Internet Statement 2005-95


The Public Uncoverings About the Transports of Detainees

Dec 8, 2005         

The US conducts transports of detained persons in Europe, whom she suspects of taking part in the “jihad” or other Islamic terrorism. She has, what hardly can be doubted any longer, installed camps of her own in several European countries, possibly in Poland and Romania, in which she undertakes the “special treatment” of these people. She is hijacking citizens of other states, displacing them for months and subjecting them to interrogations, in the distance of thousands of kilometres, and is not giving a damn about international law nor the laws of the states concerned.

This has been made a central concern now by US newspapers themselves, which are most closely connected to US capitalism, like the „Washington Post“, or by certain organisations like „Human Rights Watch“, combined with many denounces also from European countries. It is about the reestablishment of the “human rights”, as all of these forces are saying.
The US’ activities which have become known are in fact nothing to wonder at. This state has been of the opinion already since 1945 that it can take liberties whichever it wants, that it does not need to have qualms about its methods. Since 1990, moreover, it thinks that no other state is allowed to question its hegemony at all or undermine it by its own activities. Since the attacks of 2001-9-11, and making use of this pretext, the US has raised this doctrine to an official rank. The terror which here is being built up into a danger for the world, and is called “the threat of the 21st century” or the like also by politicians of our country, e.g. the Chancellor Merkel, is most closely linked to the US itself as for its origin. The Islamistic “jihadis” show many connections to the US and the CIA during the past. Several Islamists, for example in Chechnya or Kosovo, are still working closely together with the US up to today; if it would come to a conflict with their backers of today, they would perhaps resort to similar methods against the CIA as descendants of the Taliban or the “Al-Kaida”-people are practising today. The US itself has its fingers in this terror. This is being veiled by almost all of the bourgeois press, and it remains important in all the questions which are presently stirred up in public. So a central question remains, and in our opinion it is much too rarely raised in public: why are the „Washington Post“, the „Human Rights Watch“ and the numerous allies of the US in the media who have backed the invasion of Iraq openly, busy now talking about the matters in this way and criticizing them? What is moving them?

George W. Bush’s policy with its open confrontation is leading the US into isolation. This is quite certainly one of the reasons why the „Washington Post“ is worried. What is the character of the reckoning with the “jihadis” from the part of the US organs like the CIA, which today are operating against them on a worldwide level and have no qualms about breaking the laws of any other country? The “jihadis” started their cooperation with the US, for example, in Afghanistan. The Muslim Brotherhoods, one of the sources of the “jihadist” movements, were forces which supported the most ancient reaction in the Arab countries and were openly sponsored by British and US imperialism.

The „jihadis“ have to work for the US, they have to commit deeds which are of benefit for her and not to act against the US. Some of them, though, have acted against the US, they are following a way of their own, their religious mania. They presumed to break their word towards the cartel, from the US’ point of view, and reckoning with such people is necessary, of course, without law and legality. The great majority of these „jihadis’“cases are dealt with in the darkness of these camps. Perhaps it is even more suitable for the US’ secret services to have such camps abroad, somewhere in Eastern Europe, where the detainees can be given a rough time in complete isolation, than in front of the public and under the eyes of domestic opponents in the US. Certainly they will try to press a part of these people, who went out of their control, into their service again. Such reversals of people, for example, are to happen in isolation, if possible, in a corner of the world where they cannot be watched. These aspects are probably the best in order to understand this whole system.

These activities, which probably have assumed considerable extent, meet clear resistance even from the part of confirmed allies, these presumptions cannot be tolerated by anyone with only a minimum of independence.

Now, the content of the criticism from the part of the „Washington Post“, of „Human Rights Watch“ and others is that the responsible US organs in the military and the secret services offend against the “human rights” and that the law must be re-established. And a number of political forces, of newspapers are being caught up in this propaganda. Here, however, we must shout: Stop! The whole invasion into Iraq, the whole permanent threat exerted by the US’ superior military power is in fact a crime of colossal extent. Day after day, much more people are dying in Iraq than in the US camps under the treatment by the US secret services. Neediness and misery in Iraq have assumed an indescribable mass extent. Iraq has come into an inner situation in which it never was during Saddam Hussein’s time. The criminal arrogance that the US was entitled to wage war against a “dictator”, against a state which had fallen out of its favour, under the pretext of this country’s inner structures, in the support of which the US had previously taken part for decades, must fundamentally be refuted. This must remain at the centre of every criticism.

This it is what „Washington Post“, „Human Rights Watch“ and others are distracting from. By the arrogation of the alleged spread of democracy from the part of the US, of the spread of the “human rights”, actually the next aggression is already being prepared. The assertion that it is about the reestablishment of the so-called “human rights” is fit for justifying the next aggression. So it is necessary to be wary and not to subordinate oneself to such a campaign.

The Bush administration has rather got stuck. If it really should still dare to attack Syria or Iran, it will very probably run into a great debacle. But the US must not be whitewashed and portrayed as a principled defender of democracy, as a country just having some mistakes, which can be corrected because of the country’s own capability for criticism - in which case the matter would be half as bad. This is exactly the assertion of those who fundamentally formulate the US’ hegemonial presumption.
The US is the foremost power to embody imperialism, militarily, economically and culturally. This system kills millions upon millions of people every year, and it deprives hundreds of millions upon hundreds of millions of people of their most elementary happiness in life, drives them into ruin, into an existence which cannot be called but undignified. This is already true for all continents without exception. It is extremely dangerous to describe such a power as defender of the “human rights”, as defender of the fundamental right. Such a policy can in the long run be even more dangerous than the foolish swiping from the part of a certain clique. No whitewashing through the backdoor for US imperialism and the policy of aggression! Every complicity with this policy must be refuted, all states must break with this presumptuous terrorist policy which the US herself is presently embodying like no one else!

The term „human rights“ is a term from the 18th century, leaving it completely unclear in the first instance what it is based on. We need concrete social and democratic rights, not the destruction of all these fundamental rights under the cover of general so-called “human rights”.
Therefore, the forces in the US must come under attack themselves who hypocritically expose the US’ so-called “system of rights” as well as its alleged capability of correcting mistakes. In fact, they are busy to prepare the next aggressions, which will be directed perhaps against Iran, perhaps against Syria, perhaps against a former preferential ally like Saudi-Arabia, too! Moreover it must not be forgotten that the US is determined to keep its hegemony over Europe under any circumstances, and that it is pursuing dangerous strategic goals against Russia and even more against China, and attempts to play all of them off against each other. Here the strategic goals are to be found. The European countries might well find themselves in quite an isolated position, if they should permit themselves to be torn away from their connections with the major part of the world.

So, if it is a question of further uncovering about the camps, about the CIA’s machinations, about the flights and procedures of the CIA and the organs connected to it in the camps, the „Washington Post“ and the other organs should continue, out with it all! But the more independent newspapers in other countries, the revolutionary organisations above all, should already now unmask the dangerous attempts to put the alliance of aggression on a broader ground, and thus bring about its downfall as early as possible. They must not under any circumstances trot behind the campaign of the US newspapers and its train.

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit -hd

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