Internet Statement 2014-36




The double dealing trickery in Ukraine is bad and directed against the population


Maria WeiƟ 11.13.2013

Who actually is bombing Donetsk? The so-called rebels in eastern Ukraine? Probably not. So the Kievan army is already more likely the one to do it, because they have taken up the cause not only to conquer the city back, but the whole area. However, this does not fit with their constant claims that the rebels allegedly are breaking the ceasefire.

On the other hand, on the side of the rebels there are also divisive tendencies and an inclination towards the Russian side. The situation is complicated. One thing you can say for sure: it's always at the expense of the population of Ukraine, in the West as in the East, which currently has little chance to tackle it successfully. Unless they act independently and rise up to fight against this evil game, which takes place over their heads, if necessary also by force of arms. This is hardly to be expected in the current situation.

Currently more realistic is the assumption that the respective international counterparties, imperialist as "neo-social-imperialist", will succeed in even further tearing apart the country and either to bump it into a war of attrition with unpredictable consequences for the whole of Europe, or to degrade it at the mercy of selfish deals. When the former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, for example, in a recent interview with a German magazine revealed that Europe needs a "peace of Westphalia", then you but ask what he means, whether with or without a "prelude " of thirty years, in which, according to his own words, a quarter of Europe's population lost their lives through starvation, disease and armed violence.

But Ukraine needs an independent development that aims at rebuilding the country on their own and with their own resources. This requires neither NATO nor the IMF nor Putin's wings and his suffocating embrace. By the way, no Chinese will be needed, who are eager to buy up the agriculturally suitable soil in Ukraine for their own purposes, one can use this ground very well for own purpose.
Today he world is complicated, and as Mao Zedong already said : after great disorder comes great order. There is therefore no reason to lose heart and to subordinate to reactionary pressure. Ukraine has a right to develop independently! Like any other country in Europe and around the world! Let us show the limit for imperialist intervention! Also oligarchs in their own country, by the way, at best are only welcome if they respect this principle.


Translation from the German original