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Angela Merkel  is  not  at  all  "without  alternative"    Maria Weiß / Group Neue Einheit 19.02.2016
Combating IS? They hit the bag and mean the donkey!   Maria Weiß 11.12.2015
No participation in neo-colonial wars under the guise of an alleged fight against terrorism.
Away with Merkel before it's too late!
     Maria Weiß / Group Neue Einheit 27.11.2015
The Mediterranean concept   Maria Weiß 07. / 12.11.2015
The problem is not only about Merkel ...   Maria Weiß 07.10.2015

"Nation Building" in the middle of Europe?    - The second major wave of discard    - Turkey's role   Maria Weiß 03.10.2015

When ever the question actually has been asked to the people here, whether they want it, this kind of massive immigration?   Maria Weiß 16.09.2015
Who actually caused the current refugee problem
Rather than everything constantly being repeated, matters should finally be cleared up with the perpetrators.  Maria Weiß 29.07.2015
The Ukrainian conflict from a Russian perspective Maria Weiß 31.05.2015
Greece government facing the challenge Maria Weiß 20.05.2015
(Not only) Russian arbitrariness and high-handedness - yesterday and today   Maria Weiß  29.04.2015
The double dealing trickery in Ukraine is bad and directed against the population Maria Weiß 13.11.2014
 On the present ban on IS   Maria Weiß 12.09.2014
USA - a state under the rule of law?  Maria Weiß 11.09.2014
Ukraine - How to approach the problems? Maria Weiß   Sept. 10, 2014
Weapons for the Kurds?  Maria Weiß   Aug. 28, 2014

US-Imperialist pragmatism leads to absurd situations  Maria Weiß  Aug. 27, 2014

In Europe the opportunism extends to the highest state leadership  Maria Weiss  Aug.16, 2014
The International Red Cross, is it now also cting as a lackey of imperialist rivalry?
  Maria Weiß 13.8.2014
On the attack on the Malaysian passenger plane and the Israeli aggression on Gaza   Group Neue Einheit   July 24, 2014

The current course of war, as it is driven by the U.S. imperialists and the Obama administration in particular, threatens to become a boomerang for Europe.    The "Day X" is too late!    Maria Weiß   Sept. 9, 2013

There is no justification for an attack on Syria!   Maria Weiß   August 31, 2013

Imperialist hands off Syria!
... "For they don’t know what they do"    Group Neue Einheit   Maria Weiß   August 28, 2013
"Pragmatism" or what? Maria Weiß  July 31,2013
Arab Spring – the other way round?    Maria Weiß June 15.2013
1st of May 2013   
Where does  Europe  go?
Group Neue Einheit, Maria Weiß   04 /29-30, 2013   
What does it mean in practice, if Mrs. Merkel speaks of the transformation of Europe?
- Homosexualism as a special case can be tolerated, homosexualism as a socially accepted so-called
   sexual orientation with equal rights is an insult and affects the substance of human society
Energy issues and war policy   Neue Einheit Ed. Staff - Maria Weiß    August 21, 2012
Fundamentals about the EU and the Euro Issue  Maria Weiß  July 16, 2012
The European Crisis and the Middle East - hands off Syria!  Maria Weiß  June 30, 2012
What does the election in Greece show, resp. the election results ?   Maria Weiß  June 18, 2012
Draw conclusions from historical experience   Maria Weiß December 18, 2011
Who's blackmailing whom?  The witch-hunt against the Greece Referendum    Maria Weiß Nov. 3 , 2011
On current problems   Maria Weiß 14th / 29.10.2011

On the occasion of 10th Anniversary of the 11th September 2001
As for a long time feared for the case of political intensification- unprecedented repulsive terrorism The question for the backgrounds  September 12, 2001
At New York, in an unprecedented act hijacked planes have crashed into the World Trade Center, annihilating it together with - as it has to be feared - tens of thousands of people. Such a brutal act has been feared for a long time, it has been described as a possibility and also in its danger that it will be used for a massive political intensification.

Such terrorist acts already in general serve for the artificial intensification of the political situation, in the rarest of cases in fact helping suppressed people in their struggle against outdated social systems. All the more this is true in the case of this monstrous attack. It creates masses of hysteria and fear which detract from the real mechanisms presently threatening this society, in fact a robust crisis and the insolubility of political contradictions.

