Internet Statement 2014-32

              On the present ban on IS


Maria Weiß 09/12/2014    

Taking responsibility on the side of the United States in the Middle East, really? That's a joke. Assuming responsibility would mean long since in our country having banned the Salafists and to pursue this whole band in a corresponding manner. Now, however, the bourgeoisie in this country is not so stupid, at least parts of it, that it does not see what dangers are posed by this type of Islamism / Salafism, and that it is precisely leading to such a recruitment for IS and the like, as it now takes place, and by no means only since yesterday. This is running here at least for several years and up to now it has developed unmolested.


Well, you can can see that in the way that, just so far, we were having the wrong government, which has been tolerating all this, yes, that has been working with zeal to overlook all of that studiously, as much as possible. But now, apparently, it has got a boost - we guess: maybe it was the overlord of the other side of the pond? - And at once, forthwith, a ban there. No prohibition of the recruitment group, but merely a ban on the target group, the so-called "Islamic State", so far outwardly barely visible in our country, which has actually operated here only occasionally. But it is now in the crosshairs of the Overlord, because he wants to get an excuse again to deploy military in Iraq and Syria, and to attract also European countries there to drag them in it, for example Germany. A first step has already been successfully made, thanks to Merkel's pragmatic understanding of democracy: Now we already deliver weaponry to the Kurds in Iraq. Let's see if it really sticks to it. The pressure on the German government to participate with soldiers - now as an immediate war party - is great. It will be interesting to see whether, in face of that, the current German Foreign Minister will possess as much steadfastness as his predecessor.


The propaganda of the so-called Salafists, both on the Internet and on the streets of German cities, has hitherto freely take place, and, apparently, there is no intention to change it.


If you read through their refined backward-looking reactionary stuff, then you really get the idea to say: Arabia needs something like a "French Revolution", a kind of a cultural revolution, one that transforms throughout the thinking of the people there in the direction of materialism. But the next thought then immediately will be: Yes, would it be so simple! Because this stuff is based on firstly the degeneration of the capitalist-imperialist system especially in the West, it is linked with it and attempts, "to cook a soup of its taste” on it. It attempts to provide with the much-vaunted, and in the same time insulted, so-called "inner values​​", which are however lost to the latter system, or more specifically, which have been destroyed there. On the other hand it also is based on the manner in which society works in Arabia, how the economy works, and what the latter is based on. And once there are to count at present mainly the mineral resources, the mineral oil, what there brings the financial windfall for the ruling classes on which they are counting and what prevents them from fully developing the economy by themselves, also in other fields [Note]. If you did this then it would transform the whole society to a considerable extent. And it would also affect people's thinking in a materialistic, critical direction. Surely this is already happening even now in its infancy, and the resulting social pressure is growing from day to day, particularly in the female part of society. The pre-breeding of such extreme "religious" backward-looking Muslims, such as the Salafists and similar groups, is an expression of contrary motion. They are used for the rulers as a means to trap the social, revolutionary pressure from below and quasi immure it in a system that they are controlling and which they use themselves for their reactionary purposes. At the same time it serves them as a kind of leverage over foreign powers, which are fishing there in troubled waters, for example, the United States and others, which in turn try themselves, to exercise pressure over that channel on different regional governments in Arabia and Iran, or even Turkey in order to to influence the development for their purpose.


Looking after supporters in this country, especially among the young or very young population, even among the German, serves a similar purpose. It has long been more or less ignored by the current and the previous government of this country, although the activities of these forces were obvious in some parts of the country and have caused damage. There were also many complaints from concerned parents, but these were mostly left alone with it. Officially, nothing happened. That should not be so. Such recruitment swamp also must be addressed. If this does not happen and there is only action against the alleged "potentially violent”, then again and again new successors will be raised.


The reasons that such a phenomenon can spread out and can find followers, as the so-called Salafists, both in our country and in other European countries - we take only the example of France - are clearly social in nature. They are associated in Europe with the already above mentioned features of the capitalist-imperialist system, together with all its corruption and venal mentality of different social layers at all levels ranging to the lowest circles, in all these countries. Without this knowledge gaining ground and bearing consequences also among the left nothing can be changed, but right-wing forces will, as in France, draw the profit. We should not let it come! The next crisis, however, will wash them up anyway.


However, it is typical for the bourgeoisie - not only in our land - that in their eyes solely the so-called violence is the decisive factor, but not the contents which is represented, though one really cannot be separated from the other. Indeed, recall the times of the so-called Caliph of Cologne, a representative of the Turkish version of extreme Islam, who could represent unmolested his goal in this city for a long time to make a caliphate from it until, finally, however the state government of NRW was at the end of patience, and they threw him out of the country. Recall also the so-called RAF in our country, which at the beginning of the seventies could represent for a long time the most reactionary ideological garbage, whose practice was it - violent actions, deeply hostile to the masses, up to very targeted killings of individual representatives of the bourgeoisie, by means of which various factions of the international bourgeoisie tried to undermine each other out of the background - which earned them the official attention and persecution by the bourgeois state, the latter always with a glance towards revolutionary groups of that time, the prosecution of which in truth, so to speak, stood behind the scenes at the spearhead of the bourgeoisie, and they also got to feel it permanently. One can assume that behind today's "Islamists" in truth quite different forces are targeted by the bourgeoisie. To deny this would be typical for revisionists, as they in the past did not want to admit this and betrayed the revolutionary forces.





[Note]: But where they do have a certain production or construction activity, people from other countries, mainly those of the Third World are brought into the country, for the most part especially for the really hard physical work, and under unspeakable and completely lawless conditions they have to toil, the corrupting effect of such measures does not fail on their own population. Especially Saudi Arabia (which is gladly being supplied by our own bourgeoisie and will be with anti-riot weapons and equipment such as a certain type of tanks) and Qatar have international been brought to the pillory, especially in recent years in this regard. However, nothing of this kind has been prevented or been answered with "sanctions". On the contrary, last named country was recently officially "whitewashed" by a "magnitude" of the international sport federation. back to the text