Neue Einheit - special edition No. 43

Theocrat Khatami's Visit in Germany

The Iranian Opposition's Activities

We support the struggle of numerous Iranian revolutionary and progressive organizations calling for protest against the visit of the head of one of the most brutal regimes of our time. It is a theocratic regime which does not even allow the slightest freedom and practices intellectual atrophy.
It speaks for itself that our government, claiming to stand up for "Human Rights" and democracy, welcomes this potentate with great honors and backs his empty phrases of being a "liberal" reformer. Always increasing reports are showing that also under Khatami's rule the regime is getting more and more brutal. Countless and courageous protests among the students and workers are increasing.
This regime which was established in 1979 was and still is the disgrace of the close of the 20th century. How could it be that a theocratic regime was brought to power in a movement against the absolute monarchy of the Shah. Countless allegedly "left" and liberal organizations all over the world celebrated that change as a "national liberation". In Iran itself then numerous allegedly left Parties went over to the position of an Islamic republic!
In our country our organisation stood by itself when we refused such jubilee. When this regime had gained power many felt what it was like: they reported that the regime of the Mullahs was four times as terrible as the Shah's one. But it was too late.

This overthrow towards theocracy was one of the very essential events which marked the radical change and the spreading of fundamentalist currents all over the world. There was a stiring of this kind of "backwards directed" criticism of capitalism everywhere which only means an aggravation of capitalism, capitalism plus slavery. And it means more than just a symbol that today a "red"-alternative German chancellor and a green foreign minister welcome this high ranging theocrat, argue for him and stand by him for protection.

We do not hear much from our media about the revolutionary movement in Iran, about the worker's resistance against the conditions of slavery. Let us take care for a change. We demand the branding of this theocratic regime. In the same time it is necessary to fight against the attempts by the so-called democratic states, with the USA at the head and the profit-mongering and opportunist European states aside, to control the current emerging radical change once again and to keep Iran under control. Since long they have realized that this regime has tottered and have thought about how to keep and to renew the reactionary structures in order to prevent the Iranian people one more time from emancipation. But the public media try to hide the responsibility of our governments here and to justify the repression against the Iranian opposition also abroad.

Group Neue Einheit,  July 10, 2000

Internet statement 2000-18