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3. U.S. Closes Sarajevo Embassy, as Bosnian Muslims
Voice Support for Osama bin Laden

Oct. 17, 2001

New Evidence of Croat Crimes against Serbs Also Surfaces

SARAJEVO, Oct. 17 - During the Bosnian war, the New World Order establishment media and government spokesmen depicted the Bosnian Muslims and the Croats as the “good guys” whom Washington has been supporting, while the Serbs were supposedly the “bogeys.” Well, looks like our Bosnian “good guys” have dropped their masks sooner than expected.

According to a story just in from Sarajevo, that we received via, and which was also confirmed by a CNN report (, the U.S. government has closed its embassy in the Bosnian capital because of a security threat due to rampant expressions of support for Osama bin Laden by the Bosnian Muslims. We are told that graffiti “all over Sarajevo” depict bin Laden as a hero, and America as the villain.

And as you can see from this photo ( of Islamic supporters taken in Zenica (a Central Bosnia town) last year, the support for bin Laden and Islamic fundamentalism is not limited just to Sarajevo. The banner (written in Arabic) reads, "Allah is the only one, and Mohammed is his envoy on Earth."

The extremists include hardcore terrorists, some with ties to Osama bin Laden, protected by militant elements of the former Sarajevo government, according to an Oct. 15 Los Angeles Times story. Bosnia-Herzegovina is "a staging area and safe haven" for terrorists, one former senior State Department official told the LA Times.

A secret report, prepared late last year for the Clinton administration, warned of problem passport-holders in Bosnia (foreign “mujahedeens”) in numbers that "shocked everyone," he said. " One of bin Laden's top lieutenants, a Palestinian linked to major terrorist plots in Jordan, France and the United States, had operatives in Bosnia and was issued a Bosnian passport, according to U.S. officials.

Indeed, despite denials by the Sarajevo government of its former ties to, and collaboration with, Osama bin Laden, a German reporter claims to have met bin Laden in 1994 at the office of the Bosnian Muslim president, Alija Izetbegovic, also an Islamic fundamentalist whom the U.S. government has been supporting at least since 1991, when the fighting in Croatia and Bosnia broke out.

Renata Flotau, a Belgrade-based correspondent for the Hamburg-based “Der Spiegel” (Mirror) magazine, shared her impressions of bin Laden from their brief encounter in a recent interview with the Serbian-language Politika. On Oct. 3-6, the Belgrade daily published a three-part series of articles about it. They were sent to TiM, courtesy of Milan Radovich, a librarian at the University of Wisconsin.

Direct links to these Politika stories are available, but only in Serbian at: (Oct. 4); (Oct. 5); and (Oct. 6).

Nor is this anything new for those who have traveled through Bosnia during the way, such as the TiM editor. Here are also some of the wartime photos which show both the Bosnian Muslims’ support of Islamic fundamentalism, and the extreme brutality that they have used against the infidels - the Christian Serbs.

But we have to warn those of you who venture to our web site to view these images. They are EXTREMELY GRUESOME and not suitable for the faint at heart. That is why we have not posted them by now, even though we’ve had them since 1992, when these crimes were committed.

We are doing it now reluctantly, with the foregoing warning, and only by providing a link to the images, not by incorporating them into the TiM article, only because it is important for Americans and the western public to know what kinds of people our government has been supporting in the Balkans wars of the 1990s. And why it is not surprising that the same thugs are now turning against us. And for that, we only have OUR GOVERNMENTS to blame! And the West’s duplicitous foreign policy.

1. Charred body of a Serb victim, roasted alive on a spit in 1992 by his Muslim captors in the style the Turkish Ottoman Empire occupiers used to publish the rebellious Serb Christians (for more on that, read “The Bridge on the Drina,” a Nobel-prize winning novel by Ivo Andric):

2.-4. Tanjug news agency photos of beheaded Bosnian Serbs, found on killed Saudi Arab mercenaries in 1992, along with the “mujahedeens’” travel documents: