International May Day 2001

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Here we document also statements by other organisations; as always this doesn´t mean that we must agree with all points of such a document.


For the workers arround the World....
May Day Message of the Workes Left Unity Iran
A Call for a National Strike of all Minimum Wage Workers at May Day 2001  
Trade unions to observe Labor Day with N. Koreans (DongA Ilbo, 24-Apr-2001)
  Workers vow to defy police refusal to allow May Day events in Seoul [Korea Times] 30-Apr-2001
  Seoul demonstrators barge through police barricade (Yahoo news)   2-May-2001
South Africa: May Day message from a Marxist Workers School
Austria: Joint May Day statement by Marxist-Leninist groups  (German)
France: May Day message from P.C.O.F.  (German)
May Day in Germany by the DGB (federation of German trade unions) - past at the social realities and the international development   IS 2001/15   (German)
  Something noteworthy in a Call for the Revolutionary May Day Demonstration in Berlin  (German)

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