Internet statement 2013-24


"Pragmatism" or what?

Maria Weiß  31.7.2013     

Recently the Pope, the new, made a statement about homosexuality. That was roughly in the direction of toleration and ended with the sigh, looking up: "Who am I to judge that?" Fine. Good. He cannot do something better to saw off the branch he, or rather his church, is sitting. For instance in the manner of Putin, who currently emphasise the Russian Orthodox Church to such an extent and shows himself at every opportunity with the Patriarch together, probably because he can not await that his own downfall, which will come anyway, will be even at the same time as the downfall of the Orthodox Church in Russia. Anyway, some representatives of the western bourgeoisie have already expressed such concerns. However, one must notice to the fact that they certainly have not so wrong, only that one must not fear this, but it is exactly the right development, rather this corresponds to the objective development. So every reactionary works in its own way, which may be sometimes different, sometimes even contradictory, it saw off his own branch.

The new pope is a Jesuit, and for this species it is characteristic that it can represent almost anything, provided it appears to them appropriate to serve its main purpose, to stabilize their own foundation. The trouble for them is simply that they sometimes can thus have a very short breath. Even Russian Tsars (old and new) in history have often taken full advantage of these special qualities of this species, for their infiltration attempts inside of other states. Well, Putin has just agreed to repeal his homo-paragraphs for the duration of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. It seems that here the pragmatism of the old secret service agent appears again. To each his own!