Resistance against the Islamic Terror Regime in Iran

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updated Dec 7, 2003

Students Demonstration in Iran, July 2000

(Internet-Statement 2000-18)
Theocrat Khatami's Visit in Germany - The Iranian Opposition's Activities
(on the occasion of Kahtami´s visit in Germany at  July 10,  2000)

Articles about the situation in Iran:

To labour organisation worldwide
Iranian oil workers are fighting for their rights again
support them!
WPI Nov 25, 2003

Islamic regime caves in to protests:
Stonings suspended in Iran  Jan 07, 2003

Iranian Workers´ News - January 2002   (pdf)

Sham Trial of minor officials in Irans Ministry of Intelligence
Jan 28, 2001

Judge condemns woman to death by stoning in Iran
Jan 4, 2001

Riots in Abadan
.July 8, 2000

Links of Oppositional Iranian Organisations:
(with current information about the situation and the worker movement in Iran)

Workers Left Unity

Organisation of Fedaian (Minority)

Worker-communist Party of Iran

Student Movement Coordination logo Committee for Democracy in Iran - Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights for Iran

News and info links about Iran:

Iran Online Rainbow