealing with the very same principles and contradictions.


France has been at least, up to now, fairly sovereign in regard to the energy demand, in contrast to Germany, which in addition brings itself  into increasing dependencies by that.

 The one-sided focus on the export is something that doesn’t work, and it is already becoming apparent that it will break  because in other countries, for example China, the contradictions are aggarvating and the trend is on other ways than one, for example, that lets the sales of German cars increase on and on. This is  squared idealism and will have its corresponding disaster for these idealists as its consequence.

It has been variously proposed that in order to change the situation in Greece, there must be investment, including in the energy sector, so that there can ever arise again a reasonable   economy. Of this, however, there is nothing to notice, there's also no effort to do this. On the contrary, the ECB is active rather as a bad bank in Europe and buys government bonds beyond any limit. Where will it end, then? It's obvious that we will not have to wait long for the big crash.


By the way, there will be absolutely no change in this crash if Greece should be kicked out of the euro zone because also Spanish and Italian government bonds are now lazy, and French and German ones can also become lazy very fast.

There is a behaviour in this country as if they have it, but they do not have it. Corruption, bad practices, this is  common practice in this country, too. What is it, if conglomerates get the promise by government that they are getting money from the state for the increased cost of electricity , in order to buy the energy transition? Where does this money come from? It comes from the taxpayers,  it is forced out of the population. This is nothing other than what is practiced in Greece with the so-called austerity program, which is to be enforced by the pressing and bleeding of the population, rather than to invest there!



The different position basing on exports, which might now exist, that can change very quickly, especially if the importing countries suffer a break and can no longer import anything. Especially Germany, with its relatively large dependence on the European market is very vulnerable.

Aren’t they wasting hundreds of millions with a lot of major projects which are kicked into the long grass, too?  Take the transformation of the main railwaystation in Stuttgart, this project required first twenty years of "planning phase" until a single tree can be felled! Take the example of the so-called Berlin's main airport BER, a project that is not so unusual that it can not be overcome easily if not the almost incomprehensible corruption in the construction sector, coupled with corruption in the bureaucracy in Berlin and Brandenburg, would be in the way. One doesn’t need to go to Russia to find out what corruption can cause. Here with us you get it on the doorstep.


But Germany has it, it seems as if one can afford anything. One can afford not to produce any offspring, one can get it from elsewhere.
One can afford to postpone everything until the cows come home, that doesn’t matter as it pertains to the future generations.
One can afford to maintain green idiotism and to promote it until to the ranks of government, that doesn’t matter at all. Everything will be paid. And by whom it is paid? By other peoples, from other countries, and not least by the own polpulation. But they will not do it forever so they can be safe. The overall pressure is increasing. The pressure from the side of the masses on governments around the world is increasing.


And if some representatives of the ruling class here might think they would have still their well-developed defense industry with its excellent modern standards to latest level, ideal for the civil war, which you can then export to other countries - a concept that just recently was presented from the governments side as an "alternative" to the, not little controversial, Bundeswehr operations abroad! - Even that will not work in the long run, because these countries and these masses there will learn to deal with it, and also to defend against this. It just has no perspective for the bourgeoisie, not to mention the fact that it is a crime. [Note]


It's just too much, what  they allow themselves, as well as ist is too much, too, that for example in Russia there are still countless villages which  are almost not connected to the civilization because they have absolutely no reasonable access to traffic routes, streets, they have  muddy roads, etc. instead of  paved roads. It is equally impossible that in our country, the advanced form of energy is destroyed in favor of a completely vague, expensive, hard to practice and inefficient form, by littering the North Sea with loud wind turbines, where they still do not even know how the energy produced, which is produced in as minimal as it may be, will be transported to the areas of the country where it is needed. Absurdities beyond any limit, idiocy into the square, so that a few tycoons and bosses are stuffing their pockets and think they can bribe half the world! It must have an end in this country, as well as in Russia and around the world!



Editorial Staff  of Neue Einheit - Maria Weiß



[Note] The Bavarian arms company Krauss-Maffei, under the aegis of the federal government had business negotiations with Saudi Arabia for the delivery of a combat tank esspecially developed for urban fighting, with many hundreds of millions of dollars in gear. In the media there has not been much to read so far. On 12 August first appeared a longer report in the newspaper FAZ on Sunday, setting out in detail what the various "skills" of this civil war machine are. One should see these activities in connection with the smug grin of a Guido Westerwelle, who recently publicly demanded that one should still püt the (elected) Syrian President Assad to the Hague Tribunal!