Internet-Statements 2006

Here you will find a chronological selection of our internet statements.
These are actual contributions which we publish at our website and are mailed and posted to various newsgroups and mailing lists.

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IS 2006-01

For the New Year   January 1, 2006

IS 2006-02
The fast "settlement" of the quarrel about mineral gas betweeen Ukraine an Russia
(only in German)
IS 2006-03

Many people lost their jobs or just turn down the heating in their homes
The ignorance of the Social Democratic Party an its followers in the energy question
(only in German)

IS 2006-04 The attempts to influence the vote on nuclear energy towards a negative decision
(only in German)
IS 2006-05 The coalition-treaty in single topics    #3
(only in German)
IS 2006-06

On Yao Wenyuan’s Death
January 21, 2006

IS 2006-07 Why Hamas won the election?
(only in German)
IS 2006-08 Stike at AEG in Nuremberg
The essential point is: What do we mobilize and fight for
(only in German)
IS 2006-09
About the orientation of the WPRM (World People's Resistance Movement)
IS 2006-10 Some experiences of the manifestation in Berlin against the EU directive on services, Feb. 2, 2006
Principal considerations about the slogans - Reflection is needed
(only in German) 
IS 2006-11
The Conflict About Iran  -  Theses and starting points

Feb. 14, 2006

IS 2006-12

To the question of the world-wide development of nuclear energy and the independence of countrys:
Indian newspapers are indignant about Bush
(only in German) 



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