Racism - Zionism - Nazism

Our statement on the socalled rally for humanity and tolerance of Nov 8, 2000 ( The Government Schröder - Fischer - Däubler-Gmelin: Hypocrites!  -About the role of neo nazi groups) and on the speech of Paul Spiegel there has caused prompt reactions on the usenet. Some people standing close by the government tried to cover up for the Schroeder-government and among other things to gloss over the role of zionism. This was the reason for us to consider the question more detailled once more which role the zionism has played in connection with the fascism.
The single articles contain a lot of original quotes which illuminate the nearly unknown position of zionism against nazi-fascism.

Against the nonsense of Thomas Biegel: Documents
IS 2000-29    19. Nov.2000  (German)

Document about:
Racism - Zionism - Nazism
IP 2000-30  (German)

Let the facts further tell us, Mr. Biegel
(about Zionism)   IS 2000-33   (German)

The Government Schröder - Fischer - Däubler-Gmelin: Hypocrites!
About the role of neo nazi groups
IS 2000-27    Nov 8, 2000  (German)

The speech of Paul Spiegel
IS 2000-28    9. Nov.2000  (German)