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Group Neue Einheit

Tightening Repression In The Country
Worldwide Resistance

The war against Afghanistan was planned for some time- backgrounds

Bin Ladin, ties of islamists towards CIA and others

Miscelleanous - about terrorism and state terrorism

Newspapers etc.

Statements by U.S. Govt., NATO, German Government etc. - for documentation



Group Neue Einheit


IS 2001-45 Nein zu dem absoluten Schnüffelgesetz !   12.12.2001


               Erfolgreiche Friedensdemonstration in Dortmund


IS 2001-43 Nach dem Abzug der Taliban aus Kabul und dem Einzug der Nordallianz

  IS 2001-42 Das Ermächtigungsgesetz Schröders 14.11.2001
  IS 2001-41 Ein  historischer  Einschnitt,  ja - hin  zu willkürlichem  Kriegsterror  und  innerer Unterdrückung! Zum Bereitstellungsbeschluß der Bundesregierung  12.11.2001
  IS 2001-37 Der Krieg der USA hat begonnen.   Was sind die zentralen politischen Punkte dabei?   8./11.Oktober 2001 (German)
  IS 2001-36  The World At the Brink of War   Sept. 21, 2001

IS 2001-35 Important Quotes - US' Connections with Islamist Terrorists up to Recent Times Sept. 21,2001

  IS 2001-34  Against the Web of Lies by the US’ Propaganda - Organize the Necessary Uncoverings! Sept.19, 2001

IS 2001-33 As for a long time feared for the case of political intensification- unprecedented repulsive terrorism The question for the backgrounds  9/12/2001



Statements by different organizations and single persons


A tripwire to a new Vietnam? Statement from National Democratic Front of the Philippines

  US Military In Central Asia For Long Haul Daily Jang (Pakistan)
  Estimates suggest US bombs have killed at least 3,767 civilians The Guardian
  Bush Pushes War on Many Fronts WWDigest #363


  St. Fidler: Attack on Afghanistan Military: A superpower displays its fighting calibre Military Prowess  8.12.01
  C.Talbot: Is the US preparing an invasion of Somalia?  Dec 6, 2001
  US turns to drug baron to rally support Dec 4, 2001
  Afghan left to resist theocracy
  Declaration on Women's Rights in Afghanistan
  America's Terrorist Training Camp
  Guilty for 9-11: Bush, Rumsfeld, Myers - Part 1  / - Section 1 - / - Section 2 - / - Section 3 -
(Why the interception-airplanes took off too late?) Article by Emperor's Clothes
  Robert Fisk: Forget the cliches, there is no easy way for the West to sort this out Nov 17, 2001
  The people of Afghanistan do not accept domination of the Northern Alliance! November 13, 2001
  Workers Left Unity- Iran:  Iran and United States The main backers of Northern Alliance
  USMLO:  U.S. State Terrorism Must Not Stand!
  RAWA: Taliban should be overthrown by the uprising of Afghan nation Oct 11, 2001
  Déclaration de la Coordination communiste, toujours d'actualité, depuis la nouvelle guerre terroriste américano-occidentale (French)
  EMEP: Let Us Rise Our Voices Against US Terrorism and the Imperialist War  Oct.8,2001
  Pakistan communists condemn US attack on Afghanistan  Oct. 09, 2001
  Leserzuschrift "US Terrorism" vom 12.9.2001 ( German)
  Nein zum Krieg!   Flugblatt der DFG-VK Berlin ( German)

RAWA: The people of Afghanistan have nothing to do with Osama and his accomplices 9/14/2001

  Statement from the International Action Center on Events of September 11, 2001 New York
  Warum die USA vom Staatsterrorismus schweigen, wenn sie vom Terrorismus reden
Von Mumia Abu-Jamal   in Junge Welt vom 6.10.01 (German)
  Against War, Against Terrorism, Against Islamic Fundamentalism  Workers Left Unity- Iran, 8th Oct 2001
  IMI:  Diskussionsbeitrag zu den brutalen Anschlägen gegen das World Trade Center in New York, das Pentagon in Washington etc. (German)

Tightening Repression In The Country

  Rocco Galati on Canada's Globalization, Militarization, Police State Agenda in anti Terrorism laws

M.Ratner (New York) Moving towards a Police State or Have We Arrived?

  Military Tribunals in the US for Terrorism Suspects
  Barry Stoller: Yahoo! admits deleting anti-US posts (Proletarism Discussion List)
  CP of Canada: Anti?Terrorism Bill Must be Stopped!
  Today's anti-terrorism legislation is basically a duplication of the anti-terrorism legislation enacted by Hitler in the 30s..

