Internet Statement 2005-75


New massacres every day!
The interrelations in the background are clear, but are mostly not mentioned!

Oct.1, 2005           

Every day we hear about dozens of dead at mass-murderous attacks in Iraq. Vehicles loaded with explosives are driven into busy places, and civilians are murdered in the most brutal way and injured in hundreds.

What there is happening concretely can hardly be grasped from this news, as many of the injured cannot at all be taken care of any more in the hospitals, which are completely overcrowded and are themselves threatened by gangs. Yesterday, Friday Sept. 30, 2005, again more than hundred people were annihilated by such vehicles loaded with explosives.

This kind of terror comes from nobody else than the US imperialists themselves, having support by the British imperialists and other allies in Iraq.

Why does the US turn to such means?

Time and again it is repeated that ’Al-Kaida has stricken’. This so-called terrorist network in Iraq under the ominous Al-Sarkawi, whose bare existence is doubted by some Iraqi groups, became active only in the US-occupied Iraq. In Saddam Hussein’s times the so-called Al-Kaida was not present in Iraq. The genesis of this so-called terrorist network goes back to Afghanistan and Saudi-Arabia, in which the US possesses the deepest subversive networks and organs of corruption. The whole Islamistic morass in Afghanistan was generated under the supervision by the US and serves her as a pretext in order to push through and maintain her criminal hegemonic policy around the world. No reason is too silly for justifying in this way the development, for example, of small nuclear weapons for local warfare. These provocative tactics are supported by the withholding of the US’ connections with these terrorist networks by the media in many countries.

Why are the US interested in such massacres, if she does possess already a lackey government in Iraq which is to carry out her business? If the US, Great Britain, Poland and others simply left Iraq to itself, by creating a so-called parliamentary democracy there, which takes over the administration in the country under their general control, then the Iraqi people’s spirit of resistance, the realization that it is an occupying power which one wants to get rid of, would not disappear. Under the introduction of such an US-led democracy the spirit and the organisation of the resistance of the Iraqi people striving for independence would indeed develop further, also in the institutions of this newly created state, irrespectively of the shade of the politicians which the occupying power installs in its own interest. Therefore the US needs different means in order to intimidate, to humiliate the Iraqi people so deeply as to force it to grovel before the US, not daring to resist any longer.

The recurring terror depicted here, which the media in their obsequiousness to the US paint as „al- Sarkawi’s“ or „Al-Kaida’s terror“ or whatever names are named, serves nothing else but to reach this very brutal goal. The Iraqi people are pitted against each other. Slaughters of civilians lead to a state of general despair, which shall render the whole people apathetic. Such is the purpose of these criminal attacks which go round and round and have no sense but to humiliate the whole Iraqi people. No comment is needed that from such criminal attacks popular resistance as such does not develop. Islamic fundamentalists are standing in an indirect connection to the US also in Iraq and work for playing off the people against each other. The same goes in principle also for well-known “Kurdish” organisations, which for the moment perhaps do not stand out so much.

Therefore also the uncovering of this kind of machinations is absolutely necessary for the support of the Iraqi people.

As the US is on one side threatening the whole world with her nuclear weapons, is struggling against potential future rivals as China or the still existing nuclear power Russia, one should not forget on the other side that meanwhile day by day she is committing crimes as in Iraq.

Editorial staff of Neue Einheit




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