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Some Points About Military Principles- Suicide Attacks



What ismilitary struggle? Military struggle means that certain nations or social stratifications, classes or alliances among such wage a war and in this way attempt to force their will upon the opponent. Or else they try to prevent the opponent from forcing the will upon them. The armed struggle is waged in such a way thatthe opponents' military forces are put out of action as far as possible, whereasthe own forces are preserved as far as possible.

However, these most simple observations about the war, which can be retrieved roughly in this fashion in every theoretical textbook, also have a deeper meaning with regard to revolutionary struggle. If e.g. an inferior force fights against a superior one but in the essence represents the majority, then it always has chances based on the fact that every hegemonist, regional or worldwide, any force which represents an unjustcause, has many opponents. Therefore there is the chance to wage a successful military struggle also from the position of inferior forces, together with the allies and with regard to the numerous contradictions in which the opponent becomes entangled.A just cause can find broad support, an unjust cause cannot find broad support. And this is important even if the military relationship is strongly in favor of the old, unjust forces at the beginning.

Those who start a struggle against a superior unjust exploiting state power count, therefore, on winning political factors which help them in the political and military figth. This requires political thinking, this requires analyzing the position of one's own, it requires the conscientious examination of the correctness of oneís own cause. One must be capable of putting one's own cause into question, too.

A great importance therefore befits the considerations how one wages a struggle, how to lead it as effectively as possible and also with as little bloodshed as possible.

Now, there are people who directly or indirectly speak about thatmethod of suicide attacks as clever and justified military tactics. However, what does somebody who prepares for a suicide attack do? He doesn't need to considerhow to proceed tactically, how to spare the own energies if possible; he simply passes to where the masses are, a bus stop or in front of a large office or at best in front of a military compound, and blows himself up into the air. Itís is very simple: Allah receives him and takes him as a martyr to his Kingdom of Heaven. This is in its essence a completely corrupt ideology, which does not need to consider the material conditions of the struggle, the question how justified a struggle is or not, the question how broadly it is possible to win support.It is a deeply unjust fight which is waged there, and in most cases it actually attacks the masses. In connection with the Madrid attack the bureaucrats and the official commentators in the media had a cynical concept available: attack against "soft targets", against crowds of people. We know, however, who denies for a large part the masses the right to exist, who would like to cut down their demands for their lives and to deprive them of their rights. Those who stir hatred against the masses sympathize indirectly with such deeds.

This is the personification of high-grade reaction. It has to do nothing with heroism or martyrdom, it is just simply corrupt. It is primitive simply to go among the civilian population to blow oneself up into the air and to think this is a military blow hitting the opponent. Of course this is not, because the reactionaries always profit from such tactics, and states and nations which tolerate such tactics deliver themselves to the further terror of reactionaries of a different types. It is no wonder that the Zionists, who themselves represent loads of brutality and opposition against history, are uncovering, to a certain extent rightly, the helplesseness and weakness of Hamas. They themselves have promoted Hamas in the past, they themselves have promoted and instigated every wrong trend among the Arabs, now they are able under these conditions to play their trumps. A number of attacks from the history of the Zionists show, by the way, a handwriting quite similar to the present fundamentalistsí attacks.


Worst further attacks have to be feared, indeed, and there actually is only one answer under all conditions on such a form of most reactionary warfare: one must never give in to the extortion, no matter what happens, even if they commit nuclear terrorism or poison attacks or other misdeeds. As a second rule must be established that nowhere the decades of close connection of the Islamists with the USA, their secret services,or other powers being in connection with them must be overlooked. The substance of these forces, the originators as well as the implementators, is reactionary up to the extreme, they protest against the modern world of work and science, against the pressure exerted by the modern conditions upon their reactionary rules of a closed society, of the special massive oppression of woman, of the promotion of idleness and fatalism. To oppose that by detonating bombs against the population or by simply packing a car full with bombs and letting it go into the air somewhere with as many victims among the population as possible is reactionary despicableness by its substance. These primitive reactionary tactics can be fought if the will is there, it is just necessary to attack the centers from which they are being steered.

Therefore the whole propaganda which directly or indirectly represents such deeds as a result of despair must be fought, too. They aren't result of despair. This methodology is promoted systematically, there are camps which operate with the "reward of martyrdom " and prepare the perpetrators for these tasks. So it is not at all despair but a system with a whole lot of money in the background, and the despair and the hopelessness of the struggle against the imperialistic atrocities under the present conditions are just made use of for organizing unscrupulous reactionary massacres.

Mass butchery was the substance of the Madrid attacks, terror against the working classes. And nevertheless there still are leftists which claim that the Islamistic terrorism has to do something with a just movement and that we would have to treat Islam especially caringly. One must criticize Islam in the strongest possible terms because it just promises that such a behavior is something honorable and is rewarded by Allah with the martyr's crown. One must attack the ideology, that such a flight from reality is something noble and progressive. Exactly this is a corrupting ideology. So one can say that Islam spreads corrupting ideologies. Other religions do this as well but here this is carried to the extremes.

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit
Hartmut Dicke


Translation from the German original Einiges über militärische Prinzipien - Selbstmordanschläge




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