Internet Statement 2013-30 


Imperialist hands off Syria!
... "For they don’t know what they do"


The whole situation in the Middle East, both from Egypt to Syria to Turkey and Iran is a complex issue, and as always with complex problems, there are no easy solutions. It is obvious that a (Western) military strike is not such a solution, it does not need much time to reflect. It also raises the question: what then?

The Russian position is just too clear, especially since they themselves pursue even own ambitions in this region. That the alleged poison gas history is itself a provocation inspired by U.S. intelligence, in combination with some other potentates from around in the region, and with their intelligence, that is obvious. You just have to see who may have an interest in such a provocation, in the current situation there. The Syrian government itself, in the current situation, has the least interest in such an activity, which is also on hand.

The success of the recent military coup that took place in Egypt has naturally given a boost for other reactionary forces, both in the region and internationally. But to posit the opposite, that the scenario of the Arab Spring has become outdated as Assad should have put it recently in the interview with Izvestia is certainly not true. In some ways it would be even absurd, because the revolution in Arabia and North Africa has only just begun so right two years ago, and it includes people of all religions represented there from different social strata. How then one can say at once that this scenario be outdated? Rather, it is that reactionaries of various sides try to engage in this process, in order to draw the profit for themselves, turning it almost into a way acceptable to them. This is certainly true for the so-called West, especially U.S. imperialism, but also for other forces there, even for regional forces, not at least the Israeli Zionists are mentioned which have certainly seen at least with a laughing eye the coup in Egypt. More we must not speculate here. However, there is some concrete evidence that the eye is not only laughing, but that it also has a little more played a role. But other forces, such as Turkey with Erdogan, or Russia under Putin, they keep track of all in this region and their specific objectives in this regard have their respective performances. In a sense, countries like Syria have the misfortune of being with their position in the vortex of different rivalries, both local and international, they are threatened to be a victim of it. The myth that the so-called rebels in Syria were revolutionaries since long can already hardly be sold. But what forces are they really? Assad calls them "terrorists", which are mainly financed by Saudi Arabia. Including that in any case they are also agents that are instigated by other international or regional powers, to ensure there for provocations, is also likely to be beyond question. But not everything is covered with this, because in every country in this region, the internal resistance is coming, the masses are stirred up, which interfere and want to come to emancipation and better social conditions. Also the criticism of religion plays a role in these changes, quite. One can not ignore the fact naively.

So there is a complicated situation in the whole region, consisting of foreign interference by all sorts of rivalries of these sites with each other, as just before all things,
as the basis of it, the increasing pressure of the masses who are just endeavored to change their situation. This can be felt everywhere, and that is of course not at least also the case in Syria. It would be wrong to deny and would also certainly have no success in the long run, even if it should be possible to resist some currently prominent imperialist war threats.

Absolutely not, of course, this means that foreign powers could derive a right for themselves to interfere there. Of course, this applies to both: Western countries - including European as well as UK or France - which currently, once again, in this respect, perky excel, not least because they themselves feel threatened by their own internal problems, especially the capitalist crisis in Europe which they can not eliminate, as it applies to those countries as well, which now see their own potential threatened in Syria. What is pushing the French government for now, are especially their own internal problems, which are exacerbated further. Among other things this is also driving the British Cameron in this direction, simply because such a "little war" as the last in the African country of Mali, for all the two would be convenient. If they are not mightily deceiving this time!

By contrast, in Germany currently mainly the idealism is growing, fueled by a seemingly "safe" position, from an economic point. However, this is extremely hollow and not permanent, considering for example the conditions in the internal structure of this country, see the bankrupt municipalities and not to mention all of the demographic situation. The idealism therefore has not very long legs, but is likely to dissolve in quite a disaster, no matter which government is chosen as the next here.

Even the Obama administration in the U.S. has its problems, above all, it is pressed by the competition within. There were times, as you may have already noted scornfully, for example, whether the appointment of Chuck Hagel rather tantamount to introducing a Neocon-ian Horse in the Obama ranks. The military coup in Egypt almost immediately proceded under the eyes of this one, if not even in agreement with him. (See the interview with Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in the "Washington Post" on August 3, 2013) And immediately after this "success" began (re) incitement and provocation in Syria, concerning alleged chemical weapons use.

However, concerning Syria, there will certainly not be a "little war". On the contrary, such an intervention can cause a chain reaction. Many people in these countries desire for upheaval and revolution. But you can not say that the situation for the population overall has improved due to the change in Egypt. On the contrary, there have been another deep divisions, and in the economic field also preceded nothing substantial. So here again, still the bulk of the population creates pressure for change, and affects the responsible ones in their actions. In this connection, however, one should write it various forces into the family album, who consider themselves progressive, even in Iran for example, at that times, that the military coup in Egypt should encourage them to think of what can happen when one gets involved too much with other reactionary forces such as the Israeli Zionists or even U.S. imperialist forces themselves, in opposition to the reactionary own government, even if it is right to take advantage of contradictions among the opponents.

In any case, it is clear that a military intervention in Syria by U.S. imperialism or European countries, at present as well as in principle, not only is the worst possible solution, but is no solution. Besides the fact that this is a further imperialist crime and further suffering for the Syrian people and will bring about the destruction of the country, it is not to say that it would come off as with the Bush clique with their campaign of 2003 against Iraq, which was also justified by the pretext of alleged use of chemical weapons by Saddam Hussein, which has long been clearly turning out to be a lie. However, the destruction of the country and the people, of which Iraq to this day has not been able to recover, would be a similar crime.

The former situation, this is still to be added, is also in other ways not readily comparable to today. For the pretext of "Nine Eleven" has (in contrary to "Guantanamo"), now disbanded, it is certainly now not applicable concerning Syria , also because the imperialists blatantly have now gone over to make themselves policy with terrorism. Still less it is similar to the situation at the end of the 1990s. At that time Russia was, for example, even in a situation that was affected very strongly and directly by the collapse due to the revisionism and the resulting inner weakness. Today, the problems have gone on there, but the whole situation in Russia today is different than it was then. Therefore, it is very risky to bet on a fast strike, as then in Kosovo, but also at that time had the effect of further devastating strikes against Serbia, as now in Syria with a few quick air strikes of which is the speech, to get success. One can almost rule out that something like this will be the case. In Serbia at that time the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was even hit "accidentally" during an air attack by NATO. (Who knows whether the U.S. Defense Minister Hagel during his "lightning visit" to Malaysia and Brunei, which is largely suppressed in the local news, perhaps also has "advised" his Chinese counterpart about it and tried to convince him of the benefits of a "Hold Still" in terms of Syria.)

In any case, this war project must be decidedly encountered by the European side, which is currently threatening in a massive way from the U.S. imperialist side, and denied any support. And it must be stirred, however, especially among progressive forces, that such a thing is not even dared one more time.

Especially the "conformist" warmongering must be decidedly encountered as currently patters down in the German media where it does not matter if what they report corresponds to any logic. In American media, by the way, such an effort is not without controversy. If we in this country however every day witnessed how blatantly particular stations, both broadcasting and television, take on the war-mongering of certain circles in the U.S., or some above mentioned representatives of European governments, then that is more than questionable. Change black into white - that we had already several times, in fact, also in Kosovo with the NATO military action then for which in in this country the Greens have beaten the drum vigorously. But the current situation is different and the risks are different from those at that time. This should allow certain governments in Europe to let the matter go through their minds before they take over such a transparent procedure by the Obama administration in the wake of the U.S. neo-cons and in conjunction with their auxiliary minions in Britain and France and their open and secret "allies" in this country.

Group Neue Einheit
Maria Weiß August 28, 2013