Internet Statement 2014-18


On the attack on the Malaysian passenger plane and the Israeli aggression on Gaza


The current escalations in Ukraine as well as in the Middle East are reflecting a significant intensification of the contradictions between the various imperialist cliques in the world. This is recklessly discharged at various points on the heads of the masses of people, putting severe criminal acts and massacres on the agenda.

Our organization strongly condemns the criminal attack on the Malaysian passenger plane - no matter who is responsible for this attack and the killing of almost three hundred passengers. At the same time, we condemn in the strongest way the Israeli attack on Gaza and the de fakto resulting massacres of the local Palestinian civilians, which caused already countless innocent victims, including especially many infants.

Backgrounds in both cases and at both points are extremely complicated problems, which can be treated and resolved only with the cooperation of the respective civilian population.

Under no circumstances the respective ruling forces can derive a right for themselves to practice the exact opposite, as it is done currently.

In our view, in the Ukraine it should be taken into account, that there are different groups of the population with different historical experiences and aspirations of belonging. Under no circumstances these should be sacrificed to the interests of domestic and foreign beneficiaries and profiteers, as it currently seems to be the case. Perhaps the federalism which was brought into the discussion is an approach to come to a solution.

In the conflict between Palestine and Israel, going on for many decades with countless victims, the solution in our opinion ultimately will only be the establishment of a secular state, a political system where the various sections of the population with their respective religious orientation and ethnic origin, and also those without any religion, can live together with equal rights. As long as whichever ethnicity or even religion dominates the political system, this would be unthinkable. The current state structure of Israel has been launched by imperialists and "realized" by fascists in bloody ways. As long as it is maintained, peace and progress in this region will be out of the question.

In the end only a revolution can be decisive there to force the elimination of the social splitting. However, already now - and that needs to be strengthened in any case - a decisive pressure of all progressive people can be built up, not only in the region but also by the people in Europe so that at least any racism, from whatever side, will disappear there. In the end, it once has worked also in South Africa then.

Group Neue Einheit  -M.W.

Translation from the German original



 A Palestinian baby Abdullah Abu Halib, wounded during an Israeli airstrike, is treated at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis"

All that is left of the Nawasrah house in Magazi after it was bombed by Israel. The strike killed Salah Nawasrah, 23, his four-months-pregnant wife, Aisha, and his two nephews, Nidal, 4, and two-year-old Mohammed.
Demonstration in London Juli 19, 2014