Internet-Statements 2001

Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
These are actual contributions which we publish at our website and are mailed and posted to various newsgroups and mailing lists.

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IS 2001/1  Klaus Sender
               Problems of the International Communist Movement
                  - Message to the Year 2001

IS 2001/2 What it was about in 1918/19  - in memory
                of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht  (German)

IS 2001/3 The Luxemburg-Liebknecht Demonstration (German)

IS 2001/4   The BSE-Campaign - a serious problem, social reaction
                  and shamed care for health  (German)

IS 2001/5   About the Assassination of Laurent-D. Kabila
                 - Down with Imperialism and Colonialism!

IS 2001/6   Television and the Liars' Self-Accusation
                         (about  the ARD-report on the NATO-war against Yugoslavia
                          "It startet with a lie" at Feb 7, 2001)

IS 2001/7   The "Green" and the uranium munition of NATO (German)

IS 2001/8   Greetings of solidarity to the workers of Daewoo

IS 2001/9   Why NATO now makes a concession to Serbia

IS 2001/10  Miserable toady to capitalism - manifesting again in the protests against Castor transport (german)

IS 2001/11 The new War in the Balkans

IS 2001/12 What is going on in Turkey?  -Two commentaries

IS 2001/13 The IMF´s Dilemma

IS 2001/14 Another opinion on situation in Turkey

IS 2001/15 May Day in Germany by the DGB (federation of German trade unions) - past at the social realities and the international development   (German)

IS 2001/16  Interesting Media Contributions on the Question of Population  (German)

IS 2001/18  Documents about the Students- and Revolutionary Youth Movement 1966-1972  (German)

IS 2001/19  The Collapse of the Berliner Bankengesellschaft

IS 2001/20  The Signing of the So-called Nuclear Energy Consensus in Germany

IS 2001/21  What could be Expected from the New Coalition in Berlin?   (German)

IS 2001/22  What Kind of a Tribunal Is the One Sitting at The Hague?
                     Its Only Intention Is to Justify the NATO War

IS 2001/23  Against the New Aggravation of NATO's Intervention in the Balkans, Against the (German) Government's Warmongering!   (German)

IS 2001/24  Were Marx and Engels Reactionary in the Field of Sexuality ?
                    - and some other Questions   (German)

IS 2001/25  Brasils Electricity Crisis with Water Power and the German Media Commentaries   (German)

IS 2001/26  Although Zigzagging:  Consistently the German Government Marches Into the Next War !

IS 2001/27  About the Increasing of the Value of Homosexuality and for what the State is Responsible
                      The Example of Rosa von Praunheim   (German)

IS 2001/28  More Attention to NATO's Dangerous Actions in Macedonia (German)

IS 2001/29  The Case Rosa von Praunheim - From Self-Attesting and Explanations Out of his Surrounding - Part 1 (German)

IS 2001/30  Macedonia and the Non-Sovereignty of the German Parliament (German)

IS 2001/31  The Genoa Police Terror and the Attitude of the German Government (German)

IS 2001-32  Press Comments: A really frank Comment on the Intervention in Macedonia  (German)

IS 2001-33  As for a long time feared for the case of political intensification- unprecedented repulsive terrorism  Sept 12, 2001

IS 2001-34  Against the Web of Lies by the US’ Propaganda - Organize the Necessary Uncoverings!

IS 2001-35  Important Quotes - US' Connections with Islamist Terrorists up to Recent Times

IS 2001-36  The World At the Brink of War  Sept 21, 2001

IS 2001-37  The War has begun. What are the Central Political Questions? (German)

IS 2001-38  About Repression (Statement at the Jena congress of alliance, Sept. 21-23, 2001) August 2001 (German)

IS 2001-39  Questions of Economics (Statement at the Jena congress of alliance, Sept. 21-23, 2001) August 2001 (German)

IS 2001-40  Elections in Berlin Oct.19, 2001 (German)

IS 2001-41 Ein  historischer  Einschnitt,  ja - hin  zu willkürlichem  Kriegsterror  und  innerer Unterdrückung! Zum Bereitstellungsbeschluß der Bundesregierung W.Grobe 12.11.2001



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