Internet Statement 2013-22

Arab Spring - the other way round?

Maria Weiß 06/15/2013

The question is how are the current events in Turkey assessed?

There is some evidence that there is a kind of reverse Arab Spring. And insofar as there are large sections of the population, the Islamist government tired of their current tour, and everything related to it, so to speak, and now this time also want to express. This is not a proletarian movement there, that's a pretty broad, complex mass movement, especially the educated and very young (middle) layers, which suggests there exactly in this sense.

The RBB brought to yesterday an interesting interview with one, as it was called, business woman from Istanbul, which analyzed the following and at the some truth might be something: Many people there have had enough of the rather self-righteous and in a way also undemocratic, also in the bourgeois sense undemocratic and patronizing Erdogan government, but - as she said - not to say that though the other half of the population would not support them still, if there were elections for example. But the other half who do not want is so fragmented totally disagree among themselves as politically that they could put themselves in the place.

In Istanbul and probably in other cities especially in the last ten to fifteen years a very nice money aristocracy grew up, wealthy layers, certainly from Islam, and this rigid form thereof, like (again) would detach and another , more open society would prefer on the model of the West. Poking each other and you can imagine what forces in the West have for example in the promotion of such interest and direction, too, that they might sweep this current would-be rulers This might concern some of them. This must of course necessarily draw into consideration. It is also interesting that newspapers like the TAZ, its origin and dependencies so you know very well and who are looking in this direction, with a very powerful storm blowing with as pure and the other way things turn out.

A more ideal field for around stirring foreign powers can hardly imagine actually.

Certainly there are many good reasons to protest against Erdogan. But good reasons are one thing and what one pursues goals for yourself is another. And in the latter there is a lot still in the dark.

Turkey is not just any country. It is a key country in a key position in the crosshairs of imperialist interests in the Middle East. And therefore it is of course important what in which position this country is. Moreover, Turkey is also a NATO member country, which of course is especially for U.S. imperialist aspirations of importance. Therefore, the position of the government of such country is not important in this regard, nor, for example, whether the desire for their own benefits, the realization of their own interests, just as it has crystallized at Erdogan in recent years increasingly out, the interests of other powers there, for example of U.S. imperialism, contrary to or not. One can not ignore when assessing the current situation in this country.

It's currently overlooked the difficulties U.S. imperialism, and especially the Obama Administration currently has in this part of the world. Try of Foreign Affairs Kerry there to stabilize the influence of his tours again, are not exactly been successful. Others also show cross-grained, from Iran, but also other regional potentates. Therefore it is quite important to develop the direction in which, for example, Turkey. And this was definitely in the latter time not so sure. Not for nothing Erdogan is currently provided by certain media exponents with Putin and the Iranian rulers in a row.

This raises the question entirely, with all due respect and sympathy for the current mass movement, which is ultimately politically come out of it.

That Erdogan himself has very unpleasant side, you get not least in our country more than once felt. Recently at his local election campaign in 2011, where he dared to, first ever to run election campaign for the country of origin within the Turkish minority in this country and on top of that issue even recommendations, it is appropriate first of all, the Turkish language, i.e. to learn the native language and also disparage the second language of the country where you live, and above purely assimilation as a crime. That was pretty reactionary. And you can see what spirit is this child agent from already. That Erdogan now increasingly encountered in his country of appeal is not only very enjoyable but entirely justified. And yet, but it raises the question of the direction in which things develop. Because reactionary character or not - the opposition to its own population is also present in any case, in all of these states - the question arises, which give these international efforts and what not, and what they represent taken in this regard for themselves. If one looks, for example, that pressure is exerted in the direction of withdrawal from the United States and a replacement Erdogan by another ACP representatives, with certainty, that seems to come more to pass this one, and listen to the other side of circles of protesters that although Erdogan should disappear, but not necessarily the ACP, then you really know quite well who has been touched in the background. Mr. Erdogan has been quite ambitious own interests, and are not always in such a way that they like certain other imperialist (or regional) powers. For example, certain aspirations to political power sector to become more independent through the construction of nuclear power plants, should not just be worthy of support in the eyes of certain powers.

Undoubtedly, in recent years, with what kind of support whatsoever a strong modernization in Turkey took place, especially in the cities. This of course causes and deepens contrasts within the people itself, not surprisingly. That's just in a capitalist development always the case. But on the other hand are of course these modern achievements necessarily beneficial. This must not be forgotten. For example, if the current movement fights against another bridge over the Bosporus, at the same time, then that suits maybe the Green Party and other reactionary forces (not had nothing TAZ in the week as the main title "Welcome to RESISTANBUL") but such resistance is never in the sense of the majority of the population. And certainly is an alcohol prohibition not particularly effective against alcohol addiction, you should know that from experience. And that alone, Erdogan has advocated that families should have as three children, is not that a disaster is not nearly as one, such as the loss of population in our country. Here is the thing that is exactly on the head. In Turkey, more than 60 percent of the population is now under 28 years old, with us, the opposite is the case, we are almost 60 percent and the trend more than sixty years! This is really a disaster. With us, there is not a single child in many families, this often several dogs. This horror-disproportion you can see already nowadays everywhere. In contrast, the recommendation, but if possible to have at least three children, pure relaxation! Although of course it is not due for the head of state of a country, and certainly not under constraint. However, in terms of propaganda for the perversion, as it is in this country operated and promoted by the Greens for decades, even that is put into perspective. If the Greens should take root in the current movement in Turkey, as for example Cem Özdemir desires, then one can anticipate that it will be soon also in Turkey the so-called gay marriage for what the word is spoken.

