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The Signing of the So-called Nuclear Energy Consensus in Germany
IS 2001-20   June 11, 2001

The Collapse of the Berliner Bankengesellschaft
IS 2001-19   June 7, 2001

May Day in Germany by the DGB (federation of German trade unions) - past at the social realities and the international development
IS 2001-15  April 29, 2001   (German)

Miserable toady to capitalism - manifesting again in the protests against Castor transport
IS 2001-10  march14, 2001 

The BSE-Campaign - a serious problem, social 
reactionand shamed care for health
IS 2001-4    30.1.2001  (German)

Down with the Marriage Law for Homosexuals!
IS 2000-32     Nov 29, 2000   (German)

The speech of Paul Spiegel
IS 2000-28    9. Nov.2000  (German)

The Government Schröder - Fischer - Däubler-Gmelin: Hypocrites!
About the role of neo nazi groups
IS 2000-27    Nov 8, 2000  (German)

Extra 44 / IS 2000-20
Down with the Ökosteuer !
Sept 15, 2000  (German)

The Decisive Capital Groups
21. Sept.2000  (german)

Realities of Nordrhein-Westfalen  -Why the SPD-Green-Governement deserves its Withdrawal  
17.April 2000   (german)

The "Battle" for Tax Reform
21.Juli 2000   (german)

The Reality of the Population Development
- Reasons and responsibilities
20. Dezember 1999    (german)

Results from the election campaign in Germany
25. September 1998



on topic:
Down with the Ökosteuer !



on topic:
Government´s marriage law for homosexuals
Labour movement and the rejection of homosexuality




against abandoning nuclear energy
updated: 8.7.2000    (german)

The Significance of the So-Called Consensus about the Closure of Nuclear Energy 

     Memorandum  by  Hartmut Dicke 
              July 7, 2000 



Commission in Germany propagates new Militarism and Interventionism
May 8, 2000