Internet Statement 2014-31


              The USA - a state under the rule of law?


Maria Weiß   09/11/2014     

If you read the recent speech of the President of the USA Barak Obama, then you must surely wonder not a little about the bluntness when he prides himself because of the targeted "killings" of so-called Islamist leaders by American drones, everywhere in the world, and he takes claim of this as a self-evident "right" and even more, he also announces further actions of this kind. One should once realize what is actually happening here.

With the greatest naturalness, a government arrogates to itself there, without any specific charge, let alone evidence in a trial, "to liquidate" individuals of whom it assumes (whether justified or not was here first undecided), that they might intend to attack or otherwise to commit any criminal act against the American government or individual citizens. So perhaps this may seem justified in some cases, thanks to a ubiquitous Sisyphean work of their, constantly and everywhere, globally active intelligence - but this is not a proof! Not even a "criminal action" because of an already proven fact! That obviously has nothing in common with so-called constitutional methods.

Therefore, one has to wonder what practices that actually are, and that since the first spectacular actions of this kind in 2011, when the Islamist leader Osama bin Laden, under the mocking laughter of a part of the U.S. government, was liquidated in Pakistan by a US military command, and was then catapulted to the bottom of the Arabian Sea; and what "empowered" this nation, to take such actions without a corresponding outcry in the international public. The same applies to the action against Libya.

Arbitrarily they claimed for themselves, at any time, without any specific charge, let alone a demonstration of evidence, to clear away any people all over the world. Is that democratic? Does it have anything in common with legal standards?

What has legitimized you to proceed in this way? Perhaps the American people because of the crime of 9/11? That would be a very thin ground, which withstands neither own standards, let alone the international ones. Except that in this case actually exists proven personal responsibility. Whether this was the whole reason is written on a different sheet. The international community that you like so much to take claim for yourself, and you do it on each occasion, was not asked for the drone murders that have become common in recent years. Who legitimizes you then? Perhaps the World Bank or Fed? Likewise, I would not immediately assume that. Or is it because you are under pressure and you are hell-bent to provide so-called "successes" in the so-called war on terror? That would be extremely poor. And by the way. Just imagine if Mr Putin or any other head of state would also do such a thing? The chorus of proponents of a punitive expedition, not only in Europe, would be deafening.

The fact that something like that has not the least in common with the rule of law, is obvious. Even those Nazi war criminals, which you could find after the Second World War, were sentenced to death in public trials, rightly, after they were proven responsible for their crimes. But what is practiced by the Obama administration, has nothing to do with evidence or application of public law, but here is a kind of a "law of the jungle" officially justified by the highest authorities. Imagine only once the media chorus of protest in the Western press, if from Russian or Chinese side something of this kind would not only be practiced, but would also officially be praised.