Internet Statement 2014-23


In Europe the opportunism extends to the highest state leadership

Maria Weiss  Aug.16, 2014    

If you listen to the omnipresent media war cry, then you almost can be sick of it. We do not need a Crimean war nor any other war in Europe, Mr. Rasmussen.

Ukraine should try to solve their own problems, also the problems with Russia, but not instigate a war in Europe, about an American detour. The permanent pressurization or, rather, the constant playing with fire by means of dubious actions and advances that must have an end. This only diverts attention from the internal problems. That's not fair to Europe. Let them see that they themselves come clear with their problems. Then one can see how one can help them. But so it all backfires. And if certain European States even give them support, it is so much the worse.

Well, Mr. Poroshenko, you have promised to your people that it will be better under your government, and for that, and for nothing else, a large part has voted for you. Then, be so kind as to try hard, rather than avoiding this permanently, by means of distraction and military actions. However, your concept seems to be quite unambitious in this concern, if it is, above all, to reach a NATO special membership, as it was recently in the media, otherwise it reveals in fact more or less zero ideas, in terms of economic development. Recently, the IMF and rating agencies have declared the economic status of the country as scrap again. How do you want to counteract this? With support services for the United States imperialism? Thank you, you can forget it! When you start an uprising, then you should know what you want to achieve, and you should also be able to, and not speculate that another foreign power thereafter takes the Bulletin out of your hand, and then performs the policy as it sees fit. This is really a poor image, apart from the fact that you are cheating the people with it!

If one currently looks at how some European governments are hastily eager in complete irresponsibility: "Oh yes, we also supply weapons", and how they ultimately instigate a fire of war with disastrous consequences, then this is completely unacceptable. Mr. Hollande, for example, because he is not very successful in the interior, in his own country, and also because he himself cannot provide a conception how he wants to solve his own problems. And others are also inclined to that, Italy for example, or even the UK. That is completely unacceptable. So they cannot proceed. Governments of this kind have nevertheless long since filed the judgment about themselves, resign. Our own government under Merkel holds still back, but they already signaled that they are also willing to go in this direction.

Throughout the history, unfortunately this is not the first time that certain European governments evince a completely irresponsible and mindless behavior. This must be countered. You can not start "a bit of war" under the present conditions. This does not work. That did not work even in the past for several times - scarcely one needs to recall here the two world wars - and that does not work always today. Therefor we have to prevent them if possible. One has to confront the United States imperialism, which is thinking that it could here in Europe instigate a little bit something as an exercise, so to speak, until they then swing back for big impact in the Pacific. This is however out of the question. The peoples of Europe, and the States should, however decidedly fight back, and they should rebuff those governments, which tend to let themselves be seduced. Governments such as those of Hollande are actually long unbearable. Cameron is another example. And Merkel, who only still grins and otherwise joins in everything you can also forget. But maybe she would indeed prefer to compete in 2017 in a charred, destroyed, poisoned and deserted Europe - for Federal President.

However, it is more likely to assume that the mass of the population in our country, as well as in the other European countries, will not tolerate this, that Europe will not tolerate this, but ultimately, and hopefully not too late, will stand up against that. And towards Ukraine must be objected: For what reason did you actually chase Janukovitch if you tolerate, that the present government acts as stupid and maneuvers just as bribed - merely from a different direction - and tramples on the population! One should not capitulate in face of stupidity and irresponsibility, but must stand up against that again if necessary.