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The Internet Anti-Fascist: Friday, 16 November 2001

Vol. 5, Number 92 (#620)

[mailed Wednesday, 21 November 2001]


[Military tribunals in the US]

05) Conyers Calls For Civil Liberties Hearings


14 Nov 01

WASHINGTON D.C. -- House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member John Conyers,
D-Mich., said Wednesday a decision by President George W. Bush that
terrorist suspects might face a military tribunal adds to questions about
civil liberties. In a Nov. 14 letter to Committee Chairman Rep. James
Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., Conyers called for hearings on civil liberties,
including an administration plan to monitor some defendants' communication
with their lawyers, and the status of suspects detained in the government's
investigations of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Conyers said Bush's Tuesday decision to establish military tribunals run by
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld only adds to his concern.

"Indeed, the very purpose of the directive appears to be to skirt the usual
constitutional and criminal justice rules that are the hallmark of our
democratic form of government."

While Sensenbrenner did not return calls seeking comment, Conyers' request
comes one day after United Press International reported that Senate
Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., might soon hold
hearings on the new government policy on monitoring communication between
defense attorneys and their clients, and the status of what lawmakers said
could be 1,000 people detained by the government. Some of those detainees
have reportedly been released.

Leahy twice sent letters to Attorney General John Ashcroft on the issues on
Oct. 31 and Nov. 9.

"We also have received no cooperation from the Justice Department in our
effort to obtain information regarding the 1,000 plus immigrants who have
been detained in connection with the terrorism investigation, as reflected
in a letter that several Democratic Members transmitted to the attorney
general on Oct.31, 2001," Conyers wrote to Sensenbrenner Wednesday.
"We would be remiss in
our duties, however, if we did not also oversee the
extent to which the
Department may be abusing its authority and wrongfully
targeting innocent

- - - - -


06) "A coup against the American Constitution" Radio Interview With Francis



18 Nov 01

Good day,

Yesterday, Dennis Bernstein, host of the incomparable Flashpoints program,
on KPFA radio in Berkeley, interviewed Professor Francis Boyle, of the
University of Illinois Law School, an expert in international and human
rights law and a long-time champion and proponent of a foreign policy based
upon decency and justice. The subject was George Bush's breathtaking order
authorizing (potentially secret) military tribunals for foreign nationals suspected
of "terrorism."

Below are excerpts from the interview and a link to the Flashpoints web
site, where those suitably equipped can listen to yesterday's program via RealAudio.


Boyle: First this executive order must be considered in light of the
massive assault by this administration...against the U.S.

Constitution.. .one blow after another, after another.. this is one of the
more outrageous... [C]learly aliens here legally are entitled to the
protections of the Bill of Rights... [T]he Geneva Conventions of 1949
clearly apply to our dispute with Afghanistan...[T]rial protections must be
adhered to...due process of law set forth in both of these treaties.. otherwise it
is a war crime.. [T]his executive order is very dangerous...

[We are, effectively,] saying to Al Queda, "since we're not giving you the
protections.. then you can violate protections for U.S.

military personel captured too" [The] problem is Bush has said that Al
Queda is not entitled to prisoner of war protections.. thereby exposing our
military to the same treatment: secret trials and executions

Bernstein: a quiet coup?

Boyle: [A] coup against the American Constitution...[T]he president and
secretary of state are bound by the 4th Geneva convention
overseas...[D]omestically they are bound by the Constitution of the United
States.. yet this is exactly what this executive order is undoing.. [W]e're
becoming a Banana Republic, with 'disappeared people'..[There are] reports
a immigrant prisoner was tortured to death in a New Jersey lockup.. [W]hen
will these government agencies start to turn these powers against the
American people? That's the next step.



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