Already now a series of unavoidable questions are pressing...."   read more

see more: Global War campaign in the wake of the 9/11 2001          

The massacre in Norway They have let it happen?  Maria Weiß July 25, 2011
The liquidation decision of nuclear power in this country has to disappear!  Group New Unity  June 30 /July 2, 2011 
Greece - what to do?   Maria Weiß   June 8/11, 2011
Because of lobbyism EHEC - Are they really on the right track?    Maria Weiß June 7, 2011
Merkels U-turn on the nuclear issue- Aspects of the current nuclear phase-out decision  Maria Weiß   May 31, 2011
Double standards just again? Demonstrators brutally beaten up by police in Barcelona  - Maria Weiß  May 27, 2011
"Yes, We Can" Reloaded? - The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn    Maria Weiß  May 25, 2011
"Justice" using mafia's methods?  The execution of Osama Bin Laden by the current US-government  - Maria Weiß   May 8, 2011
Fukushima - the political dimension - "Let` s have a quake"? - Maria Weiß   April 26, 2011
No intervention in Libya on the pretext of a grounding!    Gruppe Neue Einheit (Group New Unity) -mw
March 18, 2011 (3:30 am)

North Africa and Arabia in upheaval - Where does it go?
One divides into two - (social-) imperialistic deception or revolution?
 Gruppe Neue Einheit (Group New Unity)
-Maria Weiß  2nd March 2011
The role of Islamism • The slogan of human rights The Iranian experience • On the role of USA imperialists in the current situation • Mubarak a despot? • What does the "system Erdogan" mean?

The Uprising continues: Libya and other Arabic States
- No Interventions of the USA, Europe and the NATO!
Gruppe Neue Einheit (Group New Unity)
-Maria Weiß   March 1st, 2011

  The National Uprising in Tunisia  Uwe Müller  23rd January, 2011

   Tunesien: Das Volk stürzt den Präsidenten    diepresse 14.01.11
    Video of mass rally January 12

Worker’s Struggle in China for Higher Wages and Better Working Conditions Must Be Broadly Supported
June 17, 2010

Greek conditions?   Maria Weiß    May 4, 2010

Now published in English:
Leninism and Civilization

- Introduction to a critical analysis

by Klaus Sender (Hartmut Dicke)

The following thesis paper from February, 2006, written by Hartmut Dicke (Klaus Sender), contains a lot of fundamental statements to the situation which own in view of the topical development a special explosive effect and are of interest to all advanced, democratic and revolutionary forces internationally. We would like to stimulate the discussion about that.  Editorial staff  June 17, 2009
The Conflict About Iran Theses and starting points   February 14, 2006

Proletarian Revolution and National Question
The Double Situation at the end of the First World War

by Hartmut Dicke
      March 22, 2008

 About circumstances and background of Hartmut Dicke's death
One year ago - “Fate” or foul play ?
Maria Weiß   August 26, 2009
Hartmut Dicke, the chairman of the Group Neue Einheit, was buried on 9 May 2008 on the Forest Cemetery in Berlin Dahlem among his family, comrades, friends and acquaintances. Thanks to all those who have expressed their sympathy.
Mourning speech 
(German)     Obituary notice from April 18, 2008 

Unforgettable Cultural Revolution 
Hartmut Dicke

(first published in German on Sept. 8, 2006)
NGOs: In the Service of Imperialism by James Petras,, Dept. of Sociology, Binghamton University, NY

The Demonstration Against the Israeli Aggression Occupied by the PDS
– Adulteration of the Demands!
August 9, 2006

Israel's War in Lebanon - and its Consequences Hartmut Dicke, July29, 2006

July 11th, Worldwide Anniversary day against STONNING - Six Women are in the verge of stoning in Iran

Communist Party of the Philippines:
Fascist Threats Persist Despite Lifting of Proclamation 1017 Press Release, March 4, 2006

The Conflict About Iran
Theses and starting points
Feb. 14, 2006


About  the orientation of the WPRM
(World People's Resistance Movement)

Feb. 10, 2006

For the New Year
Gruppe Neue Einheit,  January 1st, 2006


The Public Uncoverings About
the Transports of Detainees

IS 2005-95   -   Dec 8, 2005


Leiden Meeting:
40 Years After the Massacres in Indonesia
website of 1965 Commeroration Committee

see also Declaration of the 1965 Commemoration Committee


India, Oct 26, 2005: Left Parties Note On

The renewed attack in Bali
Operations against Indonesia and its people in resistance
IS 2005-76 -  Oct 2, 2005

New massacres every day!
The interrelations in the background are clear, but are mostly not mentioned!

