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(Not only) Russian arbitrariness and high-handedness - yesterday and today



Maria Weiß 04/29/2015    

Sometimes you really wonder: what drove the Russians, or rather, what drove the government of the former Soviet Union in 1990-91, that it allowed to happen the division of the whole country, when we see how brazenly and fast nowadays Putin himself has appropriated the Crimea again, a part of such a state, the former Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, now for almost 25 years a sovereign state. Well, Gorbachev at that time probably did not seem really able to do anything against this division - if he wanted it at all - because soon there was the Yeltsin coup in the summer of 1991. And what was the result? The Soviet Union fell apart and the individual Soviet republics mostly gained their national independence, including Ukraine, Georgia. Chechnya was forcibly prevented, in two wars, Belarus got it, although there are certain restrictions to make. This whole process is quite remarkable. That was a real collapse, not a collapse of socialism as some still argue, socialism no longer existed since long before, but it was the collapse of the revisionist social-imperialist system, which had officially started its existence with Khrushchev, and was further practiced by Brezhnev and his successors with revisionism inward and imperialism abroad, which also was not appreciably altered by Gorbachev and his reforms (or mini-reforms). For this purpose, it would have required a genuine revolution, which was obviously not possible then. The result of this development is what we see today: an intensified rivalry of today's rest-Russia, also known as the Russian Federation with the USA, and especially in the following more or less also with countries of the European Union or even the EU, which develops outwards as a whole, and from which currently a real risk of armed conflicts is resulting. How should one deal with this problem? How can the peoples of the various countries or groupings of countries solve this?

The solution can only be, ultimately, a new revolution in all these countries. But that may take a little longer. What can be done do until then? What can be done at present to address this rather dangerous situation?

Ukraine is currently threatened by the division of the country. But how to solve this problem? To deny the Russian roots in this country, the Kievan Rus, as well as the close connection and coupling with Russia, especially of the East of the Ukraine, this is not going well. To deny the present interests for independence of the whole country, this also does not go well. So how to solve the problem so that it meets the interests of all of the parts, and that it benefits everyone? That seems almost impossible currently. Unless by a popular uprising, a revolution from below, because the regimes are corrupt everywhere, not only the Russian clique, there it is obvious, the current Ukrainian clique that is currently there in power is no less corrupt, at least as regards their state apparatus. Moreover, one should have no illusions. The problem just can really only be solved through a revolution from below, a revolution of the people of Ukraine against these different cliques of ruling exploiters and their international supporters. However, this requires a concept on the part of corresponding leading powers, and, unfortunately, one cannot find much of that kind at present. The Communist Party was banned by the current regime. However, we do not know whether this party was based on the old revisionist system, or whether it has criticized this system. However, it is the same as in many other countries. Not at least in our country, in Germany, where the ruling class currently wallows in idealism and reverie, and they think that they have gained the jackpot with Merkel. Well, they might deceive themselves.

Greece, currently the weakest link in the chain of European nations, is threatened by economic and financial ruin. Which raises the question of how it could at all be prevented yet. Of course, the current Greek government tried to maneuver around a bit, and, for example, to put pressure on the forces fleecing them from the EU and the international ones of the IMF and the ECB, by some flirtation with Russian financiers. It is unclear whether they will succeed. Probably not.

Similarly in the Ukraine. The current Ukrainian government has no recognizable concept for the country. They hope for money from the West, as a reward, so to speak, for what has been accomplished. But what have they actually done? The division of the country, together with its counterpart, the East Ukrainian so-called separatists, those with Russia in the back. This is really a convincing performance! This will not do. So there is no perspective for the Ukrainian people in this country. But they have no idea what they want to do, except wanting to receive IMF loans. What will happen with the latter? The various rivaling cliques are the first to be satisfied there and the people will be left out. Like everywhere else. Something like that has absolutely no chance! It relies at best on the opposition to Putin, who also has no chance. To appropriate formerly lost (or given away) areas, by force or tricks, that alone will offer no prospects for the population there. And that's not a method that is acceptable in any form. Of course, Putin wants the entire eastern Ukraine, and he would prefer to recieve at least even half of the Black Sea, and so on and so on. As a compensation, so to speak. That alone, however, offers no prospects, at least not for the population of the country, what for magnates of this kind apparently is of minor importance. Let them wallow in past victories that are not their merit, however much, and may they celebrate themselves. That will not bring much. Celebrations come and go, and what's next? Then the everyday truth comes to light, and it looks accordingly poor.

As long as in Russia dominates the so-called "systema", that is a form of so-called "vertical" corruption from top to bottom, where one is sure above, in the highest circles, that the corresponding lower bureaucratic levels are working like on top among themselves. As long as this system is not broken, is it difficult to develop something. Golden words of Mr. Putin will change absolutely nothing in it. That fades away as fast as it is said, and what remains is what actually happens in everyday life.

Well, they might like to put that at some point the ecologistic dizziness dissolves into thin air in Western Europe, and on this basis, above all in Germany under Merkel's leadership, that it will be necessary then to pump energy into the country, in another way, and then, they hope, they will exploit again in this manner. That's still the question, whether this will work. It is much more likely that this system of so-called ecologistic energy saving, so-called "renewables", as it has been built by Merkel, Gabriel and others here in recent years, will burst like a soap bubble. That it will fail due to its incredibly expensive and inefficient requirements. The latter is far more likely because of the substantial inflexibility when it comes to availability, which is applied in this system. Whether the population in Germany willaccommodate themselves to that, this is questionable in the long run. One can only hope that it will not be the case.

Well, perhaps many a bourgeois is thinking in this country: perhaps the Silk Road of the Chinese will be already completed by then, as far as that such wrongs can be intercepted. Dream on beautiful! It is much more likely to be such that when in Germany the energy dizziness will burst, this will not only affect the country, but also the neighboring states, even in the whole EU.

In this context, it is also useful to bear in mind what has become known recently with respect to the shooting-down of the Malaysian passenger plane MH17 on July 17 of last year, whose responsibility is still not cleared, and where still all sides assign the blame to others. Supposedly German authorities have been told that the airspace over Ukraine was no longer safe for civil aircraft at this time, that it was not justifiable, last July, before the disaster happened. German government institutions appear to have ignored these warnings, and they have failed to inform the airlines of such actions. What can one conclude from this? What at all will be ignored in the future, what, perhaps, could have just such serious consequences, or worse? Maybe it's better to draw even practical consequences from this before it will be too late again.

It is obvious that Merkel and others have been closely linked "by blood and marriage" with especially the Niedersachsen-coterie. But Gerhard Schröder also comes from this Niedersachsen clan. And if they believe, again to be able to play the fire brigade woman anywhere in the world , with a "Penthesilea", keep in mind that something like that extremely has gone wrong on several occasions in history, quite miserably. As it is known, the collapse of Germany at the end of World War I finally contributed to the success of revolutions, like the Russian October Revolution in 1917.

It is inconceivable what hardships the population of Ukraine is going through currently, what a misery. All this is covered. It is covered by the West, as well as from the Russian side. But we must not cover that, it's a crime, what is being done there. And rather than to denounce it, Russia highlighted the 70th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany, with a motorcycle parade in Berlin, on the occasion of this anniversary. These are beautiful "liberators" who themselves today are showing similar methods elsewhere, in their own interest. Anniversaries are one thing, but the everyday reality and practice are quite a different one, sometimes. Unfortunately, one can not help to determine that.