Basically, you have to measure a movement, a mass movement of what a social content it has, because it shows whether or not it represents progress.

Brutal and cruel to progressive, rebellious movements in society are basically all the reactionary classes. But there are some who have additionally other methods, and that are those that destroy the company from within. And they are basically dangerous because it makes people from the inside broke and inhibits the development.

Mr. Erdogan is a reactionary, obviously in every aspect, and that includes, of course, and also the corresponding brutality, and mass hostility is not new, has become clear since the Taksim Square. That was about it before, but in some way more covered. And not only him, but the whole ACP, which was after all supposedly elected by over half of the Turkish population in the last election in 2011, is completely reactionary. And that's clearly not just since yesterday. But what is relatively new is that U.S. imperialism is not progressing in the Middle East, tangled on the contrary, and Obama has absolutely no concept of and therefore Turkey offers as a strategically important point to change things in their favour. And nobody would be astonished, after no progress in Syria, on the contrary tangled in contradictions and stuck basically, that he tries again. And Turkey is very obvious a starting point.

It is also clear why the total combined pseudo-Left is on Obama. Obama as head of the United States of America is also the supreme military commander of the armed forces under the U.S. and thus the world itself the supreme guarantor of the system of exploitation of the global system of exploitation. And this global system of exploitation just gives also the fake left and revisionists massive benefits.

Having now also come out that the U.S. simply operate not only military blackmail the world wherever they seem advisable and possible, but also worldwide spying - a thing that one but has anyway can think of and in the course, they by no means alone in this are, but it's always good to get direct evidence of how it actually works, since that's all become much more popular in certain circles, or not true about the latter? Most conspicuous feature is that there is no under which only force that really attack the types themselves, or attack the whole system fundamentally. You can wait a long time on it. While there are all sorts of reforms and tinkering here and there, and this and that, and embankments where it goes too far them, but the principle in question-points, which belongs probably to the past. The latter of course is not true, but if you follow the superficial impression, then you could suggest something. And the call-to-order certain regional potentates that come in their way, they do not bother. On the contrary, they applaud.

Anyway, it is very significant when related to the detection of global spying system by the CIA and the likes Braving no outcry by the left, but on the contrary, it is accepted as self-evident that this power presumes to postulate that just can be anything that they are safe (their system of exploitation) Vulnerable spied readily with good reason, and if appropriate also eliminated just by drone or otherwise. Or also happen as a prelude, in connection with internal execution, such as in Libya by fly zone. "Yes we can". This is the strategy of this power, this hegemonic power in modern times, in the present times. And I do not know that somewhere this is even really put principle into question. On the contrary, each new loop that power to go first into the trap that the Libya or Syria now or tomorrow another country (maybe the Turkey when Erdogan does not want soft), no matter it is tolerated or even supported. Why because of U.S. imperialism foryears puts so much emphasis on getting Turkey into the EU in? One can, however, think that if you look at what has a strategic location for this country in terms of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and other countries on the border into Asia.

"A nation can not be free, which oppresses another." This applies as before, and if you, for example in the Middle East draws the conclusion from it, then it is clear what needs to be changed there.

(Another important question would be time to investigate, who has been touched and pushed at all this whole guest workers' income vehicle in West Germany.)

One times one must see: class rule has always focused in the character of their military power. Proletarian international military force, for example, always focused in the recognition of the existence of rights and equality and the right to integrity and non-interference in the affairs of nations around the world. In this aspect it is important to question the current international balance of power and possibly to draw conclusions. And if some folks, too e.g. the Turkish people stand up against such military power, it is entitled. But they must then also do his by tackling the social contradictions. For this you need a social program, and however it may at the present movement in Turkey, of course, be no question at all. It is far more likely to express that they are inspired by the international military power, the USA, and it can not. On the contrary, they support the general driveling about democracy this global military power of the U.S. along with their suggestion, and it can never be something in the interests of the popular masses and peoples. The must see through you, and from it the appropriate conclusions are drawn.

The West German student movement of the 1960's years then chanted in many demonstrations also the slogan: USA-SA-SS. In it, put only denounce the methods of repression against the masses of the people and all nations by the U.S. imperialists and the realization that this U.S. imperialism, itself controlled fascist methods as a concentrated expression of class domination of international capital and this even itself in other encourages and supports countries through various channels, and has also done this in Germany (and does) to push the country in a direction and against revolutionary socialism and even off against other powers. At that time what was not quite clear, was the ecognition of the character of revisionism and that this very similar trends and methods pursued and prosecuted. This, however, has long since changed and today we know better where the counter-revolution in its various forms hides all over the world

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