Internet-Statements 2009

Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
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IS 2009-01 Israel's War in the Gaza Strip   (German)
January 8, 2009
IS 2009-02 Gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine is escalating:
Gazprom turns off the gas to Europe! (German)
January 7, 2009
IS 2009-03 'Real Socialism' and Ecology ? (German)
What does mean Socialism based on a cutback of Productive forces (German)
January 10, 2009
IS 2009-04 Siemens exit from Areva?
A deep hit against the nuclear power and the industrial development opportunities (German)
January 25, 2009
IS 2009-05 Trillion for the financial capital but a few cents for Social Affairs
The slogan "We will not pay for your crisis" (German)
February 20, 2009
IS 2009-06 That's the last thing needed: Participate in demonstrations for ecological conversion
The central demo call: "We will not pay for your crisis"
February 20, 2009
IS 2009-07 About the gun rampage of Winnenden
It is necessary to analyze the social causes
March 12, 2009
IS 2009-08 If the establishment is at a loss, they simulate a false modesty
About the report: "Federal President Köhler is for ecological revolution" (German)
March 14, 2009
IS 2009-09 Thanks for the openness
Small note to a message by Sarrazin from the 'Tagesspiegel',
March 14, 2009
March 17, 2009
On Saturday, April 18th, we remembered our comrade and longtime chairman Hartmut Dicke (Klaus Sender), who was one year ago so suddenly torn from life.
Relatives and comrades laid wreaths at his grave. About the circumstances and background of his death, a report will appear shortly.
March 18, 2009
IS 2009-10 Deceptive images - How the Asse "scandal" was staged (German) April 19, 2009
IS 2009-11 By May 1st: Where is the freedom and democracy for the workers here to determine that their factories and production remain running? (German) April 29, 2009
IS 2009-12 The Kurras case or the so-called omission of radicalization (German) May 23, 2009
IS 2009-13 Karstadt-demonstration in Berlin on 27th May 2009
Illusions about the state still dominate some manifestations - but the protest and resentment of colleagues is growing in many places
May 27, 2009
IS 2009-14 Education Strike! The reason why this state and capital run this ruinous policy of education (German) June 18, 2009
IS 2009-15 Krümmel again: Vatenfall promotes Gabriel and Co. a forward pass (German) July 5, 2009
IS 2009-16 Case of renewed wheeling and dealing between justice and facility management guest-commentary (German)  July 2, 2009
IS 2009-17 Fascistic ecology and ordinary political ecology (German)  July 19, 2009
IS 2009-18 The indebtedness of Berlin - certainly not just an issue for this city (German)  July 22, 2009
IS 2009-19 The chaos at the S-Bahn in Berlin - soon the total local traffic? (German)  July 22, 2009
IS 2009-20

About circumstances and background of Hartmut Dicke's death

One year ago - 'Fate' or foul play ?

August 26 , 2009
IS 2009-21 "Communism" to give up? - A polemic (German) September 7, 2009
IS 2009-22 Again chaos in the S-Bahn - it's enough! (German)
September 9, 2009
IS 2009-23 The file of Verena Becker still remains locked - Why? (German) September 10, 2009
IS 2009-24 Election campaign at a time of global economic crisis (German)
September 26, 2009
IS 2009-25 After the election is before the election (German)
October 2, 2009 
IS 2009-26 Notes on the situation (German)
October 22, 2009
IS 2009-27 So, what goes beyond this Afghanistan-intrigue? (German)
November 30, 2009 
IS 2009-28 After Kurras, now Dutschke-assassin Bachmann - About the background at that time (German)
December 19, 2009 



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