IS 2005-75  -  Oct 1, 2005

Income gap in China reaches alert level
Xinhua 2005-09-20

Hurricane 'Katrina'

Above all the hurricane disaster raises social questions (German)
IS 2005-66 - September 5,2005


The attempt by the workers of the Gurgaon unit of Honda to form a trade union meets with stiff resistance from the management and repression from the State government  Frontline Vol.22, August 13-26, 2005
see also: Excerpts of an interview with Tapan Sen, secretary, Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)

Paper Mill Workers in U.S., Canada Show Solidarity for Locked Out Workers in Finland  June 16, 2005

From a recent debate in the Iraq Solidarity Movement on how to make progress and protect oneself against wrong routes:
What is understood by the movement against anti-Islam hostility?
- The enlightenment of Dimitri Tsalos

by Hartmut Dicke

On the character of the political activities of the so-called Anti-imperialistic Coordination (AIC) - About the influences on Iraq Solidarity
by Walter Grobe

Babylon wrecked by war - US-led forces leave a trail of destruction and contamination in architectural site of world importance
 The Guardian   Jan 15, 2005 

Once again about the so-called nuclear non-proliferation treaty
IS 2004-79    Dec 11, 2004  

Importante artículo sobre cuestiones fundamentales publicado en español:

Hartmut Dicke
Sobre cuestiones acerca de la política del Partido Comunista Chino durante los años 60 y 70

—¡Qué crítica del revisionismo y qué intento de justificar la anterior política del DKP!
— Sobre un artículo y una disputa con Michael Opperskalski

International Greetings for the New Year

Group Neue Einheit

Tsunami in South-East-Asia:

134,000 Dead: The Role of U.S. Criminal Negligence on a Global Scale  International Action Center,   Dec 29, 2004

Some Questions on Devastating Tsunami
IS 2004-86 - Dec 28, 2004   (German)

more on Tsunami   (in German and English)


Workers in China shed passivity
Spate of walkouts shakes factories

MSNBC Nov 27, 0204

The crimes against the Iraqi people and different sides of resistance  Red.NE  -hd,    Nov 8, 2004   (German)

October 26 “Black Day” for the Workers of Pakistan - Trade Union Defence Campaign

Chavez Defends Right of Nations to Have Nuclear Energy  Sept 29, 2004

Hostage-taking in Beslan: Islamistic barbarism and imperialist backgrounds   IS 2004-49  -  Sept 4,2004

The Chechens' American friends
 The Guardian Sept,8 2004

China: Pearl River Delta facing labour shortage
Asian Labour News July 09, 2004

The Fight against Social Deprivation: How to Proceed?
May 21, 2004   (German)

To First of May, 2004

Some Points About Military Principles - Suicide Attacks
IS 2004-22  -  04/25/2004

The latest events in Palestine
IS 2004-21  -  04/25/2004

Protest of 500.000 against Social Demolition in Berlin, Köln and Stuttgart

March 20, 2004:
Global Day of Action - End the Occupation of Iraq!

March 1: Belgium opens Trial on Dutroux:

Still up-to-date our article THE DUTROUX-AFFAIR IN BELGIUM CALLS FOR FURTHER UNCOVERING by December 1996

Berlin, January 11
Liebknecht - Luxemburg - Commemoration Demonstration

We took part with the banner:
Defend Socialism No Socialism Without Fighting
Against Revisionism
  Group New Unity

A Delegation of Our Group Lay Down a Memory Wreath:
To the Outstanding Internationalists and Representatives of the Working Class

100.000 Took Part at the country wide Demo against Social Eradication
on Nov. 1 in Berlin !
An Overwhelming Success
Demo 1.11. Berlin

Transparent Gruppe Neue Einheit
The slogan of our banner:

Against Cutting Down Social Rights !
For the Support of the Proletariat
in the Whole World!



