Internet Statement 2014-26

Weapons for the Kurds?

Maria Weiß  August 28, 2014    

The so-called ISIS-fighters - that has become undeniable - are largely mafia-like, fascist elements, which were collected and raised from all sorts of reactionary states , coming from the Middle East and Europe, as well as from all over the world, under the guise of the religion of Islam, to drive here and there their fascist oppression, or rather to act as the agents available for this purpose, in the spirit of extreme reaction in these as well as in other States. They are recruited mostly out of the swamp, of the pauperization especially in large cities, from discarded social strata of capitalist society, who neither hope for employment nor any perspective, and very often do not actually have, and drag them close to them. Whether that happens in Europe or in Arabia is of secondary importance. Capitals of European countries such as London, Paris and Brussels have become a busy recruiting ground for ISIS.

But also in Germany there are already such occurrences. For many years, in southern German cities of Baden-Württemberg, also in Frankfurt am Main, but in Northern Germany too, and also in NRW and other federal countries, there is already the phenomenon of so-called Salafists, whose activity is quite notorious for a long time also in this regard, but by the federal government they have not been prosecuted or, let alone, restrained, and so it is also at present. Why not? Merkel was recently quoted that indeed in Germany there are already hundreds of so-called ISIS-fighters, who are going to the Middle East and there, in the ranks of ISIS for example, are busy in order to oppress and persecute other religious and ethnic groupings, as above all of the Kurds, what is just one reason for the federal government now to support the latters with weapons. During one of their meetings of Eastern European countries, she organized today, she has also stressed that very strongly, according to the radio station RBB. It was also said that these so-called fighters would afterwards be sent back to their countries of origin, possibly with a lot of money to continue their criminal activities here. Everyone had, so to speak, a moral obligation to act against that and to support the Kurds there with weapons.
I beg your pardon! What kind of logic is that? Against the recruitment of such elements, for example also in our country, nothing is done, or very little. I do not know that, anyway, the mentioned machinations of the Salafists in this country are subject of any restrictions. And if such people have then been active also in Syria with an official backing, for example, as fighters "against the Assad regime" up until more than a year , then this was almost unbearable. But it is even more absurd now that the official policy has taken a U-turn and no longer wants to support the ISIS-fighters, whether directly or indirectly, but now wants to support rather other forces there, such as the Kurds. Since then it means that you just had to fight those now, using weapons, that have been previously supported, more or less, directly or indirectly, and who knows what else will be planned in sequence or can be done in a tight spot.
Such reversals are hard to bear. You can not really understand that, unless one recognizes as the highest principle, maximum kowtowing before the big overlord (you know who is meant). Well, there have been other examples of such reversions. The keyword "Fukushima" should suffice here.
Really, that will not do, Mrs. Merkel! So you get very quickly the whole country into an extremely precarious situation, and in addition other European countries, perhaps even the whole of Europe. This can very easily end up in a war coalition, which has neither wanted the population in our country, nor absolutely any talented person with reason here as well as in the other European states.