Internet Statement 2013-32


The current course of war, as it is driven by the U.S. imperialists and the Obama administration in particular, threatens to become a boomerang for Europe

The "Day X" is too late!


Maria Weiß   09.09.2013     

The Obama administration is under intense domestic political pressure to drive a course of war against Syria. This is being promoted, above all, by certain parts in the United States, including the military, and they try to enforce it by all means. This course is based on extremely flimsy arguments, that the current Syrian government has reportedly caused the poison gas attack, which has not been previously demonstrated concretely by anything and will serve as a pretext to cover this country with war. Thus it is tried from USA-imperialist side to put pressure on European countries to follow this war course and, more or less, participate in it. This is an extremely dangerous undertaking, which may lead to unforeseeable consequences, and will certainly lead to that, because you can not assume that the Arab world will put it up without further notice.

As the recent steps show one tries to involve Europe in particular to participate in this course. Since Great Britain has already rejected that, from a variety of considerations, but France is all the more zealous going to be upheld because of domestic pressure, they now try to put Germany into the corner, trying to force this country on this line, by all means. The German government, however, would be very ill-advised to follow.

No one can foresee what will result from such an attack on Syria with bombardments by the United States imperialists. But one can hardly assume that in countries such as Iran or Iraq, and the other it will be put up so easily. Such an approach leads to immense complexities, including for the Government of Turkey, which is forced through the deployment of German Patriot missiles in this context, and thus Germany threatens to be drawn into it. The German government is very ill-advised to give in to present pressure.

What is supposed to come out here? What will the U.S. ever achieve with this bombing? They want to achieve, that the Syrian rebels are strengthened, which are largely undermined by forces that are themselves quite hostile to the U.S.? Or what shall come out of this? Do they believe that other countries in the Middle East, can be simply dropped? Far from it! They will not do this with certainty. The whole can therefore lead to a conflagration in the Middle East, which will have immense consequences, not least for European countries - France, Germany and others - participating in it. It is therefore quite reasonable that the German government is holding back in this regard. Yielding in the further, caused by the press among other things, would be a fatal mistake.

The Obama administration itself is under massive pressure, especially since they themselves are in a very bad position to solve the problems in their own country, and therefore they will be harassed by the conservative opposition for quite some time, massively, in the direction of war. It is all too logical that this also has international implications, for example in the direction of Europe. But it is the question of how the latter behaves towards that. Currently in Europe there is massive pressure in different countries, especially France, to seek the way out into another war. Which is bringing nothing however, because thereby the problems will be increasing instead of shrinking. Such a foreign war can only temporarily, for a short time, release the pressure, and after that one will be even more exposed to the pressure of the own problems, perhaps even in a stronger way. And this is especially true in this case because such an unwarranted intervention in Syria will massively exacerbate the problem of refugees on the contrary and the whole wave to Europe may increase to a massive extent, so that the problems surely can not be less in their own country. Quite apart from the fact that participation in such a raid on a third world country in the Middle East is a crime that can not be justified by anything. Even the attempt or rather the illusion to meet the pressure of Russia by such participation, is something that can also backfire.

None of the problems that currently exist in the Middle East will be solved, except that one will generate again burned areas as , a few years ago, the Bush administration in Iraq, which in reality can boil up the contradictions there even more. No one can assume, for example, that Iran will be pleased by that. No wonder, the Israeli government itself is divided towards such an approach. They might certainly see that it could be directed against them and be across their own plans, which does not mean that they themselves have not yet perverse plans in mind, and some of them may prefer that the people themselves slaughter each other.

The problems that exist in this entire region will not be solved in any way. It is simply naive to assume that such a "quick war" will bring about simple solutions, as some people might have imagined, as perhaps it appeared to Hollande in terms of Mali, where it appeared to to have been beneficial. What is going to be undertaken here is of a different caliber. One has to do with states that have a thousand year old history and culture, and above all have their own will to live, and they will also be able to enforce this. Not to mention, what kind of international coalitions also stuck there behind it. One can not assume, for example, that Russia will be inclined to let its presence in this region be reduced by the U.S. yet. This is nonsense. Therefore, it is completely unknown what will become of such an attack as it is now impelled by Obama and the forces behind him. For these reasons, a hesitancy of Angela Merkel in this regard is quite understandable, and it speaks volumes about the corruptibility of the local media when they try to make it ridiculous. Fatal is that this woman is not able to stand by what she has started, but is always inclined to perform a U-turn at the appropriate pressure. What, however, reveals not only her weakness, but also the weakness of the whole German bourgeoisie. So other forces must emerge here and use their influence. In demand in this country and throughout Europe is an anti-war coalition that attempts to confront to this criminal and reckless war intentions. Forces are needed which not only overlook one step, but also the next steps that are needed in the following. Supposedly, the Social Democrats and others in this country are also against this war. But what are they doing about it? Of this there is not much to remember. And the Left Party with Putin in the back, it will not be worth too much. So on what one can rely here at all?

The pretext character of the so-called poison gas attack, which allegedly took place in Syria is all too clear. Until now, no one can prove it or does not want it, what forces abetted by which international potentates ever have brought about that. The Syrian government, of the whole situation here, even at the very least has an interest to commit such a crime. This is actually quite obvious. Nevertheless, this is ignored and pushed aside and one deceives oneself, allegedly because there one has to be active aside the USA. This is by no means true. There are certain points when you have to say no. This is essential both for their own position as well as for the further development. What good is a European consensus, a so-called ally France, if he pulls you into such a position because of internal pressure ? It is really clear that such a thing can only backfire.

It is already obvious that currently the opinion of the majority of their own population is simply ignored in all those countries whose governments rely on this war coalition. And that is always very dangerous. European governments should insist that clear evidence is provided that the Syrian government is ever responsible for these crimes itself, unless they have taken place at all. And even then, the question arises whether this justifies external intervention, whether or not it is better left to the Syrian people themselves to deal with it. And even if the Syrian government would be responsible in this case because of self-interest, this still begs the question of who is entitled to hold it accountable and to put forward the resistance against them. If one does the latter it definitely strengthens his own position, while on the contrary, if you give in, so you provide yourself the pretext for being attacked yourself in the further.

Europe, the European states are only one factor for the U.S. in their international war calculations, which they are willing to abandon, when appropriate, if it seems opportune to them internationally. This is also reflected in the fact that a number of European states, rightly, are not pleased with this present war machinations. This should be considered in decisions about whether they can be involved or not.                            www.neue-einheit.d