Against War, Against Terrorism, Against Islamic Fundamentalism

After weeks of negotiations with some of the most reactionary regimes of the region including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran, the United States has started a major military attack against Afghanistan. US's war efforts against Afghanistan and others are supported by Britain. So far fifteen bombers, 25 strike aircraft B1, B52 and 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles have been deployed against one of the poorest most underdeveloped countries in the world. We strongly condemn this attack , such military operations will only lead to civil war in Afghanistan and increasing support for Islamic fundamentalism. In September 2001 we condemned the terrorist attacks on the Trade Centre and elsewhere in the US but we also reminded everyone that Bin Laden and the Taliban were for many years the United States and Pakistan's main allies in Afghanistan, some would say a creation of the Saudi treasury, Pakistani military intelligence and the US Defence Department. The United States and Britain's current allies in Afghanistan, "their foot soldiers", the Northern Alliance are no better than the Taliban. They have an appalling human rights record, including summary executions, burning of houses and looting, yet if we believe US/British propaganda, they are not only the saviours of the Afghan people , the main victims of Taliban's brand of Islamic fundamentalism , but also a 'civilised' replacement to the current regime. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Afghan recent history would know that imposing a brand of Islamic fundamentalism, this time under the guise of Northern Alliance is recipe for disaster and will only lead to civil war in Afghanistan with disastrous regional consequences.

We call on anti war forces in the US, Europe, Canada and Australia to join us in an international campaign against this military aggression and against terrorism. The peoples of Afghanistan will need genuine international solidarity to survive attacks launched by the US as well as Islamic fundamentalist terror at home.

Co-ordinating Committee Workers Left Unity- Iran
8th Oct 2001


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