Worldwide resistance

  Gegen Krieg & Sozialabbau  5. bis 15. Dezember in Berlin (pdf)
  Huge anti-war demo, London Nov.18, 2001
  Brazil. A huge demonstration against the war
  Italy. Demonstration of  200 000 - 300 000
  India. Nationwide Peaceful Demonstrations against US warintervention in Afghanistan


The war against Afghanistan was planned for some time - backgrounds

  US Efforts For Peace Summed Up By 'Oil'
  John Pilger: Hidden Agenda Behind War On Terror
  The Role of Pakistan's Military Intelligence (ISI) in the September 11 Attacks
  Did 'Our' Allies, Pakistani Intelligence, Fund the WTC Attackers? Oct15, 2001
  The war against Afghanistan was planned for quite some time (WWW.STOPNATO.ORG.UK, Oct.12,2001)
  In USA laufen Untersuchungen: Wußten Investoren vor den Anschlägen Bescheid?  jw16.10.01 (German)
  India and Iran will "facilitate" the planned US-Russia hostilities against the Taliban  26.June 2001
  NATO Buildup in the Balkans: Part of a Deadly Game  09/26/2001


Bin Ladin, ties of islamists towards CIA and others

  Book Review: Unholy Wars - Afghanistan, America and International Terrorism
  Bush took FBI agents off Laden family trail  Nov.8, 2001
  Bush took FBI agents off Laden family trail  Nov.8, 2001
  CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July 2001
  Bin Ladin recruited U.S.Citizens (apb-news 11/7/98)
  Freie Fahrt für Bin Laden (in Bosnien unter den Augen von Nato und USA)aus j.w.,25.10.01(German)
  Who Is Osama Bin Laden?   by Michel Chossudovsky    Sept. 2001
  U.S. Closes Sarajevo Embassy, as Bosnian Muslims - Voice Support for Osama bin Laden
  Ex-National Security Chief Brzezinski admits: Afghan Islamism Was Made in Washington  (Interview from 1998)
  Bush's Faustian Deal With the Taliban by R.Scheer    May 22, 2001
  Some members of the KLA were trained in terrorist camps run by Osama bin Laden
  CIA arbeitete mit Pakistan zusammen, um Taliban ins Leben zu rufen (German)

The CIA poured billions into a jihad against Soviet-occupied Afghanistan ...



Miscelleanous - about terrorism and state terrorism


Read as well the article The State-Connection from April 4, 1992, giving a summarizing description of the more than 20 years lasting terror-campaign in our country and uncovering a lot about the principles and the ways of proceeding. 

German Ex-Minister A. von Bülow speaks about Intelligence Services interview 01-12-02
  US anthrax attacks linked to army biological weapons plant 12-28-01
  Military Tribunals in the US for Terrorism Suspects (The Internet Anti-Fascist)
  West's new allies include vitriolic anti-Americans, human-rights violators, former allies of Osama bin Laden and more



Bosnien: Europäischer Stützpunkt des Osama bin Laden?(Link zu Artikel des "Deutschen Instituts für internationale Politik und Sicherheit") (German)

  Spuren von Anthrax-Attacken in den USA weisen auf rechte Milizen hin  jw 23.10.01(German)
  Al-Qaeda terrorist served in the heart of the U.S. military 10-23-01
  Terrorists support Terrorists: Turkey asked to lead Islamic peace troops
  UK planned to wipe out Germany with anthrax - Allies World War Two shame
  (Book uncovers:) U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba (Article from ABCNews, May 1, 2001)
  Warum nicht das Weiße Haus? MDR-Interview mit Gerhard Wisnewski   12.9.2001(German)
  Italien 1978: Die Ermordung Aldo Moros und die Geheimdienste (1)   (2)    (3)    (4) (German)


Newspapers etc.

Actual Informations: Analysis by Media about September 11th, 2001
Pentagon to draft contingency plans for the use of nuclear weapons against at least seven countries  LA-Times March 10, 2002
  In a panic, Bush has opted to blame all the old enemies  Guardian  Feb 8, 2002
  The Eagle has landed - FT on the Role of the USA FT 2.2.2002
  From Afghanistan to the Philippines: America’s New War of Aggression  BY BOBBY TUAZON jan.2002
  US military advisers a "tripwire to new Vietnam": communist rebels  AFP  Jan 20, 2002
  US Building Up Military Bases In Afghan Region  NYTimes
  Pakistan Media: US to Deploy NMD in Afghanistan to Control China China People´s Daily  11.12.01


Statements by U.S. Govt., NATO, German Govt. etc. - for documentation

  Document released by the British Government: Responsibility for the terrorist atrocities in the U. S., Sept.11, 2001 (National Post, Canada, 10/4/2001)
What the Government's dossier against bin Laden doesn't say and can't say: One thing is missing from the document 'proving' Bin Laden's guilt - the proof   (, Oct.4,2001)
  Regierungs- u.ä. Dokumente zum Thema aus der BRD,   sowie   von USA, NATO, G8, UNO... (, mostly in German )
  TV-Ansprache des US-Präsidenten vom 11.9.2001 (German)