Internet Statement 2014-22


The International Red Cross, is it now also acting as a lackey of imperialist rivalry?

Maria Weiss    08/13/2014     

What sense it makes that this aid convoy is not allowed to enter from Russia, or that it is not confirmed? This is only adapted for better pushing forward the preparations for war in Europe in a very extreme way. Apart from the fact that it in fact the population in eastern Ukraine is held hostage in a very stark way.

There ye have made ​​a catch with Kiev, that needs to be said to the European governments. This gradually looks more like a cuckoo of the United States imperialism, and not like something that really benefits Europe. And it also benefits neither Poland nor the Baltic States in the way that they benefit from more NATO protection, if they might cherish illusions. Not at all! They could be the first casualties in a war with Russia. Therefore, they should unite rather stronger and help the deeply torn Ukraine to regain some kind of political unity. This mutual teasing, however, and putting each other under pressure, that is not useful at all in such a direction. This benefits only those forces that cause unrest in Europe to their advantage.

One must, nevertheless, also see the following aspect: who actually was always further advancing towards the east. in the last 20 to 25 years, was that Russia? Putin alone? No, it is the West, mainly pushed by the USA, NATO has advanced towards the east. And you can imagine that something like this in the long run will not be not without counter effects, on the other side. Even the collapse of the Soviet Union itself, which of course was mainly caused by internal causes, also has something to do with it. If things had been going according to the wishes of the United States imperialism in the 1990s, then Russia would have been systematically destroyed, much more extensively than it was already caused by the revisionist forces itself. One would leave the population to starve, the country would have been wiped out piece by piece, and they had preferred to completely subjected it to imperialist competition. That this has not happened in this scope, that depends, among other things, to internal forces in Russia that have prevented this.

Instead of a survey of the causes of the collapse, rather than a criticism of revisionism and of social-imperialism of the Soviet Union, Western propaganda has announced, then: material welfare thinking, personal advantage, greed, shallow approach to social issues, etc. - more or less superficial stuff. And one has then also immediately seen what that has done. I will by no means regret that due to this process eventually and finally the restoration of German unity has come about. But one must not overlook the fact that the intrinsic quality was adequate.

The current Ukrainian leadership itself also blackmailed the West, in their own way. According to the motto: either you give us the Money we need, or the result of our policy will perhaps not be so successful for you. This is also a very bad dog roll that is shown here by some of the leading forces of the day, and it shows that, overall, such a conception, such an approach can not work. If you look at European countries, their inner situation – if you only take once France, Greece anyway, Spain or Italy - then you see that the whole concept of the imperialist-capitalist system in no way works well, but that there are deepest cracks and distortions , and that for example the IMF, it is not even able to save it in the long run, and not other of its installations. On the contrary, it will cause the resistance of the masses everywhere, and thereby it may be that Germany this time really is the last link in the chain, and so it looks at present, unfortunately. What is meant is, of course, a chain of revolutions.

(What took place in 1989 in the GDR, you really can not fully describe that as revolution. It was at best a kind of controlled revolution because the arrangements in the background have played a not insignificant role. Had that not been the case, had it probably developed towards a real revolution, the West itself of course had not agreed. Of course today you can see much more clearly than at that time, that's always the case when you stuck in the situation there, then you can not have the complete picture, since you do not know exactly how it will continue to evolve.)

Very slowly, but clearly visible, the German bourgeoisie moves back towards war

The propaganda game is always the same: first the same forces are supported and nursed which then practice the alleged genocide, (see for example the so-called Syrian opposition or even Islamist forces in Iraq) and then the military intervention is justified under the pretext that one now must prevent the "genocide" of other groups there, which is now allegedly practiced by the very same forces that have been previously supported, for example now against the Kurds. And the baiting will be systematically pursued that there Germany may "not watch", being no taboo there in terms of demagoguery.

Now it is said for example: we send only the military equipment and tools, the USA however is throwing the bombs. We can not, however, allow that further, a CDU politician was today brought early by the Info radio station. According to the motto: Germany must itself provide practical military aid, itself participate in war, allegedly to prevent the genocide there, which was directed and stimulated by the United States itself before. Let's see if Mr. Putin for this purpose perhaps will come up with something, like e did last fall concerning Syria. But Iraq is not just Syria, and certainly not the Ukraine. And that's why you will probably wait in vain for that, this time.

That such a warmongering, promoted by all means, of course has its impact, to weak forces, hat is obvious. Even politicians of the so-called Left Party are about to review their position. Gregor Gysi can be heard, that one could not let this genocide happen, and one can not accept , however, that even Israel is threatened! Especially the latter is very interesting if you take the massacre of Palestinians as an example, just once again committed by them in Gaza - or should it perhaps rather be called "genocide", too.

Yes it is true, European states are going badly, France, for example. This obviously motivates Mr Hollande to raise his finger for participation in the war in Iraq. Germany is (still) not going bad, but it will come, for here the crisis is producing deeper furrows. But participation in such a war, an imperialist war, launched by the US (or others) against other people, that's no way out! On the contrary. It will even boost the resistance in their own country. And we have to work for that, all progressive forces must work for that.