Iran and United States The main backers of Northern

The common aim of supporting the Northern Alliance in
Afghanistan has speeded up the rapprochement between
the terrorist Islamic state in Iran and the United
States making a mockery of claims that this is a war
against terrorism .

On Sunday the 11th of Nov , Donald Rumsfeld the US
secretary of Defence admitted that Iranian and US
military advisers are working side by side with
Afghan opposition forces trying to bring down the
"There are places in that country where there are some
Iranian liaison people, as well as some American
liaison people." Rumsfeld added that as a nation
bordering Afghanistan, Iran has "a legitimate interest
in what happens in that country" and can influence
events on Afghan soil."
On the 12th of Nov news agencies reported that Iran
and US's foreign ministers Powell & Kharazi have
'brief but friendly exchange at UN ' and between the
10-12th Nov Iran's 'reformist' president who is
visiting the US appeared on various TV channels to
present the acceptable face of Islamic fundamentalism.
Reporters didn't ask serial political murders ordered
by Iran's Ministry of Intelligence, no one mentioned
the fact that women were stoned to death in Iran in
2001, no reporter questioned why so many teenage girls
are flogged every week in Tehran for not covering
every strand of their hair under their veil. After all
this week's good fundamentalist could not be
challenged about the appalling human rights record of
the government he has presided over for the last 4.5

The recent developments are not surprising. Iran has
long been the main backer of the very forces that
today the US and UK claim to be the liberators of
Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance.
This Alliance whose record of human rights violations
equals if not surpasses that of the Taliban and its
ally the Taliban government of Iran are responsible
for many attrocities in Afghanistan in the early 1990s
following the defeat of the pro Soviet regime. Over
the last 24 hours they have already started summary
executions and torture of prisoners of war in Harat,
Mazar-e-Sharif and Kabul.
Workers left Unity Iran, condemns the coming to power
of the new Taliban in Afghanistan: the Islamic forces
of the Northern Alliance We remind all that this was
only achieved with relentless bombing by US, military
and financial support from fundamentalists in Iran, a
situation that will unleash a new era of civil war in
one of the world's most impoverished countries . The
US rapprochement with the terrorist Islamic Republic
of Iran proves once more that this war had nothing to
do with fighting terrorism, especially state

Co-ordinating committee of Workers Left Unity- Iran
14 Nov 2001