To labour organisation worldwide
Iranian oil workers are fighting for their rights again
support them!
WPI Nov 25, 2003

The Memory of the Bloody Military Overthrow in Chile - September 11th, 1973
Ricordando il sanguinoso golpe militare in Cile  - 11 settembre 1973
El recuerdo del sangriento golpe de estado militar en Chile - 11 de septiembre de 1973

Die Erinnerung an den blutigen Militärumsturz in Chile - 11. September 1973 

Sonderseite bei Kommunisten-online.de
"Wir gedenken des 11.September 1973"

About some new economic developments
- American economy boosted by armament expenditure?
- About some reports by the German business daily "Handelsblatt"

Hartmut Dicke, August 7th, 2003  
-  Internet Statement 2003-37

Solidarity with the Striking Workers of Behshahr Cheet, Iran Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan), June 2003

Iraq under the occupying power – The dimensions of cultural vandalism   
IS 2003-21  -  April 21, 2003

Berlin 15.2.2003



updated June 15, 2003

About the announced declaration of war by the US IS 2003-08  March 17, 2003


Always the Same Trick: "Bin Laden" & Cie. - On War Propaganda of the USA  Feb, 15 2003 (German)  (pdf-version)

Beliefs which US imperialism harbours in its back room RedNE  Feb 23, 2003

Bush´s fundamentalistic religious delusion RedNE  Feb 22, 2003

Support the Informing About Barbarism and Terror of the Islamistic Regime of Iran
Oct 18, 2002

Germany's Appearance at the Johannesburg Conference
- Demanding the Ban of Nuclear Energy and Large Water-power Plants

Internet Statement 2002-23,  Sept 9, 2002

The Significance of the So-Called Consensus
about the Closure of Nuclear Energy

Memorandum  by  Hartmut Dicke

July 7, 2000

Current Statements

Abandoning Nuclear Energy

updated: 2000/07/08 


International Pages

Neue Einheit - International Pages


under construction

Important essay in cultural history
- now in english

Hartmut Dicke
About the Origin of Judaism -
Development and Significance

- On the analysis
- About the contradiction
- Utilizing works about the history of religions and Freud's theses in "Moses and Monotheism"

Hartmut Dicke
Sobre cuestiones acerca de la política del Partido Comunista Chino durante los años 60 y 70
—¡Qué crítica del revisionismo y qué intento de justificar la anterior política del DKP!
— Sobre un artículo y una disputa con Michael Opperskalski
On questions concerning the policy of the Communist Party of China during the sixties and seventies
- What a criticism of revisionism and what an attempt to justify the former policy of the DKP!
On an article and a debate with Michael Opperskalski


Klaus Sender:                  (February/March 2003)

The fairytale of the US as a liberating power has to be done away with - Something about German history and the role of the USA at the installation of Nazi fascism

About the importance of the world-wide united front against the Iraq war. How is the opposition by France and Germany to be judged? - About the pro-Bush-activities of certain "leftists"  

How has it historically come to today's US' monopoly of power? - The role of modern revisionism

to the text


Memorial Manifestation for Rosa Luxemburg and
Karl Liebknecht, Berlin, January 12, 2003


Klaus Sender
Problems of the International Communist Movement
Message to the Year 2001

English  German  Spanish  Italian 


Group Neue Einheit:
A Proposal for Further Common Study of
the 20th Party Congress of 1956

- Unity by Common Study!


Corner Points of the Palestinian Question
IS 2002-12    04/16/2002

The Fate of the Palestinians and the Year 1982
Internet Statement 2002-04

How to deal with the question of Islam
Internet Statement 2002-03

  to the topic:
Racism - Zionism - Nazism


On the situation in Turkey

Facets of the Present Situation
1st of May, 2002

International May Day 2001
Messages from around the World


On the Situation in Iran

The Events in Yugoslavia
-The Attack from Inside 

Statements/ Documents / Links

  Continuation of War with other Means

The NATO-Aggression against Yugoslavia

Statements against the NATO-War, Documents, Links


Verlag Neue Einheit
Catalogue of Writings
(german)  (pdf-format)



Worldwide War Campaign after September 11

Facts - Informations - Backgrounds

- News and Contributions -


About the "Red-Green" Government
link removal of production - destruction - pressure on the population - taxpressure - phoney easing - destructive laws - disadvantage of the not wealthy people ... link
Social Questions in Germany


to the topic:
Government´s marriage law for homosexuals

Labour movement and the rejection of homosexuality


Older documents of revolutionary movement in Germany Older Documents of the revolutionary 
movement in Germany  (german)

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