Today's anti-terrorism legislation is basically a duplication
of the anti-terrorism legislation enacted by Hitler in the 30s...

Does any of the following ring a bell?
"The national government will preserve and defend the
foundations on which the strength of our nation rests...It
will therefore declare merciless war on spiritual, political,
and cultural nihilism. Germany must not and will not sink
into Communist anarchy..." Adolph Hitler Feb 1st, 1933
"Hitler concentrated his attacks on the 'Marxists lumping
them together with the trade unions and the Social
Democrats... "The activities of subversive organizations
are to be combatted with the most drastic methods.
Communist terrorist acts are to be proceeded against with
all severity and weapons must be used ruthlessly when
neccesary..." Hitler, Feb 4th, 1933.
On Feb 22 Goring issued another order which had far
reaching consequences. The Prussian police force was to
be reeinforced by enlisting auxiliaries to "combat the
growing excesses of the radical left"...Recruitment was
limited to the SA and SS...who were virtually given
freedom of the streets...Old scores to be settled from the
street battles of the previous two or three years were
largely directed agaainst the left...The Reichstag
mysteriously burst into flames......Goring wasted no time
in ordering the arrest of all leftists...Hitler signed a decree
"For the protection of the people and State...article 1
suspended the sections of the constitution defending the
fundamental rights of citizens...including "violations of the
privacy of postal, telegraphic, and telephonic
communications and warrants for house searches...are
permissable beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed."
They also provided the legal warrant for the device of
'protective custody" and the Gestapo to imprison without
trail.....Seeing it as a temporary measure directed
against the left and blind to the long term implications no
objections were offered and Hitler insisted that when the
danger from the left was eliminated things would get back
to normal. The threat from the left was taken seriously by
average Germans and the reports by police and other
agencies confirmed that the drastic measures taken by
the government had encountered little criticism, were in
fact widely welcomed, and increased Hitler's popularity
greatly...Seizing upon the 'evidence' the Nazi propaganda
machine achieved new levels of mass suggestion...Hitler
said to a giant demonstration in Prussia, "Now hold your
heads high again.You are no longer enslaved or in
bondage. Now you are free again by God's gracious act."
His messianic note was answered by ahymn sung by
thousands while the bells rung out from Konigsberg
Catherdral. Free fires were lighted on the mountains while
the brownshirts marched in every city...