Internet-Statements 2002

Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
These are actual contributions which we publish at our website and are mailed and posted to various newsgroups and mailing lists.

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IS 2002-27 The "Red-Green" Government Once Again? (German)

IS 2002-26 A Successful Walk in the 'Grunewald' to the Villas of the Bankers - the Protest Must Go On (German)

IS 2002-25 A Manifestation of General Support for the Current Government and for the Elections (German)

IS 2002-24 A Chapter of Deprivation of Rights No. 2 - The 'Hartz-Concept' in its Final Version (German)

IS 2002-23 Germany's Appearance at the Johannesburg Conference - Demanding the Ban of Nuclear Energy and Large Water-power Plants

IS 2002-22 Substantial Disclosures about the 'Berlin Bank' Scandal by the 'Handelsblatt' (German)

IS 2002-21 Flood and Politics - the 'Climate Question' and Ecological Scenarios (German)

IS 2002-20 A Proposal for Further Common Study of the 20th Party Congress of 1956

IS 2002-19 Manifestation against the 'Berlin Bank' Scandal' on July 19th 2002 (German)

IS 2002-18 Fighting Back the Concentrated Attack - The Proposals of the 'Hartz Commission' (German)

IS 2002-17 The Proposals of the 'Hartz Commission' - An Attack Against all Workers and Employees (German)

IS 2002-16 About the Manifestations Against Bush (German) May 21, 2002

IS 2002-15 Alternatives of Capitalism - Which Role Plays the So Called Criticism on Globalisation ? (German) May 17, 2002

IS 2002-14  Facets of the Present Situation -  1st of May 2002

IS 2002-13  Indispensable Remarks - Unsatisfying Points about 1st of May 2002 in Berlin (German) April  30, .2002

IS 2002-12  Corner Points of the Palestinian Question April 16,.2002

IS 2002-11  The Berlin House of Deputies (Abgeordnetenhaus) Dared to Put Through the Provocative and Notorious Law for the Securitisation of the Real Estate Funds (German) April 10, .2002

IS 2002-10  The Intrigues of the 'Berliner Bankgesellschaft' Are More And More Revealed (German) April  8,.2002

IS 2002-09  The Senate of Berlin and the House od Deputies Intend to Guarantee the Unmeasured Plundering of Taxes (German) April  8, 2002  

IS 2002-08  Which Role Plays the Federal Banking Supervisory Office ? (German) April 8,.2002

IS 2002-07  High-ranking German Official Falsifies in Public the Results of the German Upper House - The question of demographic development  March 26, 2002

IS 2002-06  Where Does the Fanaticism of the Social Democrats Come From ? (German)  March 25, .2002

IS 2002-05  About The So Called 'Immigration Debate' (German) March 20, 2002

IS 2002-04  The Fate of the Palestinians and the Year 1982 (Beginning of May 2002)

IS 2002-03  How to Deal with the Question of Islam (a contribution of Hartmut Dicke at the London workshop Nov. 3rd 2001)

IS 2002-02  Important Analysis about the Dayton Treaty and the War in Yugoslavia Now Published (German)   Feb. 28, .2002

IS 2002-01  The Issues of Internet-Statements Will Be Continued (German)  Feb. 28, 2002


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